Trade in value

Trade in value

I’m just curious is Tesla pretty good in giving a fair value for a trade in when buying a new Tesla?

EVolution | 6 mars 2019

any value it had minus 10k | 6 mars 2019

Similar to CarMax or others that just buy cars (i.e. somewhat low). Dealers after feeling you out can sometimes offer a great trade in price by playing with the purchase price (i.e. closer to MSRP). Sort of a scam, but that's the way dealers work. Tesla doesn't discount cars, so the trade in is closer to the wholesale value. Tesla has been willing to match CarMax in the past, so it may be worth getting that quote.

You should also look at Kelly Blue Book ( which shows dealer prices vs private party sales. Private party sales usually net you $3-10K more, but then you have to advertise, give test drives, keep it clean, and hope they pay you with real money. I've always done private party sales, but it is somewhat of a hassle.

jimglas | 7 mars 2019

they used the Carmax offer I had

rajatgaikwad4950 | 8 mars 2019

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