Auto Air Conditioning not being smart?

Auto Air Conditioning not being smart?

Today it was 92 degrees outside when I got in my M3. The phone app said it was 132 degrees inside the car. My desired temperature was set to 68 degrees. The AC was in AUTO but much to my surprise the car was barely blowing any air. I waited for a minute thinking maybe it just needed some time to figure it out, but after 2 minutes I had to switch to manual to get the AC to blow.

Later I tried again with similar results. I had to set it down to 63 degrees to get it to turn up the AC power. Has anyone else had this issue?

gmr6415 | 18 avril 2019

No, but if your interior temperature was 132˚ I would suggest turning on cabin temperature control. It won't allow it to get above 105˚.

mtmodel3 | 18 avril 2019

I had the exact same thing happen when leaving work today. Got in car with HVAC set to Auto and 74. By the time I put my stuff in the back seat, the A/C would normally be blowing pretty hard but today almost nothing. I drove for a while, tried a soft reset while driving, tried turning HVAC system off and back on, toggled A/C off and on, parked car and walked away until it locked and re-entered, nothing returned it to normal. After futzing with manual for a while, I turned temp down to 68 on Auto which is where we left it for the commute and a couple other short trips this evening. It does seem to be cooling, just the temp calibration is off.

ODWms | 19 avril 2019

I’ve seen this lately also. I thought it was just me. Eventually it does get cool, it it takes awhile longer than normal to get the car to cool down. I’m sure it’s a known issue they’ll be updating soon.

rtanov | 19 avril 2019

Yeah, I attribute this to bug in one of the recent firmware updates. It's barely blowing in Auto mode and gets stiffy pretty quick - I'd have to turn the temperature way down or switch the fan to manual. Hope they fix it soon.

SalisburySam | 19 avril 2019

In other fora this was noted and Tesla replaced a thermistor in the HVAC system somewhere. Worked fine after that. Suggest submitting a bug report with it happens, and/or call a service center. Could be firmware, but may not be.