Repaint a 3

Repaint a 3

Just out of curiosity, anyone have their 3 re-painted? If so, what was the approximate cost? Have a nice day.

SteveWin1 | 18 avril 2019

This is going to vary widely. Should be pretty easy to call up some of your local paint shops and get an estimate once you figure out what you want. Its really going to depend on the kind of paint. You can go get a few cans of spray paint and paint your car for a hundred bucks or so, but its going to look horrible. You can also get a LumiLor paint for tens of thousands.

rdh37 | 18 avril 2019

Thank you, yes, I know. I was just asking about people who might have already had this done. Have a nice day.

hpn | 18 avril 2019

Are you planning on repainting same or different color?

rdh37 | 18 avril 2019

I am not planning on repainting anytime soon. So for the 3rd time, just asking if anyone has had this done and for some cost, details, experience.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

Why do you want this information?

Keelandb | 18 avril 2019

Calling up 'your local paint shop' is not very efficient because there is so very much difference in the quality of the paint job that you will get. This is based on my experience at several shops. On a Tesla you really do want a high quality paint job.

SteveWin1 | 18 avril 2019

Well, asking on this forum without telling us what he/she is looking for isn't very efficient either.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

For "curiosity" I recommend WEED.

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

Thread Efficiency factor = low

rdh37 | 18 avril 2019

@magic8ball, because I am a spy for a rogue regime and this information will allow me to efficiently plan the downfall of the West. I asked because I would like to hear about anyone's experience who has had this done.

jimglas | 18 avril 2019

can also wrap the car to the color you want. Also adds some protection.

richard | 18 avril 2019

Magic, I routinely see your unhelpful responses, simply adding no value to the conversation; this is standard trolling and is a cancer to this great forum.

Anyways.. I too would be curious to know this. Past experiences and such with M3 owners getting these beauties painted, although I don't think there will be many. Wraps are the thing to do..

I would consider trading the cost of a full wrap/PPF + ceramic coating to full paint jobs every 4 or 5 years. Anyone else?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

@richard So sorry for the trouble I am causing you.

With the knowledge that replies can vary from Earl Sheib $39.99 to Kindigit $42,000.00. (I.E prices are all over the map and you usually get what you pay for) what, exactly, is being learned by having individuals post what they paid?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

I should point out that I have seen many inquiries like this turn out to be slamfests because it opens people up to ridicule for paying too much.

TAC | 18 avril 2019

Will Tesla actually do a repaint or would they shop it out saying go somewhere else? aka approved body shops?

mstoer | 18 avril 2019

My M3 had 3 paint defects upon delivery and since I am not in the same town as the Tesla store, they had me go to an approved bodyshop to get those 3 panels repainted. So they do farm it out. The body shop had several Teslas there and a plaque indicating they are an approved Tesla shop.

richard | 18 avril 2019

@Magic, you lessen the value of the forum when you contribute noise. Just stick to helpful responses, if you have any. It seems you can't resist to comment on threads which you have no business commenting.

Answering your question "what, exactly, is being learned by having individuals post what they paid"
is pretty much exactly what forums like this are for...sharing experiences with our cars, discussing modding or anything really. Why do you regularly quell friendly discussion?

Anyways, back on a helpful track...

I feel like I would want an authorized Tesla body shop to perform the work, but really it's likely just like any other car with paint. If I had to guess, a decent job would be $4-6k, very close to a wrap, but I would like to hear first hand experience if there is any. The benefits to a wrap are almost like you get 2 in one though, you get a nice new wrap (custom) and then when you feel like it, you simply remove the wrap to uncover pristine paint underneath.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

@richard Thank you for your feedback, when I feel like I want to be told what I should and should not do I will keep you in mind ; ).

Not biting, be specific with the question otherwise it is troll fodder or a setup for wrap spam.

rdh37 | 18 avril 2019

Four to six k approximately is what I have just read on other sites that I had looked at since no one seemed to address my actual initial question until you just did richard. Thank you for that. As to you 8 ball, I simply flagged your inappropriate post as inappropriate and moved on. You do occasionally post something useful but some of your posts are just noise. I hope that you continue to do what you want to do but maybe one day you will decide that your humor is mostly not funny.

I will be taking my car to a Tesla approved body shop tomorrow for an insurance repair (hit at a stop light, minor damage). They did an excellent job on the initial rocker panel repaint on a scratch at delivery. I intend on asking the cost of a complete repaint of the car. I am trying to decide if doing any form of paint protection is worth it. If the estimate of approximately 6k is accurate then I probably will not do any paint protection and just have the car repainted when needed. I am hoping to get 4 to 6 years out of the original paint. The car is my daily driver, 30 miles currently but may soon increase to 60. In both cases mostly highway but with rush hour traffic in Maryland. Again, have a nice day.

lilbean | 18 avril 2019

It would probably be less than other cars that size because the entire top is glass.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 18 avril 2019

I scuffed my front bumper when the garage door came down on it. No real damage except paint rubbed. I had a guy in my driveway all day yesterday to repaint. Did a very thorough tape off of everything, bagged the entire car. Prepped and painted the entire front bumper. Looks perfect, exact color match. Will post pictures and my F’d up story later.

cmh95628 | 18 avril 2019

$225. Wow. That is either a typo or a bargain!

rdavis | 18 avril 2019

I doubt many have repainted the car since it's only be in most peoples hands for less than a year. More likely you're going to see people doing a wrap on their car, not repainting it... at least at this point of ownership.

