Solar not producing during grid outage.

Solar not producing during grid outage.

I have both solar panels and a powerwall installed and operating just fine. Recently however we lost grid power on a clear and sunny day and saw that solar production also went to 0 at the same time, as soon as the grid came back up solar production also returned. Our powerwall covered us fine during the outage but no power came from the solar panels to either charge the battery or power the home. It was my understanding that when you have both solar panels and the back up powerwall, the inverter allows energy generated by solar to go to either the home energy use or to recharging the battery.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so how do you resolve it?

mcdonalk | 6 mars 2019

I have not had this issue. Of the several significant power interruptions we have had in the past year, only one occurred during the day, and I seem to recall that I noticed nothing unexpected. Is it possible that during the interruption that you lost internet connectivity, in which case the application would not be reporting current information?

jto2v | 8 mars 2019

I thought the internet might be the case too but it stayed on during the entire outage and I could see the supply from the powerwall in real time in the app. I actually called Tesla support about it as it was happening but in between calling and speaking to someone the grid power had come back on, solar was back producing, and on their end nothing looked amiss. I'm wondering if its a setting or an issue with the inverter, like perhaps it was configured as if there was no back up battery and to operate in a safe mode when grid power went off? I was planning to call customer support again but wanted to check first on the forum.

WSE51 | 29 mars 2019

jto2v did you get info from Tesla about this? has a more active forum about Powerwalls, and this thread has some pretty technical discussions, including someone else who seemed to have the same issue:

My system is only 3 days old. We simulated a power outage and the solar kicked in after 5 minutes (installer said that's the plan); and the Powerwall provided power during that 5 minute delay.

jto2v | 18 avril 2019

@WSE51 Thanks for sharing, the thread you shared was helpful. The power outage we experienced was relatively short which explains some things. I'll try a simulated outage and see what happens.

Tesla-David | 18 avril 2019

@jto2v your experience does not represent what I have experienced over past 10 months with our 2-PW2 installation coupled with our 13.2 kWh solar PV system. We did three backup tests and the solar continued to charge the batteries during the outages. Your solar should definitely be charging up the PW2's and supplying your home unless the PW2's were already fully charged during an outage. Hope you get to the bottom of this. Please report back your findings.