Unable to get a hold of sales

Unable to get a hold of sales

I have tried a number of times to get a hold of my sales rep, phone calls and emails, but I have since been ignored. I'm not sure if there is someone else I can speak with on a few questions that have been outstanding since October. I am at the final phase, left waiting for SMUD to install the meter, and then I should be up and running. I don't like being ignored and am thinking twice about my purchase.

Maybe this is the way TESLA operates? Locks you and in throws you away? I can't explain any other scenario where this is what is happening.

jeschneider | 19 décembre 2018

Best way to get communication is to reach out to the Customer Care team. Their number is (877) 731-7652

kevinmcmanus | 4 septembre 2019

I am not happy with their whole sales process, I was given bogus info at a Tesla Dealer stating they now offer Roof Install and Solar Panel Install - which for me is great because I could possibly get everything done by one company.

After paying my $100 for a Site Survey, I find out its only some guy in Las Vegas looking at my Home on Google Earth and asking just for a copy of my electric bill.

Next thing I get is a text asking me to reply Y for an install next month - No Contract, No Prices, No Electric Analysis, No Tax Credit Info, No Equipment listing, No Install Info - Nothing on my Tesla Energy Page.

Besides the first lie at the Tesla Dealer, the Solar analysis was useless.

I would compare it to calling your Doctor's office and complaining of a upset stomach. The following week the Dr.'s receptionist calls you back to schedule you for surgery next week, without telling you for what, what hospital, what insurance plan is accepted, and who is performing the surgery.

gregbrew | 5 septembre 2019

Tesla does partner with local installers, and perhaps that local installer includes roof replacement and repair services. That part was not a "lie".

My preliminary site survey was also done via satellite photos, and Tesla requested access to my SCE electric usage history, so they could properly size and design my system. The utility will usually not approve an oversized system. Once they get that information, a Tesla technician can design your system to your specific site and energy needs. $100 is a pittance compared to the amount of work required to complete this step.

Tesla provides the complete documentation package for your installation on their website. It includes site and installation drawings, parts lists, pricing and the contract. That it's not there is likely a symptom of Tesla's rather sketchy transition from the MySolarCity site to this one. Call Tesla to have the accounts properly linked so you can see the documentation.

Good luck on your journey to help reduce your carbon footprint....and save some serious coin.