Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

gcklo | 19 février 2019

Mailed on 1/3. Check cashed (supposed to be on 2/13 but I only saw it on 2/14). Waiting for the stickers now.

OrhanBlue | 19 février 2019

1/3/19 mailed application
2/13/19 check cashed
2/19/19 purple stickers arrived

RichardKJ | 19 février 2019

Mailed 1/1
Cashed 2/14
Received/Installed 2/19

DonaldDuck | 20 février 2019

Should I wait or send in a new application? I sent in 2 applications on 1/3 (for different cars) check still not cashed yet. I am in Orange county and I haven't seen the new purple sticker yet.

emccullo | 20 février 2019

Mailed 1/6
Check is still not cashed

emccullo | 20 février 2019

Talked with the DMV. Says that they are processing mail from around 1/10 but that it takes 3-4 days from the mailing to receiving. So she said to call back in 1-2 weeks.

DonaldDuck | 20 février 2019

@emccullo, which number did you call?

emccullo | 20 février 2019

@DonaldDuck, 916-657-8035. Took a number of tries to actually get the in the phone queue. After that you can request a call back which worked great.

DonaldDuck | 20 février 2019

@emccullo, thank you!

WolfmanXII | 20 février 2019

Check cashed 2/8...still have not received decals.
When I call 19166578035, they say they are experiencing too many callers and just hang up on me.
A bit unsure on what is going on or what to do at this point...seems to be a quick 3-4 day turnaround from check being cashed to receiving the decals.

bt77057 | 21 février 2019

1/3 mailed app
2/20 check cashed

DonaldDuck | 21 février 2019

I called DMV yesterday, my 2 applications was processed on 2/16 and checks are finally cashed today. Hoping for stickers to arrive soon.

JayM | 21 février 2019

1/2 Mailed from SoCal.
2/21 Check cashed.

Glak | 21 février 2019

Mailed 1/2
Check cashed 2/21

hobbitfan | 21 février 2019

Mailed 1/3
Check cashed 2/21 which is 49 days later! Amazing!!

qa_engnr | 21 février 2019

I am located in pleasanton in northern california.
Mailed check on 1/2.
Check cashed 2/20
Expecting to hopefully receive them in a week!

Rbnaidu | 21 février 2019

Applied on 1/2. Checked cashed today finally. Hope to receive decals in next few days. I did call dmv ‭(916) 657-8035‬ to get application status earlier this week and they were able to look up it up. Apparently it got approved last weekend. So those still waiting can call this number to find out.

dgstan | 21 février 2019

My check was cashed on the 13th. Still no stickers.

Hal Fisher | 21 février 2019

Application sent 1/6, check cash 1/20, Oceanside. I have seen a purple sticker on a black m3 today on my way to san diego. I expect stickers next week. I feel sorry for those with red cars (purple with red), but I haven’t seen many red ones down here.

George with SacEV | 21 février 2019

My check, mailed on January 2.....JUST CLEARED ....OK, let's say it took 3 days in first class mail to get to DMV, they should have had it by 4 January. So, it is now 21 February and they just cashed the check!!!!! How much incompetence should be tolerated with such an important state government agency?

YIKES! At least, given the pattern generally reported here, I MIGHT have my HOV stickers in about another week?

Arktctr | 21 février 2019

Mailed Application: 1/6 (from Newport Beach, CA)
Check Cashed: 2/20
Received Stickers: Anytime!

I also applied before having plates so hopefully the check being cashed means they accepted only submitting a VIN.

Hope to install my ugly purple stickers this weekend!

hector | 22 février 2019

Application sent 1/2
Check cleared today, Feb 22 (Check posted Feb 20)
Will hopefully receive soon.

Just a an FYI, for those who got custom plates AFTER applying, it does not affect your application, as DMV has a cross reference to your original plates. You DO NOT need to re-apply for the HOV sticker.

emccullo | 22 février 2019

Mailed Application: 1/6
Check Cashed: 2/21
Can't wait to use the HOV lane

tcandmm | 22 février 2019

Still waiting... So Cal, app & check mailed on 1/7, not cashed and no decal. Should I be concerned that it's lost, it seems others have already received their decal. Can someone post the DMV phone number or email contact so I may contact hem to check on the status (or if my check was not received at all).


hector | 22 février 2019

@TCandmm, don't worry just yet. They are WAY behind. You should have your check cleared within the next 2 weeks. People who submitted on 1/2-1/4 are just starting to get theirs, with rare exceptions for people who submitted a little later.

stevepusc | 22 février 2019

Mailed Application 1/2 - sent without license plate info
Check Cashed 2/11
Received 2/22

Postmark on envelope shows a 2/11 date. Assuming it was held up in transit because of the heavy rains or possibly delivered to the wrong address since I never saw it in my USPS Deliver Daily Digest. The envelope looks like it was exposed to some rainfall.

