$35k Cloth Seat - Adjustability?

$35k Cloth Seat - Adjustability?

Since the base seats are non-power, does anyone know the adjustability range on these? If they are fully adjustable for bottom-tilt, I'd be interested. If they're like most cars where they only slide and recline, I don't think it's gonna work for me.

hokiegir1 | 7 mars 2019

Spend the 2k on the partial premium upgrades. You get the fully adjustable "vegan leather" and a little extra range.

rsingh05 | 7 mars 2019

I second @hokiegirl - no reason to get the $ 35K model unless you must.have.cloth.

ODWms | 8 mars 2019

I doubt there’s anyone who would regret the $2k expenditure. You get so much for so little.

cbmilehigh | 8 mars 2019

Herein lies the problem with Tesla shutting down the show room, with potential customers not being able to see how the car "fits"

wiboater4 | 8 mars 2019

Call Tesla and ask them?

fiehlsport | 8 mars 2019

I totally agree on the $2k - I’m looking at all trims, even up to the LR AWD right now. But I also recommend cars to a lot of people and this would be good info to have. Some can afford the $29k (after incentives in NY) and others I know can spring for the $50k models.

jjgunn | 8 mars 2019

hokiegir1 | March 7, 2019
Spend the 2k on the partial premium upgrades.

Got that same info from a Tesla employee. The base interior is garbage.

tyronealfonso | 8 mars 2019

How could anyone presently know the answer to this?

fiehlsport | 8 mars 2019

@jjgunn it may be a very high quality base interior though. Something to consider when Leaf/i3/other buyers are switching to a 35k Model 3. Even with cloth, it’s probably a very nice place to be with the glass roof.