Rivian Pick up Truck reveal

Rivian Pick up Truck reveal

Just watched some Youtube videos on the reveal of Rivian's EV Pick up truck, the R1T.
Assuming that performance on any EV pickup will be awesome, wether from Rivian or Tesla, what I really liked was:

1. Pass thru storage, very cool. With "step up" functionality

2. Huge frunk,

3. On board full size spare tire (or more storage),

4. 120v power outlets in the bed

5. Tailgate with integrated step w/ drop down feature

6. Integrated flashlite and first aid kit (not that important but its there)

They emphasized they were going after the outdoor enthusiast (gear storage), rather than the workmans truck (hauling and towing).

Their full size SUV built on the same frame comes next.

Ross1 | 27 novembre 2018

That would be one huge SUV, like a Schwartzenegger style Hummer.
Look at the width and length

Ross1 | 27 novembre 2018


Measuring 5040mm long, 2015mm wide, 1820mm tall, and riding on 3075mm wheelbase, the R1S is about the same size as the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Suburban's short wheelbase sibling, and significantly shorter from head to toe than the R1T ute, which it shares its skateboard chassis with.

Like the R1T, the R1S will be offered with three battery pack options. The base 105kWh model has a claimed range of over 385km, the 135kWh version is good for around 500km, and the top-shelf 180kWh model capable of about 660km.

Model for model, the SUV has about 15 kilometres more range than the equivalent ute. All models have an electric motor for each wheel, and a top speed of 201km/h.

Performance is unchanged, with the 300kW/560Nm base model capable of a 0-60mph time of 4.9s, and the higher capacity variants topping out at 562kW/1120Nm and a claimed 0-60mph time of 3.0s.

Compared to the R1T, the R1S has a significantly lower towing capacity of 3500kg, down from 5000kg.

The low- and mid-spec R1S has seating for seven over three rows, while the top-tier variant maxes out at five people.

The R1S will also be available with camera, LIDAR, radar, high-precision GPS, and high-definition maps for Level 3 self-driving capability.

Other features include over-the-air software updates, eight airbags, a 15.6-inch infotainment touchscreen, 12.3-inch instrumentation screen, and a 6.8-inch touchscreen for the second row.

Rivian says the R1S can ford water up to a metre deep. In off-road mode, the R1S has an approach angle of 34 degrees, a departure angle of 30 degrees, and a breakover angle of 29 degrees.

Both Rivian models will be produced at Mitsubishi's old factory in Normal, Illinois. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in late 2020. Orders can be placed now via a refundable US$1000 ($1380) deposit.

The entry-level 105kWh model is priced from US$72,500 ($99,800) before the US$7500 ($10,300) federal tax credit. Only the more expensive 135kWh and 180kWh models will be produced initially.

(Bracketed $ figures are Australia $ )

David N | 28 novembre 2018

I forgot about the ability to wade through 3’ of water.
That’s crazy. Maybe some guys will literally drive into the lake and start fishing.

quinney | 28 novembre 2018

The spec sheet doesn't show different vehicle weights for the three different battery sizes. More info needed.

nwfan | 28 novembre 2018

I wonder if RI vian approached Tesla with a bucket full of money asking for access to the supercharger network. I’m sure Tesla can work out a fee base usage rate and buy in price.

nwfan | 28 novembre 2018

Rivian. Darn autocorrect.

rxlawdude | 28 novembre 2018

It's vapor till it's real.

And no mention about DCFC. That 180kWh battery will be a challenge to charge in 40 minutes.

sosmerc | 28 novembre 2018

I'd love to see Rivian partner with Tesla in any way possible....what they are attempting is very Tesla-like and represents what the future could hold. It's a new day.

RedShift | 28 novembre 2018

I kinda dig it. Even though I hate pickup trucks.

spuzzz123 | 29 novembre 2018

+1 sosmerc they need to get on that supercharger network a pay a substantial rent to fund its expansion/upkeep. Everybody wins

spuzzz123 | 29 novembre 2018

Doh nwfan beat me to the punch you ninja you

quinney | 29 novembre 2018

The prototype has a CCS charging connector, so it appears they are not planning, as of now, to join Tesla supercharger network.

Weston X90D | 29 novembre 2018

Blah Blah Blah, First off, if and when the car is produced in real life, Tesla will come out with a truck that will beat this at every variable and then some. Second, no SC network, Lastly, you gonna be the guinea pig on a $80k truck? Perhaps you have a Fisker too.

