Blindspot Detection Reduced 2019.8.2

Blindspot Detection Reduced 2019.8.2

I just upgraded to 2019.8.2 and now have an error message saying "Blindspot Detection Limited, Camera Visibility Reduced". The message won't clear, even if blindspot detection is turned off, and stays after a scroll wheel reset. I'm imaging the cameras need to be adjusted? I have cleaned them. HW2 and FSD.

Boonedocks | 18 mars 2019


Can’t help with your problem as haven’t seen it before.

BUT what year and model S do you have. That firmware is only showing for model 3’s so far

pkurland | 18 mars 2019

Late 2016 S90D. Firmware reads 2019.8.2 5c510a7.

Boonedocks | 18 mars 2019

Awesome!!! It’s finally been released to cars besides 3’s. And a HW2.0 at that.

Very odd that your EAP has been working so far tho!

pkurland | 18 mars 2019

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to go to S. But the Live Chat person didn’t seem surprised. She had me clean sensors and camera, then do a power cycle. No improvement. Scheduled now for a service appointment.

Ohmster | 18 mars 2019

Service advisor informed me that more camera related errors are popping up with new release of software. My S now has ‘Limited Autopilot Features’ for last week. Mine scheduled to go in Saturday.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

reed_lewis | 19 mars 2019

I have 2018.50.6 and have had the limited autopilot feature error a few times. The last time it happened, I cleaned the side backward facing cameras on the front part of the car. This seemed to fix it.

I wish the error messages were more descriptive. Something like "Camera XXX seems to be dirty, please clean" would be much better than the default error message. It would have saved the call to support.

sr.smr | 20 mars 2019

Send a bug report when it happens so the service center can troubleshoot the problem.

pkurland | 21 mars 2019

Without seeing the car, Tesla says its a 'side repeater' that needs to be replaced. Their logs show this so its shouldn't be hard to make the error message more descriptive. It would save some time wondering if its dirt or firmware. In a couple of hours I'll know if they were right.

pkurland | 21 mars 2019

Following up: Side camera repeater replaced. All functions now work fine, including lane departure warning and I think side collision avoidance, though I didn’t fully test that one. Also Dog Mode.

shaktipatel789 | 21 mars 2019

Have you received sentry mode yet?

Boonedocks | 21 mars 2019

I wonder how pkurland needing a side repeater camera replaced for blind spot detection plays into “all 8 cameras are used for EAP not” for quite some time now? At least that’s what we had been lead to believe!!

EVRider | 21 mars 2019

@shaktipatel789: No Sentry Mode for Model S/X yet.

chicagoskiguy | 22 mars 2019

Same problem "Blindspot Detection Limited, Camera Visibility Reduced"

Late 2016 90D. Firmware 2019.8.2

mcdonalk | 22 mars 2019

I observed a brief "limited autopilot" message just last night, but it was accompanies by a "road construction detected" message in the same popup.

pkurland | 22 mars 2019

mcdonalk, I've had that before the firmware upgrade.
chicagoskiguy, I imagine you'll need the repeater fixed too.
Boonedocks, all they'd say is the 'sensors are used differently now'. I discovered some of the previously functioning EAP like Auto Lane Change stopped working with the firmware upgrade but came back with the repair.

chicagoskiguy | 22 mars 2019

pkurland - Yes, I had already tried a carwash/cleaning all the cameras and rebooting the car a few times.

After reading your message. I setup a service appointment.

WATTGAS | 23 mars 2019

I won't create a new thread on 2019.8.2 but there appears to be a bug related to TPMS readings.

It flipped the low pressure warning between the 2 rear tires. Picked up a screw in my RR tire and showed lower pressure on RR which was correct, then switched low pressure reading to LR later on my quick drive home last night. This morning it flipped the low pressure warning back to the RR. Tried rebooting the driver display and touchscreen last night and no change. Confirmed with pressure gauge that RR was the real low pressure tire. I created a bug report this morning and will call the SC and ask them to pull the log.

Scott Kubo | 24 mars 2019

Have seen this Blind Spot Detection Reduced warning since 2019.8.2 Cleaned all cameras and it didn't clear. For me I don't think it's related to a faulty camera because the warning only occurs when I park in a certain location in a certain parking garage. Cameras may see some pattern on the wall that it erroneously thinks is dirt on one of the cameras.

infinitelimit | 27 mars 2019

I'm experiencing this issue after moving from 2018.50.6 to 2019.8.3. Any fixes other than replacing a piece of hardware? (the side repeaters w/camera; which btw were operating pefectly before the update!?) I'm an MCU1, Facelift 75D, Oct 2016 AP2.0 build.

shreedhar.ganapathy | 27 mars 2019

Thank you for sharing this. I got the 2019.8.3 last night and ever since have been seeing this warning. I did the wash and clean and reboot and factory reset routine but none worked. Setting up a service appointment. Will report back.

shaunjstu | 28 mars 2019

I've got a Model S P100DL and got 2019.8.3 two days ago. Today, the Blind Spot Detection warning came up. Like everyone else, I washed the car, thinking it was caused by dirt, but the error stayed on. I'm pretty sure I have MCU2 - I got the car delivered in Sep 2018 with the full self driving package. I checked the dashcam images of the left and right side cameras and they look ok. Guess I'll need to make a service appointment.

