Inside Roof/Rear Windshield Cleaning Tips?

Inside Roof/Rear Windshield Cleaning Tips?

I'll openly admit I'm bad at cleaning glass. Always seems streaky or cloudy when I'm done. I hate it.
I'm particularly interested in what people do to clean the rear windshield area. It's such a tight, awkward reach near the bottom, towards the trunk! Any suggestions for making that easier/more effective?

jordanrichard | 19 avril 2019

Go to your local auto parts store and buy one of those triangle shaped glass cleaning wands. That is what I have been using on my MS for the past 5 years.

Streaking can be caused by either using too much glass cleaner and/or using a cheaper glass cleaner. If you haven't already, try Stoner Invisible Glass.

Also, to get rid of the gray film that can develop on the glass, you just need to wipe with a dry micro fiber towel. BTW is you use any type of dressings in the interior, that will exasperate this film build up. Those dressing "gas out" and that is what you are seeing on the inside of your glass.

alisse | 19 avril 2019
Magic 8 Ball | 19 avril 2019

Get the pump spray not the aerosol.

lilbean | 19 avril 2019

Some paper towels contain adhesives and cause streaks.

Infiniti Pi | 19 avril 2019

I use that Invisible Glass product on all the car windows. Works great.

alisse | 19 avril 2019

Thanks all! Super helpful.

M3phan | 19 avril 2019

Thumbs up on Invis Glass and it’s bramded triangular wand cleaning pad.