Reboot loop

Reboot loop

So, I went on my first road trip today. For the most part, it went great, and my friend and I had a blast. On the way to MD, I decided to show him that the car can be rebooted while driving it. So I held both buttons in, and released them when the screen went black. We were amazed that autopilot kept working during the reboot - different computer, I assume - but then trouble began.

The car kept rebooting, over and over. Once in a while, it would stop for a few minutes, but then it would start up again. It kept this up for the remainder of the trip down, and again on the way home. We stopped to charge, at one point, so I called Tesla service and the guy asked me to reboot it again, but this time hold the buttons in until I saw the Tesla logo. I did that, and it seemd stable, until we got back on the highway, and then it rebooted again - but just once. However, this time, it took away the nav voice. When I dropped my friend off, I rebooted it again, and it hasn't rebooted on its own again, but I still have no nav voice.

jahshuwuh | 21 octobre 2018

I had the same thing happen to me a week ago and I made a thread about it. From my testing it seems to be linked to using the satellite overlay on the map. Once I changed over to the standard map overlay I stopped getting the reboot cycle when getting on the highways.