Hope everyone else gets theirs soon.

hpn | 22 février 2019

Time Line for me...
Jan 5 - send application to DMV
check was cashed today 02/22/2019

No Purple sticker in the mail yet...

lansingc | 23 février 2019

- Plates received and HOV app sent 1/2
- New black plates ordered 1/15
- New black plates received 1/30
- Check cashed by DMV 2/20
- Anxiously checking the mailbox for my stickers!

lansingc | 23 février 2019

- Plates received and HOV app sent 1/2
- New black plates ordered 1/15
- New black plates received 1/30
- Check cashed by DMV 2/20
- Anxiously checking the mailbox for my stickers!

TeddyBananas | 23 février 2019

Check mailed 1/13 - not cashed and no stickers received.

Those purple stickers are u-g-l-y. I am planning to put a small one on the rear window only. I figure that any CHP officer who is tempted to pull me over will see...could care less about anyone else. Will they really waste their time giving me a fix-it ticket, if I clearly demonstrate that I paid for the sticker? I'm betting no, they won't.

The DMV person who picked the color is either 1) color blind; 2) is laughing hysterically that the color was chosen; and/or 3) hates EVs and wants to defile them all.

ffrr | 23 février 2019

Check sent on 01/02, cashed 02/20.

qa_engnr | 23 février 2019

Pleasanton, CA
Mailed check on 1/2.
Check cashed 2/20
Stickers received 2/23

dgstan | 23 février 2019

Another week gone by and no stickers. It's been nearly 2 months since I applied and 10 days since they cashed my check. I'll be adding 2 months to the expiration date on these things.

And as far as not putting all four stickers on the car? I wholeheartedly agree. I would recommend that you keep the extra stickers in your glovebox in case you do get pulled over so you can prove you haven't been selling the other ones on eBay.

SoCalGreenTKH | 23 février 2019

Finally arrived today - I still can’t believe the time it took to process.
Mailed check on 1/2
UPS Tracking confirmed it arrived and signed for 1/6
**Checked my checking account multiple times between 1/14 - 2/20**
Check cleared 2/20
DMV mailed stickers 2/21
Arrived 2/23

Interesting note, on the registration it says the stickers were issued 2/13 and they deposited my check 2/16.
Good luck to everyone else waiting

ENVUSM3 | 25 février 2019

Orange County, CA
Mailed certified check on 1/22.
Check hasn’t been cashed yet
Spoke to DMV Field Office late last week and they confirm that they were still working through mail from the 2nd week of January. I was advised to call back in 2-3 weeks and not send a new check.

bt77057 | 27 février 2019

Be advised, you're rolling the dice with CHP about not putting stickers on the car. The day after I got my white stickers for my S in 2013, I got pulled over for being in the carpool lane. I handed him the envelope with the stickers...He used it to write me a ticket...
Don't assume having them in the car will get you a pass. In my case, it didn't work.

htchen | 27 février 2019

LA County
Check mailed 1/4
Check cashed 2/11
No stickers yet 2/27.. how long should one wait before re-applying?

dgstan | 27 février 2019

htchen - I'm in the same boat as you. Check cashed over two weeks ago and no stickers. I tried calling the field office and the first time, I got "we're too busy, call back later" and the second time, I got into the queue, only to be told that wait time was 104 minutes.

ffrr | 27 février 2019

Check mailed 1/2, cashed 2/20, still no stickers as of 2/27. What's going on at DMV?

Flanmansd | 28 février 2019

San Diego
Check mailed: 01/08
Check cashed: 02/27
Stickers: Soon hopefully

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 28 février 2019

Check mailed 1/20
Hasn't cleared yet

jbl | 28 février 2019

check mailed 1/02
radio silence...

anybody else in this boat? Should I assume it's lost and resubmit an application? I called a couple weeks ago and they told me to wait until this week and call back. Man I hope it's not going to be another 2 months of waiting and watching to see if any action is taken on my check...

socaldave | 28 février 2019

Feeling better about my situation - cheque mailed in only three weeks ago, so guess I'll just wait.

gcklo | 28 février 2019

Mailed 1/2
Check cashed on 2/13

Still no sticker

I sent the lost application in just in case.

ffrr | 28 février 2019

Finally got the sticker:

Check mailed: 01/02
Check cashed: 02/20
Sticker received: 02/28

htchen | 28 février 2019

Every purple sticker I see passing me fuels my rage!! lol

Tesla_Dad | 28 février 2019

You're going to see a lot more of them on the road pretty soon, with the release of the M3 standard version. So many, that the sticker won't matter anymore.

rk242 | 28 février 2019

Mailed Jan 2
Cashed Feb 14
Received Feb 28

OC.M3 | 28 février 2019

mailed jan 9
ck cashed feb 26
should get sticker soon

hector | 28 février 2019

Damn! Just got mine today after 8 weeks and some nail biting!

Application sent 1/2
Check cleared Feb 22 (Check posted Feb 20)
Stickers arrived FEB 28