Neck pain due to headrest angle

Neck pain due to headrest angle

I love my car, but this headrest angle is seriously killing my neck. Maybe I need to lean my seat back a little more? I'll try this next time I drive.

Anyone have any recommendations?
Any neck pillow recommendations?
I ordered one but shipping is slow af so I should have plenty of time to cancel if I find a better solution and/or pillow.

Update tl;dr:
Neck pain was from something unrelated, my bad. Also leaning the seat back was a great idea because now my head doesn't even need to touch the headrest.

CorkChop | 26 novembre 2018

My head never touches the head rest? I can’t quite fathom this.

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2018

Lean back, like Fat Joe

johnmann | 26 novembre 2018

I like to sit fairly upright and had the same problem. Reclining the seat very slightly resolved it.

RES IPSA | 26 novembre 2018

My head never touches the headrest either... Only there to prevent injury were I to be in an accident

roxybalboaguy | 26 novembre 2018

Just file a lawsuit against a Tesla already.

CorkChop | 26 novembre 2018

If your head already touches it, what would a “pillow” do. Still confused.

Mike UpNorth_ | 26 novembre 2018

@bigh with a hip hop reference?!

Whoa (name that artist)

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2018

Might come up on my Flatbush Zombies station?

djharrington | 26 novembre 2018

Sometimes my 3 makes my piloerectors contract.

lilbean | 26 novembre 2018

Are you sure it’s not the naked ice climbing?

djharrington | 26 novembre 2018

The season’s getting close!

lilbean | 26 novembre 2018

Don’t you get cold climbing naked though?

reallynolie | 26 novembre 2018

I noticed this on the test drive too. Why did they lean the headrest forward, who does that? It's like seating on an aircraft. I am thin build, and this seat is all wrong for me.. Never saw a seat that wasn't flat and comfortable until now. I'll have to put a freaking cushion on it. Weird.

reallynolie | 26 novembre 2018

What with all the snarky people and those wishing to change the subject? Does tesla know they have a problem and playing cover up? Might explain why you can't search the board either.

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2018

Though I'm thinking if you're from MN (am I right?), you're probably thinking more mainstream. Black Rob, eh?

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2018

You can search.

And it is a problem for me if I don't lean back. The bulbous nature pushes my head forward and down otherwise.

djharrington | 26 novembre 2018

@lilbean, get your hands on Climbing Magazine, April 2008 and tell me if I look cold :)

@reallynolie: I’m a Tesla-bot designed to quickly bury any negative posts. It’s part of my coverup goals ;)

No, I think the only good advice has already been given by others: recline a bit more. I happen to think my 3’s seats are more comfortable (to me) than any car I’ve owned. It’s going to be a pretty owner-dependent thing. Not being able to adjust it definitely limits the possibilities.

batmanasb | 26 novembre 2018

@CorkChop I'm hoping the pillow fills in the angle between the headrest and the rest of the chair, to basically flatten it out so my neck can rest against the seat (well, technically pillow) without forcing me to bend my head forward.

I usually slouch but still keep my seat mostly upright, but as I suspected, it might be better to lean the seat back. As I said initially, I'll try that tomorrow.

Schmootle | 26 novembre 2018

Yes it is too far forward and too hard (at least with the fake leather). Gives me neck and head pain on 500 mile trips.

Reclining helps but not enough. I'm looking into adding a cusion to make it softer. I assumed the angle was least likely to cause injury in a crash. Can't fathom otherwise why they would do that.

No you are not alone. Probably the only thing I really dislike about the car.

maztec | 27 novembre 2018

The "headrest" in modern cars is no longer a place to "rest" your head, but instead a safety device. The "active head restraint" is tilted forward, which in an accident forces you to tuck your head forward and bring your chin down to meet your chest. The result is that you are substantially less likely to suffer from whiplash -- the sudden breaking of your head backwards past the vertical -- and you are much more likely to survive an accident by having your head tucked into the "brace position". As a result your cervical column is protected from injury by the distribution of energy across your entire body mass rather than being focused on a single intervertebral disc.

