Cabin Overheat protection

Cabin Overheat protection

Is this feature working for you?

I have it setup to Fan Only. The release notes says that when interior reaches 105F the fan will turn on (don't remember exactly the wording). Both cars interiors get to 115F while sitting in the sun. One is on 2019.5.4, the other on 2019.5.15.

Keep Climate ON is OFF, as I don't want to maintain 69F.

I am expecting if fan turns on then interior temp to fluctuate between high 80s (or whatever threshold turns it off) to 105ish.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

Blacklamb | 19 mars 2019

It you look at the warning with fan only, it says it will turn it on at 105F but that temperatures can go higher, it you go with the full AC mode of it you will find your car sits around 100 to 105 but power use is much higher.

Sky Pilot | 19 mars 2019

Yeah, shame there's no sunroof to crack open while parked...

alphacompton | 19 mars 2019

Hi, I just got my Model 3 last Thursday, it's my first Tesla so I'm still learning but aren't there two different climate controls for when the car is off? I assumed one was for when you leave the car at first for a short time (I assume full A/C) and the other setting which can be found next to dog mod, will run A/C when the car reaches 105F and will only cool it to below 105F.

gmr6415 | 19 mars 2019

@alphacompton, Cabin overheat protection settings are in Safety & Security. It's explained on page 101 of the manual.

derotam | 19 mars 2019

Sounds like it is working as designed.

M3NOICE | 19 mars 2019

I have done a few more tests, one involving me sweating in the back seat with the car locked to see when the fan does actually turn on (no status in app)
The fan does eventually turn on when interior temp got to 127F. Fan stayed on until temp reached 100F then turned off.
So it works, but the manual reference about 105F when using no-AC option is misleading.

jvcesare | 19 mars 2019
mmclean708 | 19 mars 2019

They say be careful what you wish for.....temp here is currently 27 f. Car temp is most likely in the 30s. Temp tomorrow morning will be around 11....haven't really used ac yet, delivery was Oct 2018. I am a teeny bit jealous if you, not gonna lie. :)

jmbritton25 | 22 mai 2019

Does anyone know why this feature is there? Does it serve a purpose in protection the cars electronics or is it simply for convenience?

MDMatt | 22 mai 2019

There is no official word from Tesla about why this feature is here except to make it more pleasant, or something like that. BUT, many of the earlier cars, the screen in them would stop working, show vertical lines across the entire screen, or something else making the entire screen unusable. One of the factors that has been attributed to this is a high temperature in the car. Tesla went with "non-automotive grade" screens, so their tolerance for heat is not as good and can cause display issues. This feature in question is rumored to help reduce the heat in the car to help control this issue. But, this is only rumors and speculation based on some known information about issues with screens.

Hope that helps.

EVRider | 22 mai 2019

It’s there so the M&Ms in your console won’t get all gooey. :-)

M3BlueGeorgia | 22 mai 2019

Report on the news tonight of another child dying after been left in a car.

If you have a pet or a child, please, please leave cabin overheat protection on.
Yes, you almost certainly won't leave either in the car, but you never, never can be absolutely sure, right?

lilbean | 22 mai 2019

Sadly, a good trick is to leave your phone with the child because people don’t forget their phones.

twistedskipper | 22 mai 2019

It's critical to know that Cabin Overheat Protection DOES NOT PROTECT LIFE. It only attempts to keep cabin temperature below 105°F.

To protect life, you would need to enable the "Keep Climate On" or "Dog Mode" feature, which must be enabled EVERY TIME YOU TURN OFF THE CAR.

And none of these features will operate once the battery drops below 20%.

So, there is no feature in the Model 3 that can be permanently enabled that you can then count on to save the life of your unattended child or pet.

Halbach | 22 mai 2019

COH will not work with security alarm turned on. Not sure why the menu allows COH to be turned on when security alarm is selected.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23 mai 2019

What is COH? Do you mean Cabin Overheat Protection? It most certainly does work with the Security Alarm. It also works with Sentry Mode. The ones that don't play well together are Dog Mode and Sentry Mode. You will not be able to select them simultaneously.

