Worse customer service

Worse customer service

The charge cord for my Model 3 that I just got 3 weeks ago stopped working. I called Tesla customer service and they told me that the service center near me (Burlingame) does not have the charge cord, but Palo Alto has it, and that I can go pick it up from there. I drove to Palo Alto, and the person at the service center there told me that they don't have it but she can order it to have it shipped to my house. I agreed to that. Few days later I called Tesla customer service again to confirm that the cord is going to be shipped since I don't have another charging cord. They connected me with Palo Alto service center, and the guy told me they can't ship it to my house and I have to come pick it up. WTH? I told him I just drove there few days ago and was told you don't have the cord. He said nothing he can do. This is just one incident of the horrible service by Tesla.

avartan | 7 novembre 2018

Does anyone has same experience or how to handle this. I don't want to drive to Palo Alto again and them telling me they don't have a cord. | 7 novembre 2018

Does seem odd, although they are replacing it without question.

I've always had great service at Tesla, far better than other high-end vehicle brands service I've used in the past.