All of that aside, I find some newer cars to be quite uncomfortable to ride in, especially when they have poor lower-lumbar support that results in my body slouching back far enough that I cannot be supported while sitting up without the active head restraint pushing my head forward. In some seats it is possible to tilt it back and push forward lumbar support to fix this issue, but in others it simply cannot be fixed.

I do not have this problem with my Model 3, but when I first saw the seat I was worried that it may be a problem. I could see it being more of a problem for someone who is taller than me, but I find the forward tilt on my active head restraint to be just right.

casun | 27 novembre 2018

lean your seat back a little more? try that next time you drive.

maztec | 27 novembre 2018

s/body mass/body surface/
s/forward lumbar support/forward the lumbar support/

I wish I could figure out how to edit my posts on this forum . . .

EM34ME | 27 novembre 2018

"Does tesla know they have a problem and playing cover up?"

The more important question is, does Agent Orange know he has a problem and playing cover up?

Regarding the Tesla headrest, I'm sure an OTA update will fix that! ;) I don't see it as a problem unless I fully recline the seat, low rider style, with my nose just sticking up above the side window

cfcubed | 27 novembre 2018

Not alone finding headrests poke too far forward compared to some other current cars. Guess it has to do with ones build & more upright seating preferences. Other forums discussed this & possible workarounds, e.g. google: model3ownersclub Neck pain/position

jjgunn | 27 novembre 2018

Your Gangsta Lean needs work.

dwakelee | 27 novembre 2018

Same issue here. Seat itself is comfortable and well supportive, but the headrest jutting forward forces me to have the seat titled back to compensate - loosing mid back support.

An additional issue is the high floor height due to the battery pack underneath. To have good thigh support and a typical lower leg downward angle to the pedals, I need to have a high driving position - looking out way higher up the windshield. Alternative is to push the seat way back and have a lesser angled lower leg to the pedals, or tilt the bottom of the seat and have your upper legs angled up.

I've yet to find a very good driving position with this car that isn't odd or doesn't cause fatigue in some way. Definitely more challenging given the fixed headrest position and high floor height. And I'm nothing special at average size and weight.

casun | 27 novembre 2018

although this might increase your chance of neck injury, i think you can reverse the headrest. (i’ve read that you can reverse it but i haven’t confirmed)

Mike UpNorth_ | 27 novembre 2018

Black Rob for the win!
Yes, I'm MN.
Are you the only Montanian that streams rap??? ;)

Bighorn | 27 novembre 2018

Wyoming, but pretty close to MT. I probably hold the Tesla record for streamed rap anywhere, from Kurtis Blow to Anderson.Paak. I’m on my second set of scroll wheels from mobile djing:)

Mike UpNorth_ | 27 novembre 2018

Haha, nice.

CorkChop | 27 novembre 2018

@batmanasb, I guess the fact that I am REALLY tall and have my seat back and leaned back a bit makes a difference. Sorry, I just thought this was a FAKE OUTRAGE post but apparently there are people out there that use the seat like a Lazy Boy lounger! I was thinking you're taking the term "headrest" too literally. I never saw someone actually resting their head on the "headrest" as a normal method of driving. Personally, I would be falling asleep and my hair would be all matted by the time I got to work.

jjgunn | 27 novembre 2018

Does the headrest move up & down in the M3? (I never checked when I was demo'ing it) It definitely does in the MS & MX.

Also, Lumbar support is available in the MS & MX. How about the M3? (Again I never checked)

Bighorn | 27 novembre 2018

Headrest is fixed. Lumbar adjustment is similar to S.

shawncordell | 27 novembre 2018

I’m quickly catching up to you, Bighorn.

CharleyBC | 27 novembre 2018

After waiting over 2 years and dropping many dollars, my wife was dismayed to find the head rest sort of forcing her head forward uncomfortably. And it's not adjustable, as we all know. But she quickly discovered that reclining the seatback slightly made all the difference in her overall positioning, and now her head does not make contact with the head rest.

