Anyone else have this problem? System installed in August 2018, and still not activated.

Anyone else have this problem? System installed in August 2018, and still not activated.

Tesla installed a system (California) in August/September 2018. Great customer service, and I payed full cash for a fairly large system.

PG&E asked a simple question in October, and since then Tesla has not responded. Tesla customer service has been unable to give me any response.
(The question was about a conduit, and what the purpose is).

Tesla has not sent anyone out to look at the system install. (I know, since we're in a gated community).
I've sent Telsa photos of the conduit, with hopes of getting some progress.

So it's over 6 months since install. A 5 minute visit would answer PG&E's question.

Anyone else have this problem? Any advice how to make progress?

Note Tesla customer support has been very friendly and supportive. But my efforts to ask for escalation have failed.

Tesla-David | 13 février 2019

@jollyjolly, so sorry to hear about your problem. Are you talking about PW2 batteries or solar, as your post is not clear on what you are talking about? We had PW2 batteries installed last June, and our utility district sent inspector out the last day of installation to inspect/approve our system. We were fortunate to have our PW2 batteries turned on right away with no delays. Unacceptable not to get your PW2 or solar system (??) turned on. Not sure why you are not getting a response from Tesla-Energy, but you need to elevate to senior management as this is clearly unacceptable. My experience with Tesla-Energy on the other hand was very positive, and they were very responsive to all my questions/concerns. Good luck, and let us know if you get a response.

jollyjolly | 13 février 2019

Tesla-David -- this is for solar panels. The install was very smooth, as was everything before then. In fact they installed ahead of schedule. It's been since the $ were payed that they've been non-responsive. The support folks I talk to on the phone have been really nice... but they can't seem to escalate, or give any meaningful feedback.