Potential solution to cameras not calibrating on 42.2

Potential solution to cameras not calibrating on 42.2

Response from a senior service advisor

“There are three cameras in the windshield (main/narrow/fisheye). The fisheye camera in particular is the one that will not calibrate.

I got excited when I found a service document that exactly matched the data on your car. The issue is fixed with an over-the-air firmware update. So I sent it to your vehicle, but now I realize that is not the version needed to correct this issue.

I sent version 2108.42.2.1-9, which is a minor update from what you are currently running. The version listed as needed to correct the fisheye camera is 2018.42.3, which is not available yet.

I don’t know the ETA of 2018.42.3, but based on history I don’t think it will be a long time.

You can tap the alarm clock at the top of the touchscreen to download the firmware I sent, but again don’t expect it to fix the camera.

I will leave your repair order open for now until after 2018.42.3 is installed, and then you can let me know how it works out.

You will still need to drive it a certain amount after that firmware to complete calibration.

Sorry I don’t have a more immediate solution for you, but I hope that helps!”

Ohmster | 8 novembre 2018

42.3 is out in the wild. 20.7% of users that use the Test Stats app are on it now. And you are correct, it has been reported that it solves the calibration issues....

rkmorton1 | 11 mai 2019

Have driven new Tesla about 200 miles and it continues to state calibration in progress. Can someone help?

EVRider | 12 mai 2019