SR+ issues

SR+ issues

I took delivery of the SR+ on 3/20/2019 from Devon PA and overall the car drives beautifully. I have a few minor issues with the delivery experience and the initial quality.

Having read the forum posts since 2016 and read the Users Manual ahead of time, I knew the M3 would be different than other new cars I purchased, and I was prepared for a steep learning curve. My DS spent about 20 minutes going over the basics and that was it. I would have liked a more thorough tour of the controls, configurations, safety features, etc. but I figured I would just have to discover things on my own.

There was a small paint chip on the driver’s door as well as slight misalignment of the trunk near the passenger side hinge. The DS made note of both and took pictures with her cell phone. There was no Due Bill however at delivery time. The DS assured me that I would see the due bill on my Tesla account the next day. Unfortunately the next day there was no due bill, so I called and was told that it was just approved by the manager, and it would be emailed to me. There was no due bill in my email, but on 3/22/2019 FedEx delivered the due bill. It listed the paint chip but not the misalignment.

Another minor annoyance is the issue with a new vehicle inspection. Tesla delivers new vehicles in PA without state inspection. I have a 14 day grace period to go anywhere for the state inspection but I am not comfortable bringing to a shop that is unfamiliar with the M3. I reluctantly scheduled an inspection with the local Toyota dealership. They happily agreed to do it.

So far everything works well on the car. There have been two instances where as I parked and walked away from the car I noticed that the passenger rear window was down. I am completely baffled about how the window rolled down. I don’t know if it’s a software anomaly or perhaps it’s something I am doing that I shouldn’t.

Brian B | 23 mars 2019

misalignment - they'll fix it. I wouldn't worry.They aren't like car dealerships.

Windows - your arm likely presses the button when it rests on the armrest to press the door open button. Watch the next time you get out; see if your arm rests on the area for the window controls.