Completed PowerWall2 installs in Orange County, CA

Completed PowerWall2 installs in Orange County, CA

Look for anybody with recent powerwall2 installs.

Question: Does your house use the powerwall at night for energy?(ie lights, outlets,etc..) Not just your critical load.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2 Janvier 2019

Yes. My PW 2 system powers the entire house through the evening and early morning. I usually get 100% self powered without using the grid except in late November through December due to the short daylight hours. I have been using my Tesla solar panels (24) and two PW 2's since mid-April and show a 93% self powered rate. I have mine set to use battery power until reaching 20% which is saved for loss of grid power.

So far I'm very satisfied. My only issue is I'm still waiting for my battery rebate from California.

The projected solar energy collection and use provided by Tesla has been spot on. I have +163 kWh more energy through December 31, 2018 than projected. My 24 panels generated 8921.8 kWh and I sent back over 2500 kWh back to the grid.

Tesla-David | 3 Janvier 2019

We have 13.2 kWh solar system and got a 2 Powerwall-2 installation in June, and operate in self-powered mode since installation in Edmonds, WA. My results are similar to @Bluesday Afternoon, and the PW2's are less effective during the Winter (November-January) due to low solar production, which is not enough to fully charge the batteries. The Powerwalls are an excellent complement to our solar system. Here are the results of our solar + energy demand for 2018 with six months of PW2 use. The total energy demand will be much less in 2019 with a full year of PW2 use. I expect zero energy use from our electrical grid from March through October with the PW2's.

2018 Totals:
Solar: 12,601 kWh
Total Energy Demand: 4,994 kWh (Home + EV charging)
Total Energy Demand - EV charging: 3,126 kWh

This is the best year yet: P/D = 252 %

We actually exported more energy back to grid: 7607 kWh than we needed for home and EV charging, amounting to 60 % of our total solar production, so we are operating as a microgrid.

gregbrew | 7 juillet 2019

Huntington Beach, CA. Reservation submitted in October of 2018. Two PW2s installed in late January 2019, Turned on February 3rd. Working as advertised. I've tried each of the different usage configurations, and they also work as advertised. I'm very pleased with their performance on my existing (for 3 years) SolarCity 5kW solar installation.