Homelink Installed today.

Homelink Installed today.

I purchased the car new on March 19th 2019. It’s a SR+ with a 2019 VIN.

I purchased the homelink option on the website about a week ago and then schdueled myself an appointment through my app asking if I could have what ever installed at my house. They scheduled it this morning for home installation.

There is a software update as well as an actual piece of hardware. The tech explained that the actual module has the wire under the driver side wheelwell but it doesn’t have the piece of hardware.

He removed all plastic in my Frunk and also the front bumper and then installed the hardware under the inside top part of my drivers side wheelwell. It took him about 30 minutes doing that and then about 45 to get the software update to work. There was some issue with his laptop connecting to my car.

He said if you have the hardware they can just update without coming out but my car didn’t have it.

I know it’s crazy to spend $300 for an automatic garage door opener but I’ve used it 3 times today and think it’s fantastic.

You can adjust the range of when the door open/close automatically. I put it at 40 feet and it seems to work well.

Just wanted to share as I haven’t seen anything specific when searching.

Mediumed | 17 avril 2019

Nice write up and yes it is one of my favorite features on the car and I also feel its worth the money. If I didn't pay up front for it, I would spring for it now knowing how much I enjoy it.

JarvisM3 | 17 avril 2019

Awesome! I can’t wait for mine. Service here take 2/3 weeks to schedule. I’m sure hoping the part arrives on time. Ordered 2 weeks ago.