As posted above, the cost to repaint is variable to the type of paint and the amount of blemishes that need to be fixed first.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

Like pulling teeth. Cost of work is location specific.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

Like pulling teeth. Cost of work is location specific. | 18 avril 2019

Back in mid-2012, Tesla charged an extra $10K for a custom color (Model S). After about 10 custom jobs, Tesla stopped doing custom paint as slowed production. I know of only five other custom paint jobs that Tesla made a few years ago - an orange, a lime green, medium blue (employees), a purple Model S for RR Martin (Game of Thrones), and a camouflage one that Tesla uses for employee veterans recruitment (might be a wrap). It was said Tesla would do custom color for $15K back in 2014, but I really doubt Tesla will do it for anyone and perhaps no one. Still if you're really interested in a custom paint color, I'd at least talk to Tesla if you're willing to pay $15K or so. The nice thing about having Tesla do it, is the entire frame is painted, not just the areas you see if you get an aftermarket paint job.

jamilworm | 18 avril 2019

For comparison i had a full vinyl wrap done for 3k and chrome delete for and additional 800 or so. Estimates vary but i expect it to last around 3-5 years.

lilbean | 18 avril 2019


johnw | 18 avril 2019

My hood and front are seeing a lot of rock chips at 13k miles. I didn't get a wrap because for the cost (around $2k) I think I can get a reasonably decent re-painting of those sections in a few years when it gets bad enough. And, I suspect a decent paint shop will use tougher paint than what Tesla uses.. Softest paint I've ever had in a car. (Still love the car though).

lbowroom | 18 avril 2019

I see no reason why painting a Model 3 would be any different in cost to painting any other similarly sized sedan.

ODWms | 18 avril 2019

If anything, it should be less. Most similar sized sedans have at least SOME roof to paint.

gmr6415 | 18 avril 2019

Sort of on topic. We were looking to have my wife's Pearl White 2010 Prius painted and most every body shop we called in our area stated they don't paint complete cars. They said they do accident repair and paint what needs painted after the repair. We finally found one that quoted $5300 and another that quoted $2500 for their "top end" paint jobs. Both used PPG paints. I don't known enough about automotive coatings to know if both shops used the exact product in their top end paint job.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

@gmr6415 Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone here. The automotive paint industry has been undergoing continuous change since I can remember. Every few years the shops have to upgrade to keep up with evolving EPA standards. The costs 4-6 years from now is a crapshoot so there is that.

In your case I am guessing the shops that will not do complete jobs do not have the proper equipment (I.E. full paint booth up to modern standards). The varying price almost always boils down to quality of prep work (do they just tape trim off or do they remove it, that sort of thing) and quality of finished product (did they use fine enough grit sandpaper so you don't see a bunch of scratches down deep under the clearcoat and was the painter able get the paint to flow or is it objectionable orange peel).

I was in the business and back in the late 60's we charged $500 for complete job, Earl Sheib came along and advertised $39.99. Many were happy with the Sheib job. We did a redo of a lot of Sheib jobs and it cost the customer couple hundred more for us to strip the Sheib garbage off.

You get what you pay for.

mstoer | 18 avril 2019

FWIW, I just picked up my M3 from the Tesla approved auto body shop and was told to completely repaint it would be $6-8k ($CDN).

ODWms | 18 avril 2019

Wow! I remember Earl Scheib! And MAACO was around back then in Miami when I was coming of age (late 70s, 80s). At that point they were charging $99 for paint jobs, Even as a teenager I knew something wasn't right. A "good" paint job back then would run $1000.

I'd imagine anyone "happy" with those crap paint jobs weren't so for long. They actually looked like crap right when you picked the car up. And it's not just those outfits. Even today I see some luxury cars just a couple years old with paint jobs on them I can't believe. Like, how do you not see that!!!? But if you don't know, you don't know. Lol!

lilbean | 18 avril 2019

So this thread shows that painting a car varies in price. It depends on the body shop and the paint. This thread is dumb.

Bulldawg | 18 avril 2019

My dad had his ‘67 baby blue Beetle painted by earl schieb for $99. The most garish orange color you can imagine. He loved it. I do remember it peeling. Didn’t take long.

gmr6415 | 18 avril 2019

@Magic 8 Ball, I should have mentioned both shops were prepping the car basically the same..removing all of the trim, glass, body moldings and such.

My wife didn't want to spend that much on a 9-year-old car, so we ended up getting the shop with the lessor bid to repaint only the bad panels.

This was actually a known Toyota issue with the Pearl White multi-coat paint that they wouldn't stand behind. It was peeling away in chunks over the last few years with no body damage anywhere else on the car. All of the other panels looked great and after consulting with both shops both stated they had seen many of these and other Toyota models with the same paint do the same thing. They also stated that from their experience the panels that weren't showing peeling by now most likely wouldn't peel in the future. Evidently Toyota galvanizes these cars and they had issues with the primer sticking to the galvanization. If it sticks it sticks. If it doesn't it doesn't from the research I did.

