Sounds/noise when pressing on the brake pad?

Sounds/noise when pressing on the brake pad?

Just wanted to find out and see if any other model 3 owners have this issue. I'm only about 250 miles into the vehicle, I had a Model S loaner vehicle for a week while my vehicle was getting some things repaired. I noticed that on the model S when I braked really hard there was no sound, grinding or frictional rub noted. However I do notice that with my model 3 even when I press the brakes lightly that there is a frictional sound. It's not grinding or winding noise but you can definitely hear it. I initially thought that it was normal as it takes time for the brake pads to wear in but was wondering if any other owners were having this issue?

jordanrichard | 15 octobre 2018

Were your rotors wet when you parked your Model 3?

When you park your car with the brakes, specifically the rotors, being wet, a thin film of rust forms on the rotors and depending on how long the car sits, this can bind the pads to the rotor. When you place the car into Drive or Reverse, the brakes may bind up and then "pop". You will then subsequently here a slight grinding noise for the first 1 to 2 brake applications and then nothing after that.

japhule | 15 octobre 2018

I used to get a squeal/squeak when moving slowly and using the brakes. I took it to the service center and they fixed it.

This is what the service invoice said about the issue:

Concern: Customer: there is a squeak noise present when braking or when first moving from
a stop

Corrections: Exterior NVH General Diagnosis

Technician verified squeaking noise present at very low speeds. Technician found Wear
Indicator making contact with Rotors. Recommend replacing Wear Indicator.
Corrections: Brake Pads - Rear - Set

Technician successfully removed and replaced Wear Indicator. Test drove to verify noise
is no longer present. Vehicle is operating as designed at this time.

dasupertrooper | 15 octobre 2018

@japhule: when did you notice the noise? It's not even a squeak. It's more of a "rubbing" sound. It's present at high and low breaking but it's most noticable when you gently tap it. You can definitely hear something.

japhule | 15 octobre 2018

I only noticed the sound as I'm moving slowly. I needed to have the window down to hear it. Your issue sounds different from mine. I know others have mentioned a rubbing/grinding sound coming from the aero wheel covers. Do you have the aeros? Do you hear it with the aero's removed?

gballant4570 | 15 octobre 2018

I have noticed this sound at low speeds. This has been a wet year, and even in mid October the humidity is high. I'm in Maryland. The sound I am hearing is the sound of disc brake pads rubbing on rotors that have slightly rusted while sitting still. Not uncommon on any brakes, but the absence of an ICE engine running makes the sound a bit more prominent. And I also got hearing aids a couple of weeks ago....

gballant4570 | 15 octobre 2018

Couple this with one pedal driving, and you have a thin layer of rust that isn't getting removed as efficiently as it would be with the brakes stopping the car from full speed. I have not been worrying about this sound.....

Bighorn | 15 octobre 2018

I hear friction on my S when a little rust develops on the rotors. It's cleared fairly readily with use--that would be the key: that it goes away.

kjones | 16 octobre 2018

I noticed noise when i'm backing up

RJMIII | 16 octobre 2018

I agree with @gballant on this one. We just don't use the brakes enough to wear the rotor smooth from natural light corrosion. Tesla may need to start making the rotors out of a more corrosion resistant material. Although, I'm sure material selection for this application must consider multiple material properties.

Doggiehowser | 16 octobre 2018

I’v noticed a similar sound. I have 1100 miles on my model 3 and hear a faint shhhhhhh sound when I’m going slow and gently apply the breaks. Almost sounds like when an ICE car’s breaks are starting to wear thin,

nikhilpanicker | 20 novembre 2019

I am also having this issue.
Did you have to pay for the brake repair?
I took delivery 2 weeks back, used one with 270 miles on it and Tesla dealership said if they have to make any repair then i will have to pay for it since brakes comes under wear and tear and warranty does not cover.
Any idea what could be approximate cost of it?