Key fob stopped working

Key fob stopped working

A few days ago the car simply stopped responding to the key fob. I took the car to service. Replaced the battery in the key fob, but no luck. I have a service appointment in about 2 weeks. Until then I have to unlock and start the car with the phone app.

Yesterday morning, I found my trunk half open. Luckily the car was in the garage. It had also switched itself to Valet mode. I'm quite certain I closed the trunk and there is no reason for me to put the car in Valet mode while it's in the garage. But ok. Maybe I fat fingered a button on the phone app.

I also realized that the car stays unlocked when I walk away, even though the door handles retract. I don't know how long the car stays unlocked, but after about 30+ minutes, I walked up to the car, pressed the door handles and voila. It opened with no working key fob. No I make sure I lock it with the phone app.

This morning I was driving and rolled down the window. After some time, I tried rolling it up. It went half way up and then right back down again. I did this three times. I stopped, put the car in park and rolled up the window one inch at a time until it was all the way back up. So I guess no rolling down the window anymore.

My MS is 1.5 years old. Kind of early to get these types of electrical gremlins. I don't know what it is, but if I had to guess I would say some controller somewhere lost its mind.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?

murphyS90D | 20 décembre 2018

The first thing I would check is the ground connection behind the frunk tub. Several owners have reported that it broke loose which caused all kinds of strange problems.

goodmorningbacklincs | 24 décembre 2018

I took mine to SC. They opened the key fob and found rust under one connector. According to SC personnel, this happens when u accidentally toss ur key in washer( though I wasn't certain I didn't). When I thought Keyfob was gone for good, he removed the rust by gently scraping it, put everything back together and voila it started working again. About a month so far without any issues

goodmorningbacklincs | 24 décembre 2018

The first thing I would check is the ground connection behind the frunk tub. Several owners have reported that it broke loose which caused all kinds of strange problems.

miketdc | 29 décembre 2019

Both MX fobs stop working after I replaced the batteries. Cannot find any solution in the user’s manuals. Can I get some suggestions?

dougk71 | 30 décembre 2019

I would always replace FOB's one at at time and ensuring the first one works before doing the second. Hopefully you don't have the batteries inserted upside down. I do know that you need good quality replacements . A dirt cheap battery works but lasts less than a month...the fobs have a high power draw for a short burst when pressed. A quality battery will handle this but the less expensive which are good for clocks die quickly under high draw situations.

sofiastieve | 31 Janvier 2020

I have the same problem as dsteal (orig post). I'm told by a mobile tech who was unable to resolve the problem that the security module is bad (he thinks). I now have an appointment at a service center 1 month out (earliest available) to replace the Body Controller for $1,200.

TeslaKU | 2 février 2020

Had an issue where both my FOBs were lost by the car last year. Service reestablished them and all has been well. I did not have any of the other symptoms.

akikiki | 2 février 2020

lost by the car? Goodness, I guess you need to no longer allow the car to go out by itself if its that careless.

wkampton | 15 février 2020

My Fobs will not open either trunk on my 2015 Model S but they will lock the car and the car knows when they are near and unlocks. Any help is appreciated.

akikiki | 15 février 2020

1. Will they open the frunk?
2. Are you sure you are pressing the trunk area of the fob to open the trunk?
3. Recommend you go to your SC and ask them to reprogram your fobs for your car.
Take both fobs so they can program them to match your car. Doing one makes only one work. Get it?