Can someone with Version 9 provide info on Blind Spot Monitoring updates?

Can someone with Version 9 provide info on Blind Spot Monitoring updates?

I'm still waiting for an update, and am really looking forward to the improved blind spot monitoring in Version 9.
I've heard a lot of words on what BSM in Version 9 does, but can someone share pictures/video? Or at least a good description of what happens when you try to change a lane with someone in your blind spot, how convenient is the user experience while alerting the driver to this important risk?

vmulla | 9 octobre 2018


Why is it that I'm not able to find one good video of a Model 3's screen while driving on Version 9? All I see are videos with vent control visualization and dashcam tests. They're welcome videos, but I'm looking for the substance that improves safety - real-world representation of what adjacent vehicles look like on the screen, when do such vehicles come in/out of Tesla's view, differentiation between types of vehicles, what happens when someone cuts in front of you, what happens with a completely stationary obstacle, how is the EAP nag in V9 etc etc

hokiegir1 | 9 octobre 2018

Because vent controls can be filmed while stationary and dashcam doesn't require a camera? Patience. Model 3 owners just started getting it today. Someone needs a passenger to *safely* film BSM info.

cabbower | 9 octobre 2018

When driving, the BSM warning shows up when you turn on your turn signal but not before. It appears in the picture of your car as a red line on the side you want to move to.

vmulla | 9 octobre 2018

Thank you.

If someone wants to use the Tesla BSM to make a left lane change, do they have to look away from the left mirror\ to check the image on the screen? That doesn't sound right. Perhaps there are settings to make a sound or buzz? Would you please check and let us know?

RIP ICE | 9 octobre 2018

@vmulla - I'm wondering why you are in such a fever to get this information. You'll see it when you see it. It will be what it is. Reading the release notes might help. Are you eager to get started with complaints? I understand being eager to read about what is coming, but it sounds like that's not exactly it for you.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 octobre 2018


Sounds about right to me. Someone definitely is looking to get an early start on complaining.

vmulla | 9 octobre 2018

Yup, can't wait to complain.

It will be what it will be?? Sorry, but that's not me - I log bugs and suggest improvements at every opportunity.

nunaters | 9 octobre 2018

I downloaded Version-9 last Friday but no change on the screen or anywhere else.

djharrington | 9 octobre 2018

I find the negativity towards Vmulla odd. It’s not like he’s some unknown new poster without credibility.

@nunaters, what’s your detailed version number?

RedTeslaModel3 | 9 octobre 2018

You’ll see car behind you, and in your blind spots all time now. Theres no longer a need to out your signal on to check for blond spot warning. Blind spot warning also isnt useful when doing AP. Its so weird to see all these ghost cars creeping around you. I really like how they draw every lanes on the road.

socaldave | 9 octobre 2018

@nunaters are you sure about that? What's your software version? Does it start with 2018.36.2 (V8) or 2018.39.6 (V9)?

12Brent | 9 octobre 2018

I'm just glad Vmulla want to keep looking at the road/mirrors... most people out there are driving around looking at their phones.

ron369 | 9 octobre 2018

I've been on v9 for a little while, but I have yet to see the blind spot warning activate. But it only activates when you put your signal light on and it is dangerous to pass, which I generally don't do. I thought about trying it out to see how it works, but I don't want to freak out the drivers in the lane next to me.

From how I understand that it works, it really doesn't seem useful to me. For myself, I love having the warning on other cars I have driven, but the way I like to use it is:

1) Check blind spot warning (since this is easier to do than a full mirror / shoulder check)
2) If no warning, then initiate lane change (checking mirrors and shoulder checking first)

With the current Tesla implementation, I'm not sure I would even notice the red markers.

But ... the good thing is that it should be easy for Tesla to improve. I would like to see the warnings to be active all the time (and not wait for you to put your signal light on). And I would like an audible warning if you are about to initiate what Tesla thinks is an unsafe lane change.

@RedTeslaModel3 ... you mention the cars in your blindspot being visible on the screen. That is indeed a welcome improvement, and it does help somewhat. But I have found it to not be very reliable (about 2/3 of the cars in my blindspot show up on the screen, and that is not nearly enough).

garibaldi | 9 octobre 2018

I, for one, am eager to get an early start on complaining. Years of off-season football discussions taught me that.

