Selling my jump seats

Selling my jump seats


Have decided to sell the jump seats in my 2016 Model S and wanted to know if anyone had had any luck selling theirs and how/where they sold them.


Innkeep | 28 octobre 2018

I don’t think you should. Jump seats cannot be installed in a second Model S. There are factory modifications that are required before the jump seats go in that aren’t available aftermarket

p.c.mcavoy | 28 octobre 2018

@Innkeep - I think you will find that the rear facing seats can be installed in a MS in most cases.

There is a TSB available via the NHTSB site that details the modifications and parts required to properly install the seats. The document is a couple years old, but if someone is interested, they probably should talk to their local service center about whether in procedure detailed in SB-13-13-001 R6 Third Row Seat Installation is applicable to their vehicle. It will likely require installation of a bolt-on rear crossmember.

Below is a link to the service bulletin in case anyone is interested.

akikiki | 28 octobre 2018

p.c. mcavoy is correct. Been done many times.

lynnmata, If you go over to TMC and post them on the Tesla parts for sale section someone will find them. There is at least one set for sale nearly all the time. I've seen probably 50 sets sell there in the last 4-5 years.

The buyer is going to need all the hardware. brackets mounted on the inside wall of the trunk, the bolts and holddown straps and brackets. Those side mounted brackets are about $110 each when purchased from Tesla. I guess its one of those items that don't sell much, so the prices remain high.

Innkeep | 29 octobre 2018

Thanks everyone for setting me straight.

fordgregory | 11 mai 2019

Does anyone know if the rear facing seat can be added to a new 2019 Model S? In other words, would it still have the holes in the wall of the trunk to bolt in the rear facing seat?