The shop that did the work did a remarkable job matching the new paint to the old. We ended up very satisfied. It looks like a new car after I clay-barred and heavily waxed all of the panels that weren't repainted. After giving the new paint time to properly cure I did the whole car with Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax. They also reconditioned the headlights and added a new clear coat to the lights after reconditioning which from what I'ver read is the key for longevity of the reconditioning. It really looks good.

rdh37 | 18 avril 2019

Thank you all for the useful comments, even 8 ball when he(?) makes an on point comment. So what I have gathered is that a good paint job from a reputable shop should be somewhere around 5k in today's dollars. Seems to me that spending money for paint protection is simply not worth it then. My wife may have a different opinion but we shall see. In the meantime, getting her Audi an exterior detail on Saturday. I don't have the time or the dexterity any more to do it myself. Have a nice day.

ODWms | 18 avril 2019

I agree. Full PPF is the price of a complete paint job ($5-$6k). I went with PPF front and ceramic cost for the rest of the car, for less than $2000. Still pricey. But I felt it was the best balance of price:utility.

Gotta say, I’m more than happy with the results. I know for a fact my front end would NOT be pristine as it is without that PPF. The rest of the car glistens and looks absolutely beautiful.

No question full PPF is the best protection. But when the protection costs the same as what you’re protecting, it kinda makes the point moot.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 avril 2019

@gmr6415 Little confused by your comparison of 2.5k job vs 5.3K job (one ended up partial paint the other was for full paint???).

We had to repaint many cars from many manufacturers and the mfr. rarely put up for the customer. The silver on 70's Porsches and VW's were good money makers for us. Brand new Chevy Vegas arrived at the dealers with blotches of paint blown off from the cross country rail transport but the cars were so cheap no one wanted to cough up money to fix them. The manufactures have trouble keeping up with being VOC compliant so paint formulations change often and it is difficult to get the years of testing on the paint before they use it on product, tough thing for everyone.

RedShift | 18 avril 2019

For a paint job, my quote was about 15K from a competent shop. I decided to go with a vinyl wrap (color change wrap) for $2800.

gmr6415 | 19 avril 2019

@Magic 8 Ball, No. The $2.5K to $5.3K comparison was for complete paint jobs at both shops, pretty much exact same prep and same paint supplier and manufacturer. Just two different shops where the more expensive one does a lot of insurance work and repair work for local dealerships and the least expensive one was a small, not quite whole in the wall shop. We felt the more expensive one was the "we really don't want to do it price".

When we decided to go to the partial paint job with the smaller shop it was a little over $1.4K to have the work done including the headlight restoration.

That included front and rear bumpers (because of normal wear, not paint peeling), hood, roof, left front fender, left front and back door and blending into the left rear quarter panel. They removed the bumpers, the headlights (for the restoration), the windshield and all of the glass on the left side as well as all necessary trim. They taped the little triangle window behind the rear door because evidently it's very expensive to remove and reinstall as with the same window on the M3. They replaced the door edge guards on both sides as well as the funky little piece of "wear" plastic they stick on the lower rear corner of the rear doors, the rubber seals that go along both sides of the roof and all window seals on both sides of the car because they were dry rotting.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 avril 2019

I see so you did not have the work done by two different shops and you were not able to compare the actual result.

You get what you pay for.

delphi.programmer | 8 mai 2019

Was just told $11k to repaint all the rock chips from Jackson County Oregon putting rock all over the roads this winter. Haven't decided if a depreciating asset is worth all this effort.

derotam | 8 mai 2019

I don't know, what 5-10 cans of spray paint and 5-10 cans of clear coat spray paint from the local hardware store and a few rolls of painters tape and some plastic sheeting shouldn't cost that must eh?

derotam | 8 mai 2019

* must = much

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 8 mai 2019

Disregard my comment above. The $225 driveway paint job turned out to be a total bust. Poor prep, paint peeled on the first wash. Under direct sunlight it was actually a poor color match. You get what you pay for...

I took the car to Franks Accurate Body Shop in Slidell, LA (just outside of New Orleans) and he did an outstanding job. Fully certified by Tesla, they do crash repair if needed. A Model X and another Model 3 were in work when I dropped off. $1,400 and my bumper is now perfect (and the paint sticks!)

I found Franks with this link.

Plug in your zip and it will let you know your Tesla certified options in your neck of the woods.

AWDTesla | 8 mai 2019

Great forum?!?!? Lmao.

I would expect to pay anywhere between 6500 and 8000CDN for a very good paint job. Add another $2500 for wet sanding, compound and polish for a perfect mirror finish.

rdh37 | 10 mai 2019

Thank you for the newish :) comments. Decided to go with the "Tesla wrap" from my local highly rated shop. Well actually, I wanted just the front but my wife said to do the more comprehensive wrap and who am I to argue? Will have it done once the body work is completed on the "tap" I received at a stop light + 30 days. So, assuming no more incidents, will be done end of June 2019. Have a nice day.