CPO Price drop

CPO Price drop

Anyone have any predictions on how long the price drops and the lower cost model 3 will impact the Tesla CPO Market? We talking months? years? TIA!

kdphan | 1 mars 2019

I've been browsing used 2016.5 and newer Model S and haven't really seen a price drop since yesterday.
Particularly the 75 and 75D.

PrescottRichard | 1 mars 2019

A nit to pick- no more CPO, only PO.

rxlawdude | 1 mars 2019

Prescott, only "used." :-)

TapHabit | 1 mars 2019

I just bought a 2015 p85d fully optioned out with 40k miles for 52.6k. I’m kinda excited about it. I think we all know we’re in the technology game as much as the automotive game. The progress in design/options will be never ending, and the costs to build will certainly go down. And the new tech will ALWAYS be better than the old. Like your old iPhone 4 sitting in your drawer. The iphoneX is better in every measurable way. The fundamental difference is the vehicle, no matter which year/build you bought, will always be a remarkably awesome engineering masterpiece that still performs on an extremely high level. However, our minds seem to always want to make comparisons, so yes, the new ones with more options that cost less will seem disappointing. Your iPhone 4 sucks, your 2014 S75 doesn’t. Enjoy the ride!

NKYTA | 1 mars 2019


Moto Razr vs the latest P100D.


MilesMD88 | 1 mars 2019

@BP..You got an excellent deal, no, a steal, on your 2015 P85D! You will not be disappointed. Was it a Tesla CPO S?
Mine will be 4 yrs old in May, 25K miles, still smells new...good for you!

Silver2K | 2 mars 2019

I'd like to see a nice deal on a P100D X or by that time I may grow up and get just a 100D X. :)

If the Y is reasonable and good looking, I may get that instead for da wifey

minervo.florida | 2 mars 2019

Crazy price on the P85D, consider it will go over 500k miles and supercar fast to 60 and only about $15k over a new loaded Honda Accord, that is just stupid.

vp09 | 3 mars 2019

I have my 2016 S90D for sale for $57,500-- listed on Was thinking of dropping the price two grand but let me think about it more. It turned over to 14,001 miles today.

kerryglittle | 4 mars 2019

Thats a good price brians.portland. I paid over twice that amount a couple of years ago for my P85D.

wilanz | 11 mai 2019

I’m watching the CPO prices drop about $200-$300 a day on Model s. Been keeping an eye on a couple that fit my criteria. If it keeps dropping in 10 days. I’m gonna jump on it. Now I’m really curious how low it will go.

It was up at $42K 20 days ago. Now it’s below $40K

kerryglittle | 11 mai 2019

Thats pretty much regular depreciation @wilanz. I would say mine is likely worth half what I paid for it two years ago.

PrescottRichard | 11 mai 2019

There is no CPO.

There is only PO.

I did the same thing, I have to admit it was a little exciting to watch the price get closer to my trigger number. Then I got one and it cost money!