PSEG Long Island charger rebate

PSEG Long Island charger rebate

Slonkis | 25 avril 2019

Could you be more specific?

syclone | 25 avril 2019

PSEG on Long Island is offering a rebate of up to $500.00 on purchase of a home charger. The following chargers are qualified (no Tesla chargers):

ChargePoint Home, CPH-25
Clipper Creek HCS40 (JuiceNet enabled)
EVoInnovate iEVSE
Juicebox Pro 32
Juicebox Pro 40
Siemens Versicharge (VCSG30GCPUW)

The Juicebox Pro 40 seem like the only one that is an improvement over the Tesla portable unit that comes with the Model 3. Does anyone have experience with any of these units, esecially the Juiceboc Pro 40

Slonkis | 25 avril 2019

Thank you!

Slonkis | 25 avril 2019

Here's one of the reviews from Amazon. I couldn't get the URL, so pasting here:

I decided on getting the Juicebox Pro 40 instead of the Tesla charger because I thought I could make use of the Juicebox app features. It turns out this is unnecessary. Get a Tesla charger instead.

- The connector is a Type 1 connector. Tesla uses Type 2. You will have to use the Type 2 -> 1 adapter that Tesla provides to charge your vehicle
- The holster for the charger is for Type 1. You will have to remove the Type 2 -> 1 adapter each time you want to holster it
- When charging, the Juicebox app tries to estimate how many miles of charge is left on the Tesla, then assumes a max milage charge depending on your model. For the Model 3, it assumed a max of 310 miles. During charging, its estimate of how full the charge is tends to be off - reporting more than what the car actually has. The problem is that it automatically stops charging when it hits the max of 310 in the app, but the car may not have topped off completely.
- Tesla already provides scheduled charging via car settings.
- The Tesla charger has a button to open the charge port. Juicebox does not, so you'll have to open the port via the car dash or the app.

I'm giving 5 stars because the product works and customer support has been amazing (I had to return an unused extension cable - they accepted saying it happens). If you have any other EV than Tesla, definitely consider this charger.

syclone | 2 mai 2019

The Juicebox40 looks like the one to get. However, I have another question. Is PSEG offering reduced or preferential rates when one of the approved chargers is hooked up? That's important to me because, basically, I'm happy with the 30 - 32 Amp charge rate of the Tesla provided portable charger. I have no problem with keeping the charger plugged in overnight. A lower power rate would make the changeover do-able. My 14-50 receptacle is on a 50 Amp line, so I'm all set.

venpol | 5 février 2020

PSEGLINY extended the $500 rebate into 2020. Would the Gen 3 wall connector, which includes wi-fi connectivity, qualify for the rebate? As of today 2/5/2020 I don’t see it in PSEGLINY list of eligible connectors.

mech1000 | 7 février 2020

I'm seriously hoping they add it. Might give them a call and ask of they're planning on adding the Tesla one.

Jvpsav3 | 8 février 2020

Spoke to someone already on that subject & they told me that Tesla didn’t want to participate in the rebate

YamiLionheart | 10 février 2020

Same, just spoke with a rep from PSEG and heard that it's up to Tesla. I wonder why they don't want to work with PSEG when they participate in programs form similar utilities in other states? I submit a question to Tesla about it to see if I could get an answer as to why they don't want to work with them. I'll provide an update if I get any new information.