Lukasv | 10 octobre 2018

Is the new blind spot monitoring only available if you purchase FSD? Or is it available with EAP as well?

vmulla | 10 octobre 2018

Thank you. You mention that the warning appears only after the turn-signal indicator is on - I think that is fine, it subtly encourages drivers to signal their intentions ahead of the actual lane change, the way they should anyway.
I understand that some drivers want to check their surroundings even before they want to use the indicators, and they might be peeved at the implementation. However, I think it is better to signal the intentions before doing anything - even if the lane change was never carried out.

nunaters | 10 octobre 2018

pup up window said download complied, but i still have 36.2.
Also is blind spot monitoring good for EAP or for FSD?

nunaters | 10 octobre 2018

To RedTeslaModel3 ,
Do you have FSD or EAP?

nunaters | 10 octobre 2018

To RedTeslaModel3 ,

Do you have FSD or EAP?

nunaters | 10 octobre 2018

Is the new blind spot monitoring and 360 view,only available for FSD? Or is it available with EAP as well?

rtanov | 10 octobre 2018

I did not purchase EAP or FSD and the blind spot is working for me. I just checked it next to a semi so I don't spook the other driver. A red line appears at the lane divider when I turn on the turn signal, I did not hear any audio warning. And the ghost vehicles are all around not only in front. There are different types that reflect the actual size and type of vehicles. Yesterday I even got a pedestrian ghost to appear for a few seconds although there was none in reality.

Lukasv | 10 octobre 2018

Thanks, @rtanov!

vmulla | 10 octobre 2018

@rtanov, thank you.

Can someone check and let us know if there are any configuration settings around BSM in Version 9?

I'm particularly interested in 2 broad areas -
1. How user-friendly is the system? What are the limitations if any?
2. How do you think the system can be improved? If there are any limitations, how do you think they can be overcome?

Several times manufacturers do not implement the best solution because of patent issues or similar concerns - not that they cannot, just they legally bound not to implement a certain way, it is best to understand the areas where the car can actually improve - if not now, maybe into the future when conditions change.

ron369 | 10 octobre 2018

@rtanov "I even got a pedestrian ghost to appear for a few seconds although there was none in reality"

Maybe it was a ghost. Did you pay for the ESP package :-)

My daughter really wants to see a pedestrian or bicycle show up on the screen. She even volunteered to walk down the street in front of me (with someone videoing the screen so she could see it).

cfscott | 10 octobre 2018

I have version 9. I have FSD as well. I find the new upgrade works well. I would love to have the option to add sound would be the only enhancement I would add. Your car now visualizes the cars, trucks and motorcycles around you in a 360 degree maner. The representations that show up around your car in the lane and much improved and expanded. If you use your blinker (I was on the fence about this, but it really reinforces good driving habits) and a car is in your blind spot, you get a bright red line on the lane marker in the direction you are trying to move. Lane changes on autopilot are also improved.

What I do for maximum safety is to glance at the display. It if looks clear, I put on my blinker. I then look at review mirror on the side of the turn and over the shoulder to be sure and make the turn. Sort of like they teach you in drivers ed that most people don't do. lol I find I drive better because I don't want to be one of those guys that wrecks using autopilot incorrectly and delays the day of full self driving. ;)

I hope that was helpful.


nunaters | 10 octobre 2018

thank you FSD
i wonder if it works the same way for EAP, as for FSD?

vmulla | 10 octobre 2018

Thank you.

See, this turned out to be a very informative thread :)

Now for a very valid, serious question - with all these improvements, is it actually safer to let the car do the lane change?

The hiccup I see is that lane change feature is restricted on some local roads (for good reason). Perhaps we are at a tipping point where that restriction should be reconsidered and everyone is better off when the car executes lane changes?

M3BlueGeorgia | 10 octobre 2018

EAP is most useful on freeways and divided highways. It seems cautious of its limitations, and won't let you invoke it where isn't not comfortable.
Lane change is also conservative. It won't let you change if it isn't sure there's a lane to go to.

nogasdriver | 10 octobre 2018

Traditional ICE blind spot is better imo. They put a warning LED right in the mirror, where one should be looking anyhow. Since this is software, and software can't conjure up an LED that isn't already there, I'd go for an audio warning.

For example, instead of the regular "tick tock" signal sound, make it "buzz buzz" to warn the driver that something is amiss.

M3phan | 10 octobre 2018

@nunaters I have enhanced auto pilot, but not full self driving, and on V9 all eight cameras on my M3 are are working when driving, as is BSM. There are a lot more ghost vehicles pictured around my car avatar as a result.

nunaters | 11 octobre 2018

thank you M3phan
I still didn't get Version 9 Download

nunaters | 11 octobre 2018

thank you M3phan
I still didn't get Version 9 Download

j.bowden | 13 mars 2019

I think it would be great if as soon as I turned on the blinker, a gentle voice would start to repeat "occupied...occupied..."
Especially on the freeway!