Not charging ,, due to car was leaft too long without charging , sat for about yr

Not charging ,, due to car was leaft too long without charging , sat for about yr

because HV Bat. is at or almost 0 ( zero ) V's car will not charge off a AC charger.. I held when this happen one needs to charge it with DC Voltage at very current..i guessing it be in mA of charge current ?? is there any problem by doing this ?? do want to take to tesla shop in south bay. have charged other Li-ion Bat. this way ..Have High Voltage , low current power supply , less 2.5 amp and can limit current down to less then 250 mA ( 1/4 amp ) or less if need be ..I know it may take several day at this low current to get battery up to the minium charging voltage , which think is around 2.5 V per cell ,,, 247 Volt for total pack voltage.. w
well BMS allow me to do this with doing any thing ??? do need to over ride some in BMS ??? does tasla have a shop maintance maunual for roadster ??

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 octobre 2018

The battery is undoubtedly what they refer to as "Bricked". It probably can't be revived. Time to upgrade it to a Roadster 70 with the new 70 KWhr battery pack.
I don't recommend you try to fix it yourself. You're likely to burn your house down.

eric.zucker | 31 octobre 2018

you very likely just made yourself a very expensive paperweight. As Earl and Nagin said upgrading to a R80 battery if still available is your best bet.

x.l.r.8 | 7 décembre 2018

You need to bypass the BMS board to do this. I have replacement BMS cards that slot into the BMS boards location to do exactly that, you can monitor at brick level and see if they accept a charge. if you charge them to the minimal brick voltage your charger will do the rest, probably best using the 110V charger to take it the rest of the way.

DTsea | 22 décembre 2018

el brickaroo

re kWh to horsepower.... thats applesto kumquats

kWh is total energy (1kW of power for 1 hour).

the valid conversion is kW to HP.

DTsea | 22 décembre 2018

by el brickaroo i mean.... you destroyed the battery most likely.