Web browser not working

Web browser not working

I have been having problems getting my web browser to work. I works maybe 20% of the time. I saw someone post that 42.3 fixed web browser issues. I got 42.3 a few days ago and still having intermittent web browser issues. Anyone have similar problems? ( or better yet, a fix)

T35L4 | 4 novembre 2018

A “two thumbs reset” got mine working.

HWF | 4 novembre 2018

I have the same problem, even under 42.4. I'll try the reset.

Jjlintner | 4 novembre 2018

Will work for a while after a reset but really slow loading. Dallas Tx area.

Jjlintner | 4 novembre 2018

Will work for a while after a reset but really slow loading. Dallas Tx area.

2015P90DI | 4 novembre 2018

Tesla's web browsers have historically always been almost unusable in practical situations. I'm not sure what the issue is. Certain it's not internet connection, although that could exasperate the problem. Could because of the all the restrictions that are written into the code (Tesla doesn't allow for any live video). In doing so, it may just cripple the way the browser loads?

If you need a web browser while away from home, would recommend just using your phone. Save the frustration of hoping the Tesla browser will be better. it's always been a feature in the Model S and was added to the 3, but clearly isn't a feature that Tesla has at the top of their list.

I liked it in the Model S before the V9 upgrade as you could load an image (eventually) and have that be your own personal background if you weren't using the screen for other functions. With V9, took away some that benefit.

Albert | 4 novembre 2018

Web browser has never worked for me. I've tried a few times, even after a re-boot but nothing.

Pauld387 | 4 novembre 2018

My Web browser only works when on a WiFi hotspot.

cafutter | 5 novembre 2018

I was just at the Tesla Service Center this morning for that and a phone-Bluetooth issue. The gentleman said that the web browser is still a beta version and does not do well with web sites which have constant updating because of memory issues. The phone-Bluetooth issue not resolved. He thinks it might be because I have a smart watch and is looking into it. (My wife's iPhone and son's LG G6 work well. My Note 8 has issues.)

Passion2Fly | 5 novembre 2018

You need to understand that website have massive advertising content these days. The data rate via LTE is capped by Tesla to avoid astronomical charges.
So, some website will just not load properly due to datarate limitations. Also, security is a huge concern. The web browser rejects connections to site with unindentified cookies ... it’s for your safety! Can you imagine if someone takes control of your car due to a web browser security flaw?

rdavis | 5 novembre 2018

i wish they'd just remove it all together. I don't understand why it is needed in this day and age of smart phones.

lilbean | 5 novembre 2018

Operating as designed.

info | 5 novembre 2018

Same issue here - My web browser will only work after 2 finger reboot. I tried several times to go to pages that would normally load (Favorites) and the page is just white screen. I have hit reload, turned browser off and on and nothing. Once I do the 2 finer salute it works but only as ..long as I am using the car. Once I leave car the same problem happens. I have weather pages, plug share yahoo sports etc as favorites. Plug share is convenient if you are looking for parking and want to find a place that has charging as it shows you on map. Any quick favorites page that save you from pulling out phone is a good feature. MHO

rmfpdx | 7 Janvier 2019

What if I want to connect my browser to my iPhone's (unlimited) hotspot data connexion? That would negate the concern that Tesla's LTE data would be unsustainable. Only, I don't know how to do that.

guydude | 7 Janvier 2019

The browser works 'ok'. Still missing support for a ton of plug-ins. The main issue with the browser is the slow connection. When i tether my iPhone the browser seems to work drastically faster.

SoCal Buzz | 12 mars 2019

Could it be...? My web browser has not locked up once since updating to 2019.5.15. In the past, I would have to reboot every time I wanted to use Tesla Waze. I've been flipping though various web pages and loading Tesla Waze for days, and not one web browser issue. The performance even seems snappier. Fingers crossed.

RJMIII | 12 mars 2019

I got the update this morning. I always take a moment to try as many features as possible and I agree that the browser finally seemed useful with this update. Time will tell.

artfuse | 16 mai 2019

I drive a base model 3 and I don't see the web browser app on my app screen. Did they discontinue this as a standard feature?