Supercharger-Chargeport Issue

Supercharger-Chargeport Issue

I had a weird issue yesterday. I went to Cambridge Galleria mall supercharger in Boston, MA.
When I tried to put the supercharger plug into my chargeport it won't go in. It had 8 stalls and many free so I tried other 2 and same issue. I saw a Model S plugged in so to one of the station.
What i noticed is that there is a lock latch at the bottom in the chargeport which was not going completely down.

Then I tried opening/closing chargeport door with app and car touchscreen. After a couple of tries it went in. But then when I tried to remove it was not coming out.

So I just wanted till it charged full and then it came out as smooth as it does every time.

Anyone else faced similar issue?

My charge before plugging in was 50 miles and it was also very cold night in Boston yesterday in mid 30s. Can low charge or cold temperature cause that ?