Sentry mode

Sentry mode

Did anyone receive this latest update from Tesla? 2019.5.1. I’m assuming it also includes the blind spot warning chime and geofenced automatic mirror folding that was reported on by a few sites several days back. Anyone get it yet? If so please post shots of the release notes.

TAC | 22 février 2019

still nothing. no update. i guess they are testing on 10% of the Teslas out there now just so they dont brick everyone if there is a bug?

kc4129 | 22 février 2019

Just got the 2019.5.4 update. Sentry mode is working flawlessly.

Chutieu | 22 février 2019

With latest app update today, sentry mode can be activated by the app

kc4129 | 22 février 2019

I just updated the app and see the sentry mode option. Looks like it is enabled by default.

kc4129 | 22 février 2019

I just updated the app and see the sentry mode option. Looks like it is enabled by default.

kensyo | 22 février 2019

@Chutieu, Thanks! just checked Apps store and downloaded!

ancM3 | 23 février 2019

Just received software update 2019.5.4
1) Music in Sentry Mode not working when I thump on the any of the windows
2) Sentry Mode states it is recording, but no recording files present when downloaded to USB stick
3) Audible Chime does not work for the blind spot warning when signaling as a car is in my blind spot
4) Dog Mode the only mode or action properly working

kc4129 | 23 février 2019

Sentry mode broke my dashcam, need to repair the partition to get it back to work.

Hal Fisher | 23 février 2019

Where is dog mode, i just see sentry on the phone app?

zelorsales | 23 février 2019

update turned my car into a brick..

Hal Fisher | 23 février 2019

Had my wipers going for a minute. Probably payback for complaining.

M3User | 23 février 2019

I got my update last night. Sentri mode toggle keeps going back to off position upon restarting the car. It’s pretty cool that the sentri warning comes on when you touch the car. I’m sure they will address the default to off issue I’m having, fingers crossed.”

harsoni | 23 février 2019

Still waiting for the update here in Central, looks like only Cali Tesla's are getting the latest updates may be because of more break-in's there.

kc4129 | 23 février 2019

Sentry mode drains a lot of battery, I think that’s the reason why it’s not on by default.

Teslanene | 23 février 2019

Has anyone tested how much battery it drains per hour?

Hal Fisher | 23 février 2019

No need to reformat. Just delete all files and sub directory from the teslacam folder. Maybe all that’s needed is to delete the cache folder, but i deleted everything first so not sure.

ruff911 | 27 février 2019

How long does my car need to wait for this update?

ruff911 | 27 février 2019

How long will I have to wait for this update?

derrick.jackson73 | 27 février 2019

Have any of you noticed that updates to sentry mode basically came to a halt yesterday? Per TeslaFi only 3 updates were applied to its ~1900 registered Model 3s. So far no updates today.

SteveWin1 | 27 février 2019

@derrick, yeah, looks like the updates peaked on the 24th and they've all but stopped at this point. Probably found a bug that they're working on fixing before pushing it out to too many people. More than 80% of Model 3s are stuck on versions prior to sentry mode. Fine with me.

I'd rather get it when its actually working. It was pretty disappointing to get the dash cam feature before it was working properly. Just wasted a lot of my time reformatting. I do wish they'd let users "ask" for updates though. I live in a low-crime area, so i don't care about this update. I'm more worried that it'll mess something else up. If you read this thread, there are a lot of people who really want it now and they'd probably be ok with putting up with a few bugs.

CqM3 | 3 mars 2019

...It constantly records 1min video clips automatically...

In what folder? What is the file name? Can it share that with music in other folders?

sbispo1 | 24 mars 2019

I still did not receive sentry mode update. Is anybody else also waiting?

gdepau | 24 mars 2019

Yes, I am waiting as well. In the meantime, lots of other revisions have come out, not sure which one I should be looking for anymore. My friend in LA who has had it for a month said to call the service center and have it pushed out to my car. Don't really want to that just trying to be patient.I'm looking forward to sentry mode and the blind spot chime.

jjt2122 | 24 mars 2019

I got it, I made an appointment through the Tesla app, then the service center called me and said they pushed the update to my M3 and I got it right away.

gdepau | 24 mars 2019

Thanks jjt2122. I was going to do that and now I think I will. Which update version did you get?

MariaWalton1 | 24 mars 2019

Wish list: Need to be able to enable/disable Sentry mode from the phone.

mrburke | 24 mars 2019

@taronwalton - Its under the controls section. Between Valet & Speed Limit

MariaWalton1 | 24 mars 2019

@mrburke, thanks!
I had to manually update my App but I now see it!

carabella | 25 mars 2019

I have version 2019.5.15 and my dashcam no longer works.
Don't even have a dashcam icon when inserting the flash drive.
It recorded 24/7 until it was full and then stopped working.
I reformatted my drive but still no joy.

derotam | 25 mars 2019

@carabella, if you put the thumb drive in and it doesn't show up, check to see if you have power at the USB ports. when I was on a previous version(can't remember if it was 5.15) this would happen to me where the problem wasn't the thumb drive but the USB ports were off. It would correct itself usually by the next time I got in the car...

cosmicwarrior | 2 avril 2019

any special way we need to format the USB before inserting into tesla?

mrburke | 2 avril 2019

@alexomid83 - "any special way we need to format the USB before inserting into Tesla?"