Integrated flash light and first aid kit... lol are you kidding? I would suggest they try with a $30K truck. Anyhows, I wish them the best of luck.

Weston X90D | 29 novembre 2018


I mean "you" in the general sense. I know you are not saying this car is better, you are just informing the uninformed.

kcheng | 29 novembre 2018

Very exciting, I like it. Tesla won't have all the good ideas, so the more startups the better.

TabascoGuy | 30 novembre 2018

Sorry, I can't get past how ugly it is. No thanks, I'll pass.

David N | 30 novembre 2018

“Lastly, you gonna be the guinea pig on a $80k truck”
Actually the talk was production will start with the largest battery, and will start in the $120,000+ area.
Personally, with the size battery their talking, I’m guessing $150,000.

tony.karais | 30 novembre 2018

Lol, we're all guinea pigs for Tesla!

Weston X90D | 30 novembre 2018

Seeing all the growing pains tesla went thru and is still going thru, i think a start up focusing on the high end market is not viable. I don't know the financials for this company, but they better have deep deep pockets.

The window for a new ev start up trying to become a legitimate player is so slim - now that the majors are jumping on the ev wagon.... I'd say the window closed w tesla. Tesla delivered what they preached (for the most part,) and as a first mover became synonymous w electric cars. This is no small feat. Furthermore elon accelerated the acceptance of ev cars by making them cool. I bought my tesla because its a f... cool car. In my opinion very few people would spend 60 to 150k on a car because it doesnt need gas anymore. This is versus say a Prius which when first introduced had an emotional pull of a bad sci fi movie. All these new ev entrants from i.e. china, etc will most likely fail. Only ones I'm holding my breath on is dyson and potentially apple. The rest are just nice ideas.

sosmerc | 1 décembre 2018

Tesla started at the very high end and is slowly working down. That "model" has worked for Tesla...just barely. I think this new company is wise to take the same approach as Tesla. I am sure they have been watching the progress of Tesla with a microscope and will try not to make the same mistakes. Rivian has the luxury of being able to learn from Tesla and others. I think they have a VERY GOOD chance of success based on the info they have released so far. And it sure as heck would not bother me if Tesla decided to lend a hand in order to get the product out sooner...all part of the Tesla mantra to expand adoption of EV's. Good for everyone.

carlk | 1 décembre 2018

Tesla started at high end because cost of making electric drivetrain was very high. It was just not possible to make an under $50K "compelling" EV few years ago, That it worked for Tesla does not mean it is easy or even possible for another one to do it. To give you an idea of how difficult it is to get in the high end market the Japanese with all their engineering and manufacturing prowess have tried for decades, including the establishment of high end brands, but to this day still couldn't crack the >$100K market. Again what happened to Tesla was an oddity, with all stars aligned all the time, but not the rule.

jordanrichard | 2 décembre 2018

I haven’t read all of the reviews about this truck and I haven’t seen anyone here mention this, but where are they going to sell these. Meaning, are they going with direct sales like Tesla or go through dealers.

David N | 3 décembre 2018

You are correct, where selling , servicing, fast charging ?

NoMoPetrol | 3 décembre 2018

Just returned from the LA Auto Show. There were only two exhibitors worth viewing - Tesla and Rivian. Rivian is taking $1,000 deposits for their initial run of vehicles, so it would seem to infer that they are using Tesla's direct sales model.

A couple comments above used the "U" word (ugly) in a disparaging manner. Each of us needs to get over the idea that if it is unappealing to us, it is doomed to failure. Actually all it means is that it will not be purchased by us.

The Rivian booth was packed with interested people who were quite obviously not put off by the appearance. I went to the show with a friend who considered the R1S (the Rivian SUV) to be the only vehicle he thought worthy of his continued interest. He REALLY liked it. And that included the Tesla offerings.

David N | 3 décembre 2018

Word is they have been working on this for several years and waited until they were fully prepared to reveal. Word is they have sufficient funding (a huge necessity).
I wish them the best of luck. Competition is good.

spuzzz123 | 3 décembre 2018

No doubt David and who knows perhaps a future partnership with Tesla. Musk seems genuine about his mission which means it’s EVs versus ICE and Oil. Not Tesla versus other EV brands.

carlk | 3 décembre 2018

Even though Elon says he likes or hopes everyone to join Tesla for the mission he likely also has great doubts if anyone could put in so much efforts and sacrifices to offer real help. If you missed this interview what the gigafactory 1 director said at 4:49 probably represents Tesla's true thinking. We may see a few new niche players or a few estabilished companies play it safe and move in slowly but no one so far is able to do in the same speed and scale as Tesla is doing. It does not look like we will see any in the foreseeable future either.

efuseakay | 3 décembre 2018

I am loving this truck. I have no use for anything like this. At least at this point in my life, but it's really awesome. You naysayers are pretty funny. Being Tesla owners...

