What it would take for me to sell my Tahoe

What it would take for me to sell my Tahoe

I own a Model 3 and it’s used as my commuting car for work and our family car is a 2016 Tahoe. First off, I love both cars, Model 3 exceeds my expectations in every way, it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. As for the Tahoe, we can pile in gear, and kids and we are on our way.

Owning the Model 3 for two months now and learning the range capability, for me to switch over to a Model X family vehicle I would only do it if the Model X had a much longer range, like 500 miles.

My family would not tolerate having to stop for a recharge on our way to our summer vacation spot or travel sports when they are used to not having to stop for any lenght of time.

For me, I would need the Model X to have a slightly larger trunk space, able to drive 280 miles, and then drive another 80 miles without having range anxiety or having to recharge.

Are there anyone else in this situation?

jimglas | 23 novembre 2018

we traded out for an X and a 3. Heading up to a mtn home this AM with the X. Sometimes you have to use a supercharger on trips. Rarely more than 30 minutes and provides a BR break or a snack. We havent had a to pay for gas in over 2 months. Life has trade offs. We are pleased with our decision.

lilbean | 23 novembre 2018

Sounds like the Model X wouldn’t be the best choice. Maybe a Model 3?

Vawlkus | 23 novembre 2018

Wait for the Y.

Triggerplz | 23 novembre 2018

Just wait on the upcoming MX if the new roadster will get 620 miles I’m sure the MX will get at least 500 miles | 24 novembre 2018

Yikes, forcing a family to go 500 miles (maybe 7 hours) without a stop must be interesting. Guess everyone pees in bottles along the way.

Uncle Paul | 25 novembre 2018

Maybe if you would explain that you are switching to electric mode because you want the air to still be clean when your children grow up.

Change is always difficult. If your family was used to riding in an electric car, and you told them you were going to change to a gasoline burner they would also be upset. Change is indeed upseting, but people are very adaptable when they understand the benefits.

Understand your attachment to the Tahoe. It is a very good people hauler with lots of room and range. Downside is all the damage it does to the environment. People would never drive ICE vehicles if the exhaust pipe came out in from of them and they had to breath the exhaust of their own making.

bonhari03 | 25 novembre 2018

Driving an electric car is better in the long run if not also in the short run. But I have to admit th short run is pretty cool too. But we probably haul less than you for trips since there is just two of us. We travel light.

GranpaJohn | 26 novembre 2018

Wait 2 or 3 years and go with a Rivian R1S. great specs if they are able to pull a TESLA moment and actually deliver. For us, we are expecting delivery of our next Tesla in two weeks. MX100D Red - "GAS NO MO" rolls on

Weston X90D | 29 novembre 2018

I say keep the Tahoe.

You won't get the range on the X. Driving from LA to Vegas, with a 90% charge, need to stop 2 times. Going 85 though ; ) and with 22" tires.

As for trunk space, its pretty small. Not sure the size of your family, but, ironically, it probably larger than your Tahoe if you are using your third row. I used to have the smaller Escalade, and then realized how retarded the amount of trunk space there was and promptly changed to an ESV model. Nonetheless, your family will be way more comfortable in the Tahoe.

Another consideration is Pacifica Mini Van. If you in CA, it still qualifies for tax credit, and the state will send you $2.5K cash money rebate on a purchase. You prob not a mini van person, but these cars are pretty slick. If you're looking for an X, then you can probably afford a loaded one. They top out at $50k and have ALL the current bells and whistles.