Also got Sentry Mode and Dog Mode finally. (Prior to the update 2 days ago, I was 14 versions behind!) In what is likely related news, I can no longer trigger sentry mode by walking next to the car. Yesterday, prior to getting the blind spot warning, I could turn on sentry mode, wait a bit, then walk next to the car and see the "Recording" display come up on the center display. Now that the blind spot warning is showing, I can't do that anymore.

shaunjstu | 28 mars 2019

Update: Correction. Sentry Mode is still working. I didn't realize you have to enable it each time you leave the car (which is kinda lame).

syaskin23 | 29 mars 2019

I have exactly the same persistent message in ModelX after upgrading to the latest.

haojz | 31 mars 2019

Same problem to my model x. This message does not appear every time I start the car though... I don't want to go back to the service center again... just got the car back from the service center for spoiler change... took 2 weeks to complete a 4 hr or less job...

finished | 31 mars 2019

I just got Sentry mode update 2 days ago, and within one day, I got the same Blind spot error as the OP. Multiple reboots of both screens did not reset the error, so I removed the USB drive, deleted all the subfolders except for teslacam, scanned and cleaned any errors on the drive (i.e. ran scandisk), and VOILA--errors gone and Sentry mode working again. Took a bunch of trips today, and still working fine.

finished | 31 mars 2019

I should have mentioned I have Aug 2017, AP2.5, S100D.

shaunjstu | 31 mars 2019

Finished - interesting. I also took out my USB drive. I deleted some files, but not any folders. Windows said it fixed something as well. Then I put it back in and I have not see the blind spot detection warning since.

bp | 2 avril 2019

Have seen this periodically with our 2017 S 100D. A warning message appears near the start of a drive indicating the side cameras are not available, which limits functions like changing lanes.

After the car has been parked long enough to enter sleep mode, it appears the issue gets cleared - and everything works fine for days to weeks before appearing again.

It hasn't been often enough to warrant a service appointment - yet.

reed_lewis | 3 avril 2019

Note: This is pure speculation, so take it for what this is worth....

It looks like the error message is more likely to appear with 2019.8.3 than with the 2018 versions. When one of the cameras sees something it does not like, it goes into error mode where it displays that message. Then it seems to take a little while before it uses the camera again, and the message disappears. It happened to me going through a drive through. The wall beside the car was brick, and it probably confused the software so it displayed the message. After driving for about 20 miles it worked normally. The other time in a car wash I got the message, but it disappeared within 10 minutes after that.

I wish that the message displayed which camera was the issue so I could diagnose it. Also it would be great to display the raw video feed from the cameras to see what the camera is seeing. It could only display when parked if Tesla was worried about issues when driving.

In fact I wish the touchscreen had some sort of view only debug mode that of course did not allow any changing of anything, but allowed display of the internal systems. It would be cool to be able to view the internal operations of the car.

TeslaKU | 5 avril 2019


I have a MS90D AP2 FSD. I received the firmware update to 2019.8.4 a couple of days ago. I do the hard reboot after every firmware update. I received the same error: Blindspot Detection Limited... the first time I used the car.

What was the solution on your vehicle?

jdc | 5 avril 2019

@TeslaKU: ditto. I've had it for almost a week now since the upgrade. Disappears when I engage AP, but returns as soon it is disengaged. Have tried reboots without success. I'm guessing your MS90D, like mine, was made before August 2017. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions above involving the USB drive, DashCam and Summon Mode will work for such cars, as they are apparently not supported on AP2.0. So, what are we supposed to do to get rid of that message?

bp | 5 avril 2019

Try doing a console reboot, then Power Off, and another console reboot - and see if that helps.

When I've seen this error, it seems to disappear after the car has entered sleep mode and then resumes - which happens after the car has been parked for more than a few minutes.

Hopefully this is something a mobile service van can fix - the next time I see the error, will schedule a service call.

martinfg2 | 5 avril 2019

Late 2016 MS 75 HW2. I had essentially the same experience as pkurland - error appeared right after upgrade from 2018.50.6 to 2019.8.3. Tried cleaning cameras, reboots, no effect. Made an appt using the Tesla app, then Tesla called to schedule a mobile tech instead. Left side camera repeater replaced, took maybe 45 minutes. Problem solved, but haven't gotten on the highway to really test it. Also got upgraded again to 2019.8.5 by the tech, not part of the fix.

jdc | 6 avril 2019

@bp: just tried that, as well as a dash reboot... no luck. Have scheduled a service appoint, hope I have the same luck as martinfg2. Have not yet tried using AP on the highway in this condition and, in particular, lane change. Anyone know if that still works despite the alert?