Ross1 | 3 décembre 2018

I love the appearance as a minimalist art form, timeless. Go Rivian.
Don't tell me you like the Tesla Semi, only a mother could love that but it does have impressive air dynamics which really matters in its market demographic. Go Semi too.

As far as being an F150 killer, that would be very difficult. But Ford could do it by putting a Rivian /Tesla into an F150 skin.
Unfortunately as an art form, few there be which are timeless. Time will tell.

TabascoGuy | 4 décembre 2018

@NoMoPetrol, it looks like I'm the only one who used the term "ugly". I made no disparaging remarks or predicted anyone's doom, just my opinion of the looks and that I wouldn't be standing in line for one due to that.

wil37057 | 5 décembre 2018

Rivian I a nice truck just what I’ve been waiting for well worth buying unless Tesla pickup arrives first.

blacktape242 | 6 décembre 2018

looks ugly to me, but the features are really nice looking. Can't wait to see what tesla offers, hopefully soon.

lobergerllc | 16 mai 2019

I love the look of the R1S suv. Put our deposit down today. I also own the Model 3 love that too.

lobergerllc | 16 mai 2019

I love the look of the R1S suv. Put our deposit down today. I also own the Model 3 love that too.

blue adept | 16 mai 2019

Not intending to cast any aspersions, but I don't understand the whole idea behind the cubbyhole, or what @David N refers to as "pass through storage", at the base of the cab/between it and the bed???

I's a pick-up's got a 'bed'...why in the hell does it need a "pass through storage" compartment when there's both a back seat and, did I mention, a BED...?!?

Just wondering.

blue adept | 16 mai 2019

Other than that I really don't care much for whatever 'features' this or that EV manufacturer (excuse me, POTENTIAL EV manufacturer) might or might not have to offer to incentivize POTENTIAL buyers to purchase their product over that of another manufacturer as it's all just window dressing, relatively speaking, given the fact that the ABSOLUTE VERY BEST feature that ANY automobile manufacturer can offer anyone is an ELECTRIC-powered vehicle as opposed to that of the current, antiquated, ICE-powered versions...

THAT'S the best 'feature' possible.

andy.connor.e | 17 mai 2019

@blue adept

If you've owned a truck in your life, you've had stuff in the bed that has the potential to fly out. Having something like a boogie board or tarp in an enclosed area would be awesome.

rbasham72 | 17 mai 2019

Ford has invested $500M in Rivian. You have to think they will share knowledge around production, amongst many other things in order to protect their investment.

They've also received a $700M investment from Amazon, so they have some serious backing.

andy.connor.e | 17 mai 2019

We will see what happens. I dont believe anyone until i see a product. #FaradayFuture

Xerogas | 17 mai 2019

@blue adept: "Not intending to cast any aspersions, but I don't understand the whole idea behind the cubbyhole”
...because sometimes you want a pull-out kitchen

blue adept | 17 mai 2019


I've owned a few over the years of various sizes and makes and I always fitted them with tonneau covers to protect from the elements whatever I might have a need of throwing into the bed (BTW, both a boogie board and a folded tarp fit behind the seats easily enough as is), but I don't understand what that might have to do with explaining the need for a cubbyhole..."?!"

I mean, I suppose I could port into it from the back of the cab, partition it off to make it air tight and line the area with sound dampening insulation so that I would then have enough room to mount some high-powered subwoofers without compromising any cabin space since their cone and magnet assemblies would be fitted into the cubby area where I could also mount some high-powered caps and still have some room outside of the partitioned area to store other stuff if need be...Yeah, now that would make sense!


Yeah, they've been making those for a while, too, in a variety of configurations tailored to fit any need:

All in all ultimately all that Rivian has at this point is a relatively enticing concept (with a somewhat kitschy "gear tunnel" feature [that I'd use for a subwoofer cabinet] ), so until they manage to mass produce a viable vehicle at a market relevant, practical price point capable of routinely meeting the advertised range and other noted specs, it's all really just a lot of bloated hype.

Hopefully Amazon and Ford can help them to meet those goals (and I do hope that they can) because the more EV's the better!