SteveWin1 | 23 mai 2019

Anyone know the reason for that? What does cabin overheat protection have to do with the alarm?

Kathy Applebaum | 23 mai 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie For several versions of the software, cabin overheat did NOT work with security or sentry, and when you pressed it 'i' info button on cabin overheat it said as much. Which really ticked me off, because it used to work with the security alarm and I couldn't see a good reason for it not to.

Now with 2019.16.x the 'i' info button on cabin overheat no longer says that. I haven't had warm enough weather to test the operation, but I'm hopeful.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23 mai 2019

Thanks Kathy. I didn’t realize that. I guess it hasn’t yet been hot enough for me to notice. :-)

ricksastro | 23 mai 2019

@SteveWin1, Unless your dog is already deaf, or has a penchant for toccata and fugue in d minor blaring dangerously loud, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want sentry mode on when your dog is wandering around in the car.

finman100 | 23 mai 2019

but Sentry mode cams would only detect motion on the outside, right? no internal cams are being used here. Just the left and right repeaters and the central one facing forward (in the rear view mirror housing)

EVRider | 23 mai 2019

@finman100: Correct, video is from outside the car only. Since Sentry Mode starts saving video as soon as someone approaches the car, any intruder would get recorded before getting inside the car (or hopefully before running away when the alarm goes off).

M3BlueGeorgia | 23 mai 2019

105F is unpleasant and undesirable, but a car simply left outside in the sun can get to above 150F, and that's lethal.

Halbach | 23 mai 2019

So can anyone confirm that indeed COP works along with security alarm with .16 software?

I have a feeling that the alarm would get activated by the HVAC system turning on and that was the reason. Perhaps they have refined the alarm to ignore HVAC activity in the latest sofware release.

EVRider | 23 mai 2019

@Halbach: I don’t think the climate control system has any impact on Sentry Mode. I’m pretty sure I’ve remotely turned on the AC while Sentry Mode was active, and it would be pretty limiting if you couldn’t do that.

twistedskipper | 23 mai 2019

@M3BlueGeorgia: I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

Halbach | 23 mai 2019

@EVRider what software version do you have? Mine screen clearly states that Cabin Overheat Protection is not available when Security Alarm is activated. Not hot enough here to test.

Halbach | 23 mai 2019

@finman, sentry mode also uses the microphone in addition to the ultrasonic sensors

EVRider | 24 mai 2019

@Halbach: I’m not sure which release I was on the last time I used Sentry Mode when COP is enabled. If you’re saying that COP can be enabled but won’t work if Sentry Mode is on, I suppose that’s possible, since I can’t verify that COP actually worked.

SteveWin1 | 24 mai 2019

@ricksastro, "@SteveWin1, Unless your dog is already deaf, or has a penchant for toccata and fugue in d minor blaring dangerously loud, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want sentry mode on when your dog is wandering around in the car."

Cabin overheat protection and dog mode are two different things. I want to keep my cabin cool enough to prevent damage to the screen and extra wear on the inside materials. I wouldn't want me dog in >100F temps anyway. Makes sense for dog mode to disable sentry mode. It doesn't make sense for cabin overheat protection to disable all security, including the regular alarm and sentry mode.

4thekidz | 5 juillet 2019

So I haven't needed to leave my car parked out in the sun for an extended period of time in the last 3 months. Today I did, with cabin overheat protection set to "ON" and it did nothing. My car was 120 degrees and rising. There was plenty of juice in the battery, about 70%. I did not have Sentry Mode turned on. Can someone help me problem solve this? I have used it in the past without issue and the car stayed right around 100 degrees. Again, it's been 3 months. Any thoughts? Thanks.

mrburke | 5 juillet 2019

@4thekidz- I have seen similar behavior. The car sleeps and does not always wake up to do cooling.
When you wake it up with the app, does it start cooling. That is what I have seen.

FISHEV | 5 juillet 2019

@ “but a car simply left outside in the sun can get to above 150F, and that's lethal.”

It was never alive. Wooden dash won’t ignite. Not sure what we are “protecting” here.