Bighorn | 27 novembre 2018

I’ve got a pretty good head start, much to the dog’s chagrin:)

batmanasb | 27 novembre 2018

Leaning the seat back definitely helped a lot, but there is a limit to how far I'm willing to lean my seat back, and it's not a large one. I'm still going the neck pillow route, and hopefully since pillows are soft, it shouldn't affect the whole "whiplash protection" design aspect. IDK, I'll report back in about a month when that slow af shipping finally gets me my package. I figure it's cheap so it's worth a try at least.

Zidarich | 27 novembre 2018

I had a ton of neck pain when I first got the car. Looking back now, I think it was more the g-forces of the torque than the seat position, though blamed the seat at the time. It drove me crazy for about a month, then went away.

And yes, I have to keep the seat more reclined than I’d like to stop the head rest from hitting the back of my head. I don’t always love it, but I’ve gotten used to it.

lilbean | 27 novembre 2018

Pilates is the answer.

michelle.debeus | 27 novembre 2018

I had a real problem with the headrest as well. I found that leaning the seat back slightly and increasing the lumber support really helped, and now find the seat very comfortable.

jlquinn | 27 novembre 2018

My chiropractor is appalled at how far forward the headrest tilts. If you don't lean the seat back really far, the headrest is going to tilt forward. I've also thought about creating a foam cushion to fill the gap.

I also saw a video about someone removing the headrest and bending the metal bars to improve the angle. I may try that.

Iwantmy3 | 28 novembre 2018

I had this same problem. My wife and I were constantly getting neck pains every time we drove a long distance. It was an issue. The headrest position is too far forward. I understand the need for the headrest to limit movement in a rear end collision. This does not mean that we should have to drive with our chins shoved into our chests.

There is a youtube video on how to remove the headrests and bend the supports to move them back slightly. I didn't do that.

In the end, I pulled out my headrests and re-installed them backwards. I now have an inch of clearance between my preferred head position and the headrest. Yes. I know the potential consequences. However, my neck pain from those first two months has disappeared.

RedPillSucks | 28 novembre 2018

Curious, has anyone tried bending the rods that hold the headrest in?
I had the same issue and just reclined my chair more, but it looks like I'm in an "easy rider"

RedPillSucks | 28 novembre 2018

Whoops, should have read further down, I guess.

slingshot18 | 28 novembre 2018

No problems for me. Seat and headrest are fine and I sit fairly upright. I wish the seats were less squishy though. I'm 6'3".

batmanasb | 31 décembre 2018

Update: My bad, I was getting neck pain from something else (new seats at a movie theater) and wrongly assumed it was from my car's seats as the pain would appear on the ride home. Also, I leaned my seat back a little and now my head doesn't even touch the headrest, so it's all good.

rworkentine | 4 Janvier 2019

batmanasb - glad you figured out your cause. for those who still have the M3 as the cause - I almost didn't by the M3 because of the inability to adjust the seat and steering wheel to support my neck/head. I had neck fusion surgery and supporting my head and neck during normal driving - not just during accident is very important. I bought a low-priced memory foam pillow at bed bath and beyond and use it to fill the void between my shoulders / neck / base of the skull / and head rest. When I am doing short drives around town I change my seat back setting and actually bring it forward to support my neck better. the back of my skull directly contacts the farthest forward projection of the head rest which is the worst possible location for my situation. for those who can't recline their seats more - maybe these comments will help.

cascadiadesign | 6 Janvier 2019

I have back pain and the Model 3 seat fits and supports me perfectly. If I ever locate one at a junkyard I'm going to have it built into an office chair :)

CristoferBrian | 9 juillet 2019

I have a memory foam pillow also and I love it. I got it for like 30 bucks at Wallmart. I also have a cervical pillow, but, for me, I get more relief from the regular memory foam. Plus, it is hard as a rock so none of the kids will swipe it from my car LOL, check it out