La Jolla Tesla Owners...

La Jolla Tesla Owners...

Hello friends!

My husband and I are moving to the La Jolla area in July of next year. He got a job at UCSD and I will be looking for employment as well. (I'm a pediatrician if anyone has any connections...)
However, now we're in this situation where we would like to easily charge our car at home. I've had some trouble finding apartments listing whether or not they have car chargers available and I doubt we'll be able to buy a place with one since what we can afford is a condo... Any thoughts on how to best approach this or if anyone knows of apartment complexes or condo communities that have chargers available?

ashleyjmullen | 30 novembre 2018

Welcome, great choices! I lived in a La Jolla condo for more than 20 years while I worked on a UCSD campus, Like you, I preferred a short commute and dense living.

UCSD has some EV charging stations - they have seem underused on occasions I have noticed them, so they might help at first. Once you own a condo, the HOA is obliged to permit you to install a charging station, Tesla might even help with the cost of that,