FAT32 - Format
Root level folder name "TeslaCam"

Quinten | 2 avril 2019


You should be able to use your Windows OS PC/Laptop to do the repair when you plug in your USB flash drive or micro SD card. Remember to use micro SD card design for high level of record like for dashcam.

C56spd | 4 avril 2019

Wifes car was vandalized in last two days; major dent near front driver side fender and also in the middle of passenger front door. We had turned on Sentry mode but didn't realize this wasn't a one-time activation (our bad). I have to think that giving the option of always on when parked should be available. If you have a 128+ USB, you should have no issue with storage plus I am sure there is a way for Tesla to set up a loop system after X days. Also, the battery really shouldn't be a major issue. Would really like for Sentry Mode to always be on when the car door locks like most alarms. Also, why is the "on" button 2 clicks, a scroll down, and click away each time? Hate to complain as Sentry is super cool but it should have been in auto mode so we could have caught these vandals!!

Mikael13 | 4 avril 2019

Holy shit. Sorry to hear that C56spd.
I have the Stats app ($15) and it has a feature that allows you to automatically activate Sentry mode, but also to set to not activate in your desired location(s). Might want to check that out.
I don’t get it. You never hear shit like this happening to bmws (and I drove 2 within the last 15 yrs). Even the window breaks in some regions. So much freaking haters!

david_gelfand | 5 avril 2019

I have a large flash card on which I’ve created 3 partitions: T3M (for music folders), T3C (with TeslaCam dash cam folder) & T3S (with SavedClips for Sentry Mode folder) and all formatted as FAT32. Dash Cam is recording clips just fine, but nothing recorded in Sentry Mode. Should Sentry Mode be recording clips if no one approaches or touches car? Or, does it record continuously when enabled. We enabled last night after parking and noticed it was disabled automatically when we started driving.
Thank you

Jedfranklin | 5 avril 2019

My car broken into on 4/3/19 in San Francisco and sentry mode recorded it.

Joshan | 5 avril 2019

Even if the cops do nothing, I would find the owner by the plates and file a civil lawsuit.

leo33 | 5 avril 2019

@Jedfranklin I'm assuming you filed a police report. Let us know how it goes.

jimglas | 5 avril 2019

Nice, maybe once the word gets out that vandals are being recorded, some of this crap will stop.

P49X | 5 avril 2019


Sentry Mode video is stored in the TeslaCam root folder, sub-folder SavedClips, along with Dashcam video. The third partition isn't needed and won't work for Sentry Mode video.

The Release Notes and the Owner's Manual have paragraphs explaining this.

C56spd | 5 avril 2019

Thanks for the info Mikael13 for the info on the Stats App. I will check it out Hope all turned out good for you Jedfranklin. Wish I could have captured our vandals

hokiegir1 | 5 avril 2019

@C56spd - TeslaFi has similar options, so you may want to compare functionality/options.

Atom12 | 5 avril 2019

@Jedfranklin: The perps did not seem startled by the alarm. Do you know if Sentry mode activated the alarm? Did your phone get a notification? | 5 avril 2019

@alexomid83 "any special way we need to format the USB before inserting into tesla?"

As others pointed out - FAT32. Note that Windows cannot do this on drives > 32 GB. I wrote up detailed instructions on how to format any drive with screen shots here:

It also explains how to detect fake drives, as there are many counterfeit and outright scam drives that seem ok on the surface.

kcheng | 5 avril 2019

Wow, clear view of the license plate and of the perp's face!

pocastillo | 8 avril 2019

Mine was fine two days ago and now it didn't record my ride of motion detection's.

Teslanene | 8 avril 2019

Seems like they caught the burglar, hopefully breakings go down now. Planning to go to the city this week.

drlqpham | 9 avril 2019

I'd find it really useful if it will automatically turn on when its not parked at home. How do I request a new feature for Sentry mode?

SteveWin1 | 9 avril 2019

+1 for TeslaFi. It allows you to automatically arm Sentry Mode when you park anywhere that isn't labelled (you can label work, home, or anywhere else you think your car is safe from vandals so that it won't turn on there). Stats, I believe, is iOS only, so if you invest in that, you're further locking yourself into Apple's walled garden. TeslaFi is ecosystem-neutral, so if/when you switch to another platform, you won't lose all your "stats."