Purchased FSD at $2000. But not seen the update

Purchased FSD at $2000. But not seen the update

I purchased Full Self-Driving Capability yesterday. Got a confirmation like: Thank you for your purchase. It may take up to one hour for your Tesla to update. To install, you’ll need to be parked and have adequate connectivity. When the upgrade is complete, you will see a confirmation on your Tesla touchscreen.

At the time of purchase, the car was not connected with a Wi-Fi. I expected the update will be installed when I arrived home with WiFi available at home. But it didn't happen after an overnight.

Anybody has similar experience? What should I do: wait, bring it to SC, or contact Tesla ?

yabouzaid | 12 mars 2019

How do u know u do not have it?, remember FSD features are not active, if you have EAP before, then FSD purchching wont change any,

ykityre-9015 | 12 mars 2019


JPPTM | 12 mars 2019

Check your Tesla Account on line. Look at your vehicle details.

Vawlkus | 13 mars 2019

Your car should present you with a pop up message when the install is complete.

jimglas | 13 mars 2019

same here, nothing on my tesla acct for the car either. no pop up message so far, it was billed to my credit card though

TDUB | 13 mars 2019

@JPPTM, nothing on my account shows any info regarding newly purchased FSD, except a new doc "Full Self-Driving Capability Invoice.pdf" appeared in My Documents.
@Vawlkus , that is what I was told when I made the purchase: "When the upgrade is complete, you will see a confirmation on your Tesla touchscreen".
@jimglas, glad you are on the same boat.

AIRV | 13 mars 2019

My car updated to 5.16 day before yesterday. I purchased FSD yesterday morning and got a new software download a few hours after. The new software is 8.1. Version 9

ryu | 16 août 2019

I Purchased FSD at $3000 as current customer. But not seen the update nor confirmation on the touchscreen. I went to the Telsla services center in person but was told I purchased FSD online Not with the dealer (Coral Gable FL) There is nothing they can do about it. I was given a number 1-888-518-3752 they transfer me back to the local service center mail box. I left a message but nobody called me back. This is not kind of service I have expected after paying over $110K for model X.

volefen | 24 août 2019

Although mine is at the body shop right now and I can't check things, I've had it for 2.5 years and put on about 60K miles so far. Still on the original 12v battery. | 24 août 2019

@volefen another copy and paste bot spamer. Please flag.

@ryu - So Tesla told you have purchased FSD online. What more do you want them to do? Agreed it is slightly annoying that the online account doesn't show it for anyone who bought FSD after purchase. Those details appear to be the car's as-purchased details. Doesn't' matter if you paid $200K.

Tropopause | 25 août 2019

OP- Are you a red tail?