jdc | 7 avril 2019

UPDATE AND WARNING: Neither lane change nor AP on Navigate work while the Blindspot alert is present. Furthermore, I worry that regular AP behavior may also be affected. Whereas prior to the firmware update, I had not experienced any adverse behavior from simple AP on highways, I had one yesterday that was a near-miss accident (if I had not been attentive, it would have been one) in which AP seemed unable to track what were consistently two lanes (that it has done successfully numerous times in the past in that location in the past) under normal conditions (weather and light were good). I think it decided it needed to merge from the right lane that I was in into the left lane. That would have been benign except that another car was in the left lane, which I would have hit had I not taken over. I’m pretty sure trusting the blindspot section mechanisms (as it seems to have been doing in previous firmware) would have prevented the situation or issued an alert. But, now that it seems to be ignoring that information, it was happy to blithely proceed with its assumption about a clear lane merge. Have requested a service appointment.

finished | 7 avril 2019

Take out the USB memory and run a scandisk to clear up drive issues and reinsert and reboot the car. Errors for me all went away, and I've put 1800 miles on it without errors returning

jdc | 8 avril 2019

@finished: Have tried that. Didn't work. AP 2.0 cars (manufactured before August 2017) don't appear to support DashCam or SentryMode. When was your car made?

reed_lewis | 8 avril 2019

I was in the car wash a few days ago, and the 'blindspot reduced' message appeared with 2018.8.3 It also appeared when I was going to a drive through and the left side of the car was adjacent to the wall of the building which was a simple white wall. Both times, the message went away in about 3 minutes.

It seems that they are more sensitive to disable the cameras when the camera does not see any contrasting image. That makes sense. I just wish that it had some sort of pictograph which displayed which camera was invalid. It would also be cool to get a video feed from each camera for viewing on the screen.

E_nasby | 8 avril 2019

I have a 2017 MS 90D AP 2.0 and having the same issue. I am having a Tesla Ranger come out Friday to look at it.

Craig1965 | 8 avril 2019

Mine started doing the same thing with latest update.

shreedhar.ganapathy | 8 avril 2019

In my case, the blind spot error mysteriously disappeared the next day after driving around a bit.

jdc | 9 avril 2019

Just got 2019.8.5. Problem is still there.

TeslaKU | 9 avril 2019


Same here. Have done the bug report, but haven't scheduled service yet. Waiting for someone to say it was hardware and not software.

jdc | 9 avril 2019

@TeslaKU: from what I've seen on this forum, and heard from the service rep when I called in for mobile service (which I was promised but have yet to have scheduled), it appears to be a hardware problem (camera repeaters or something like that?). Worry that they won't openly admit it in writing. In any event, will provide any relevant updates.

TesLife3 | 9 avril 2019

I saw this error for the first time after I parked at the garage this evening. I think this might be related to light condition. The error seems to disappear after I reverse out the garage, the error seems gone. I wonder if this is a bug or the new message in 2019.8.5.

triccobene | 10 avril 2019

Same as TesLife3, I first saw this message when I pulled into my garage at the end of the day after updating to 2019.8.5 (from 2018.56, May 2017 MS 90D). It was gone this morning when I pulled out of the garage. We'll see if it comes back tonight. As reed_lewis said, it may be related to being next to a wall.

infinitelimit | 10 avril 2019

I just wanted to follow-up on my post from the end of March since I was having the problem too.

My service appointment fixed the issue. They replaced the same LH sidemarker/repeater camera assembly, pulled some logs, and staged an update from 8.3 to 8.4. However, even after fixing it, it still wasn't resolved. The tech took it back (like I was about to pull out of the service ramp) pulled logs and staged the 8.4 update.

By the end of it, I was on a stable 8.3 with no blindspot errors/full side view car graphics displaying. I've since updated to 8.4 and now on 8.5 and haven't seen the issue since.

jdc | 10 avril 2019

@TesLife3 and triccobene: the alert remains for me under all conditions, irrespective of the environment. At least in my car, it does not have to do with lighting conditions. Again, I suspect this might have to do with hardware differences. When were your cars manufactured.
@infinitelimit: thanks much for this update… should be useful for the service rep who has to deal with my car. Now I just wish I could get one to do so!

LDC | 10 avril 2019

Same problem here--service scheduled but can't get an appointment for weeks. Problem appeared with 2019.8.4 update and did not go away when 8.5 update was provided a few days later. Annoying that tesla maintenance is now so backed up

triccobene | 11 avril 2019

@jdc, my MS 90D was built in May 2017, so HW 2.0 EAP 2.0. I confirmed that the "blindspot detection reduced" error message in my case is clearly related to being next to a wall. It pops up when I pull into my garage, and goes away when I back out. It started happening when I updated to 2019.8.5. I never got 2019.8.2, .3, or .4, and from the posts in this tread it seems like the more severe cases where the error won't go away started with those earlier versions. Good luck getting it resolved. It's too bad service seems to be such a mess these days. I need to call them back about the dreaded yellow band around my touchscreen.