Random Beeps?

Random Beeps?

Has anyone else noticed their car making random beeps? I'm on 2019.5.15 and I've noticed my car occasionally will make either one or three very short beeps (with horn) at seemingly random times while the car is stopped and I'm in it. It's similar to the beep it makes for the Walk Away Lock feature but shorter and quieter. At times it's one beep and at other times it's three beeps in rapid succession.

Anyone have a clue what causes this?

Pkarim | 29 mars 2019

Same firmware version, haven't experienced that...

M3phan | 29 mars 2019

First recorded instance of a Tesla with gas...

lordmiller | 29 mars 2019

@M3phan Hilarious! Haven't experienced this ever.

leo33 | 29 mars 2019

If someone locks or unlocks the car with the app, it might do that (one honk on 'lock' and two on 'unlock'). Maybe someone you know is messing with you.

leo33 | 29 mars 2019

Also, what pocket do you keep your fob in?

007bond | 29 mars 2019

Sometimes I hear these voices while driving, at first I thought I was going crazy, but now you hear beeps, so maybe I'm not crazy. Many times they tell me to go faster, turn up the radio, recently I keep hearing this voice say "nail it" then "smoke that ICE POS". Makes me feel better that others are hearing things too what a relief.

Carl Thompson | 29 mars 2019


I was thinking it might be related to my fob. I keep it in my front pocket. Maybe on of the buttons is getting compressed as I sit and the beeps are telling me it can't open the trunk when the car is in gear or something. I'll play around with it and see if I can duplicate.

Carl Thompson | 29 mars 2019

OK, so tested. The single beep might be from hitting the fob a single time and the car locking. I think that's the same sound. I couldn't figure out how to get the triple beep using the fob.

In my testing I did discover the car is perfectly willing to allow you to open the frunk and the trunk with the fob while the car is in gear. It does pop up a warning on the screen but stil I would expect the car to not allow it unless you're in park!

ODWms | 30 mars 2019

If I forget to close one of the doors all the way I think I’ll get 3 short beeps. Let’s me know I made a mistake and to go back.

Carl Thompson | 30 mars 2019


Interesting. Maybe one of my door sensors isn't working properly.

RedPillSucks | 12 avril 2019

That happens when I unlock, enter and step on the brake. But it doesn't happen all the time.

lgilliland | 16 juin 2019

It’s been happening to mine for the last 3 days. Short random beeps coming occasionally from the garage while charging. Today it did it while I was sitting in car (parking lot) waiting for the rain to stop.

shaia8 | 16 juillet 2019

All the damned time ... it’s the reason I’m looking at this forum post. Gremlins perhaps??? Any real answers?

tdwin2000 | 16 juillet 2019

Ha. I accidentally turned on the speed warning beep once after I first got my Model 3. Every time I accelerated about 2 MPH over the current posted speed limit I would get a single warning beep. Drove me crazy until I realized what I had done. In your case it's a parked car so must be the fob getting accidentally pucshed.

shaia8 | 25 juillet 2019

Figured out my Beep (horn honk) issue! Simply a proximity alert. Whenever the key Fob is approximately 15 - 20 feet from the car, it “unlocks” the car. My kitchen is beside my garage so whenever I’m walking around the kitchen the car honks constantly.

rdh37 | 26 juillet 2019

Is the car named "Felix Unger"? [honking constantly]. If you do not get the reference check out an old movie and TV show called "The Odd Couple." Don't bother with the remake. Have a nice day.