"Server Error" - app wont connect

"Server Error" - app wont connect

I know we've seen many permutations of the error connecting message through the Tesla app, but for the past day I have not been able to remotely check on my car due to the app saying "Server Error". It also prompts with a "!" on the left side. When I hit that or refresh it spends about 2-7 minutes refreshing and then throws the same error. Has anyone encountered something similar? Is this on my side or Teslas?

EVRider | 22 Janvier 2019

Not seeing the issue here in FL. Where are you located?

collin | 22 Janvier 2019

Bay area - California

Tootelld | 22 Janvier 2019

I also got this today. I thought it was because of the ice storm that just passed over leaving a nice layer of ice all over the car. "Comforting" to see I wasn't the only one? Tried for 20 minutes to start preheating the car before I gave up and went outside to start preheating.

gballant4570 | 22 Janvier 2019

I've seen that not quite a half dozen times in my 3+ months of ownership. Appears to be caused by a weak signal at either the car, the phone, or both. If widespread it could be a server reboot at Tesla - all these signals would go through their server.

vtec26 | 22 Janvier 2019

My wife called me and she's getting some sort of error accessing the car via the app. I'm not having any issue accessing the same car. Login credentials are all the same. Not sure what's going on...

PJJohnson1975 | 20 juin 2019

Getting into my car this AM it took an unusually long time to power up before I could start it. Ran out of patience so I touched the brake and was able to turn the car on. On the way to work, none of the features worked such as radio, navigation, connection to phone, etc. - even the sound of the blinkers! I have been getting a server error message on the app all AM. I've even rebooted my phone and signed out/back in to the app. Anyone have any ideas on what's wrong?

PJJohnson1975 | 20 juin 2019

Forgot to mention I live in the Seattle, WA area.