Electric Car Market Overview (chart)

Electric Car Market Overview (chart)

Hi, EV community!

We are happy to present you one of the most detailed Electric Car Market Overviews in the World.
It combines accuracy, comprehensiveness and simplicity. Our intention was to create a useful tool for electric car comparison. It is available to anyone free of charge.

The EV Market Overview looks like this:

How to use it?
1. Choose the cars you want to compare or analyze the entire market. You have a whole set of filters at your disposal. Filter by body style, price, make, status, drive type and DC charging capability.
2. Select the specs to be shown on each axis. The following options are available: Range, Battery pack capacity, Acceleration, Engine Power, Engine Torque and Efficiency.
3. Watch how do different electric models compare on your custom chart and discover interesting interrelations and trends.
4. Hover on a car to see more info. Click on it to go to the model page, which contains a detailed description, high-quality photos, video reviews, safety ratings and Disqus widget to share your impression with other EV Compare users.

Interesting observations
1. Range and battery pack capacity are closely related (what a surprise). But look how far the Tesla Roadster concept has gone!
2. There is only a slight correlation between range and MSRP. So the higher price does not necessarily mean greater range. What’s more, there is a noticeable gap in the middle, which signifies a lack of mid-range EVs.
3. Another important thing to mention is the inverse relationship between battery pack size and efficiency. It is more visible among high-end EVs.
4. Tesla's superiority is clear. No matter what specs you choose, Tesla models are always on the top forcing other automakers to catch up.

All in all, playing with the chart gives food for thought. Have you noticed anything remarkable? Share it with the EV community :)

Your feedback (questions, comments or suggestions) will be appreciated.

antares19 | 28 février 2019

My favorite thing is how Tesla not only dominates top of the charts in different categories, but how it has so many models in the database. It seems like every 5th EV model over there is another kind of Tesla :)

antares19 | 28 février 2019

My favorite thing is how Tesla not only dominates top of the charts in different categories, but how it has so many models in the database. It seems like every 5th EV model over there is another kind of Tesla :) | 28 février 2019

And now one more new model 3 to add: Model 3 Standard Range Plus!

Rumi11 | 28 février 2019

This is so cool!

mrvinny0007 | 1 mars 2019

More of the people like tesla and now more of the travelling lovers waiting for more updates about new electrical car's.. Best regards -

nwfan | 1 mars 2019

Wow, Tesla about to enter the big leagues.
I'm excited about the 35k release of the Model 3.
Many thought today would not happen. But it did.
Good Job Tesla. VW, Nissan, GM make room for
Tesla. China GF3 opening. Model Y and Pickup and
Roadster 2. All point to healthy Tesla.

I even joined in by upgrading my 3 with FSD today.

Looking forward to seeing Model 3 growing in popularity.
Win for all of us.

am | 12 mars 2019

Curious how Model Y trims will look on this chart

Den S | 29 mars 2019

I would like to share the EV incentives map of the USA.

I’ve collected the information about current electric vehicle financial and non-financial incentives and created an interactive map.

The main source is
However, some incentives there may be missing or outdated.

Please, let me know if I missed something. Together we will create the most comprehensive and accurate EV incentives map of the USA.

jimglas | 29 mars 2019

Good info @Den S, thanks!

Den S | 30 mars 2019

Thank you!

Den S | 16 avril 2019

We have added an Electric car charging calculator to EV Compare.

It is a calculator that estimates electric vehicle charging time and cost.
We hope it makes EV charging simple.

If you find it useful, please share it with your friends.

Your feedback (questions, comments or suggestions) will be appreciated.

Den S | 23 juillet 2019

Hi, guys!

We’ve recently added a test to EV Compare — ''Your perfect electric car’’

This fun 1-minute test helps you find the electric vehicle according to your requirements.

Please, try it and let me know what you think.
Are you happy with the results?
What needs to be improved?

sbeggs | 23 juillet 2019

Very nice, @Den S.

So, I guess it's Model 3(or Model Y) Performance for me!

Den S | 13 août 2019

Quiz: ''Are You an Electric Vehicle Expert?''

Hi, everyone!

It’s Den from the EV Compare team.

We have made a quiz to test EV knowledge.

Feel free to try it and let me know what you think.
Did you manage to get 10/10?
Are there any dumb questions that need to be removed?

johncrab | 13 août 2019

This bears out my own street observations about the Chevy Bolt. Not only is that a stupid name, but GM's bravado was syrupy and ridiculous. Yes, they were going to "kill Tesla" with their ugly little car. Yes, the aftermarket would provide all of the charging infrastructure. Yes, they were building hundreds of thousands of them. I have seen a total of four in the wild. I literally saw more of their EV1 on the road in the same amount of time back in the day. I saw six.

decentsai731 | 27 août 2019

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