"Dang, Dang, Dang ... " warning sound, with no reason

"Dang, Dang, Dang ... " warning sound, with no reason

This morning, while I was backing from the garage, I heard "dang", "dang", .... I first thought it was the new feature of V9 that the car was giving this reminding sound that you are reversing the car. But it still had the sound after I put it in Driving, even for a minute or less. The doors all closed, safety belts all on. No other warning signs from the instrument panel. I then parked car, exited it, turned it off with the key. The sound was still there! I then remembered someone mentioned about rebooting the "computer" on this forum (thanks to the forum). I did it by pressing the both wheels on the steering wheel. All the displays were gone, also the "dang" "dang" sound. It took quite a while (one minute?) for the system to wake up again (I was little scared at the moment, as the car was literally "dead" in the middle of the road). Everything was back to normal.
Just wanted to share it to the community and wondered if anybody had such experience.

chadcristi | 22 octobre 2018

If you have any warning sounds in the future, take note of the exact date and time of the occurrence. Tesla will be able to review the vehicle logs to determine if something is triggering the warning.

bob | 22 octobre 2018

Not unlike your desktop computer reboot is non-trivial relative to time. As an FYI there are estimated 24 or 26 CPU's onboard the MX. What's really fun is doing a reboot while driving. The two button reboot only impacts creature comfort systems (AC, music, nav, center console, etc). All the drive related processing is not impacted by the two button reboot.

TDUB | 22 octobre 2018

Thank you, bob. That's very good to know. But seems I dare not to reboot it while driving because after I reboot it the system looks dead.

bob | 22 octobre 2018

Sometimes you kinda have to. I think I’ve done 2 “rolling” reboots in the 3 years we’ve been owners. The first one is scary. But you speed display stays alive (as I recall). Worst part for me was being in AZ in the summer and doing a reboot. Even though it just two minutes or so — the cabin still heated up really fast.

sbeggs | 23 octobre 2018

Dang, dang, dang!

That's what @burdogg exclaimed when he realized he signed over his entire check to Tesla for S 3 X!