4thekidz | 6 juillet 2019

@mrburke - I woke up my car to check on the internal temp and saw it was 120 degrees. So I ran out to my car to make sure the overheat protection was set to on and it was. I tried turning it off, then on again. I also tried turning the car alarm off since that is mentioned above, and then left. But it made no difference when I checked my app 20 minutes later. I'd say waking the car up does not seem to do anything. I used to leave my car out in the sun all day, in sleep state, without any issue. It sounds like this is buggy software unless I am missing something...

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019

I'm not certain at what temp cabin overheat protection is enabled.

120 F? 150F?!?!

I always keep climate on or if my dog is in the car, dog mode at 66 F

I did notice dramatically reduced phantom drain with latest firmware (2019.20.4.2)

Bighorn | 6 juillet 2019


EVRider | 7 juillet 2019

@jjgunn: Why do you always use Keep Climate On when no one is in the car?

Hugues1965 | 7 juillet 2019

Also had a different behavior than usual today. Normally when my car is parked at home in the sun, i can hear the fan running once in a while and temperature inside is always kept below 40C/104F. Today, was just checking temp and I saw 63C. So i went to check what was going on, fan was not running. Only when I opened the door, the aircon started.

I checked my settings but Cabin Overheat Protection was greyed out and set to off. Reading the instructions, it says it's off if tilt/intrusion is on. And indeed it was on, greyed out, could not disabled it. Sentry mode was on, although i set it to exclude home, but i could see the small red dot up right.

The only way to fix this was to switch sentry mode off, then i could switch off tilt/intrusion, then i could get access to Cabin Overheat Protection and set it to no/AC (only ventilation). And it started to work.

Not sure why it started to behave like this, no update recently, i'm on 2019.20.4.2.

Looks like the car does not recognize that it's at home and sentry should be off.

Bobbiehilllll912 | 7 juillet 2019

I’ve seen YouTube videos where they are testing the alarm. And it’s pretty useless. You can literally have the windows open and tap around the hard and it will not activate the alarm. You need a glass break sensor and shock sensor that’s dedicated.

jjgunn | 7 juillet 2019

EVRider | July 7, 2019
@jjgunn: Why do you always use Keep Climate On when no one is in the car?
Should've used the word "usually" meaning if it's hot outside.

Between 65-90 F outside I probably don't have it on unless my dog is in the car.

pug7 | 8 juillet 2019

I Hurt my model 3 6 miles from the dealership. It has been in the shop since mid may. And sitting a great deal of time in the sun. Looking at my app on midday shows the ambient temperature to get up above 155 degrees. Is this bad for the tech? and how can I get the body shop to fix this?

lbowroom | 8 juillet 2019

No, it's not bad for the "tech" every car ever gets hot inside

Potatoee | 9 juillet 2019

I pretty much convinced myself that COP does not ever work when Sentry Mode is active (with my current SW release). Has anyone received word from Tesla whether they've acknowledged this as a bug?

4thekidz | 9 juillet 2019

I have a service appointment scheduled for this issue. I will report back. Mine does not work period. I have tried with sentry off, recording off, alarm off, rebooting, etc.

mrburke | 9 juillet 2019

I have no garage, so my M3 gets parked outside. I have the Tesla outdoor car cover. It is very well made and does a very good job of keeping the car cool(er) on hot days and warm(er) on cool nights.

ElectricAlex | 9 juillet 2019

Sentry and COP work flawlessly for last 9 months and all Firmware versions

goodman | 14 juillet 2019

My experience with COP is inconsistent. I think it's working, then it seems NOT to work. I've watched the car from my iPhone app get up to 127º, then drop to about 105º. But then it'll go up to 130º and hover there.

It's confusing. Can anyone clearly define how COP is supposed to work?

public | 16 juillet 2019

Another here who is not sure if fan-only COP is working at all on my Model 3. It sure would be nice if the app gave some indication when the fans turned on for COP. Was up in the low 120s the other day, no sign that fans ever turned on. Maybe temp needs to go higher, like M3NOICE experienced. Still testing...

neylus | 16 juillet 2019

I have had COP on all summer. My car never gets over 105F in direct sun, usually stays around 100F.

EVRider | 16 juillet 2019

@neylus: How do you know your car never gets over 105F?