Tesla employees parking but not plugging!!

Tesla employees parking but not plugging!!

So I get to the aventura mall on saturday and the 40 slots are mostly full. The guy next to me has a model 3 and it’s unplugged. I plug it in and the guy comes running out to unplug it again. I’m like hey these are charging spots not parking spots. He’s like it’s ok I work at the tesla store. The aventura mall tesla store. The store which belongs to the company that prohibits this activity. I'm back again today and his car is still unplugged taking up the same spot and after walking till the end I saw 3 other cars also parked and not plugged. it doesn't bother me if it's on a tuesday morning but if the lots are full on the weekends and 5 employees decide to leave their cars there unplugged instead of using a regular parking spot at the mall it's not fair to owners that will end up having to needless wait to charge.

EVRider | 13 mai 2019

If it bothers you, talk to the Tesla store manager. It's not going to get fixed if you just tell us about it. I agree that the employees shouldn't use supercharger spots if they're not charging.

felixmizioznikov | 13 mai 2019

that was the mamager | 13 mai 2019

Could it have been a test ride car? In California you can tell because they have a special manufacturer type plate. Not saying it's right, but perhaps they need a parking place close to the store and one that they can keep charged? Ideally it would be marked for store use only, but there are so many local regulations on parking lots and slots that they may not have much of a choice. Perhaps it's better than it's not "reserved" for store use only, so when they are not there, others can use it.

felixmizioznikov | 13 mai 2019

most likely not. he said it was his car and there are 8 additional chargers for the store cars on the 2nd floor right next to the store and they have cones on those and they dont let owners use them. those are the tesla destination chargers. the 40 spot lot is with the 70kw chargers.

EVRider | 13 mai 2019

If that was the manager, I guess you could contact Tesla Sales and report it.

EVRider | 13 mai 2019

Even better, tweet a picture of the car with an appropriate caption to Elon.

Sam_S | 14 mai 2019

Sure...tweet Elon because he doesn’t have enough on his plate.

EVRider | 14 mai 2019

@Sam_S: Elon is busy, but he still responds to certain tweets that get his attention. He hasn't responded to any of mine yet, but I'm still hoping. :-) The other reason I suggest tweeting is because it can sometimes get more attention than you'll get here, even if Elon doesn't respond. Be sure to tweet to both @elonmusk and @tesla.

mbirnie51 | 15 mai 2019

I saw one of those "pesky little Model 3s" sitting in a charger stall and not plugged in @ Concord Ca. I noticed the car on my way into the mall area, the guy was on his laptop/tablet. It didn't hit me until I was returning to my car after being notified that I was nearing my end of charging. As I walked by I noticed there was no charging cable going to the car. I walked my dog a little and then he got out and plugged in. So, he was parked 25 minuets without being connected. It was Monday, 5/13 about noonish, only 6 of 20 stalls were unoccupied. This SC is pretty busy, and I got dinged for idle fees here about a month ago. This may not be a big deal if the saturation is below 50%, but Tesla should discourage this before it becomes an issue. | 15 mai 2019

@mbirnie51 - Yep, not nice to park in an EV parking spot without charging. Tesla has no way to know if a car is parked in a stall, but not charging. It would be view as unoccupied on the on-screen status. If 10 of 20 stalls were unplugged (yikes), then no idle fees would occur on the other users who are connected - so it's not going to hurt others that way.

Tesla2018 | 15 mai 2019

The local Wawa around me has Tesla supercharging but the parking lot is packed a lot of times. I supercharge at home so I don't need to use one often but I just like to go to Wawa to get a sandwich every once in awhile. Their sign says 15 minute customer parking at the Tesla Chargers. I'll order at home and then as soon as I walk in to the the Wawa their computer program knows to start start working on my order so I'll just walk to the cash register and pay and then walk over and get my sandwich. This way I am out within 5 minutes I parked my car in the Tesla spot just because I know I'm not going to inconvenience someone for a long time if they are waiting. If an ICE car came in they would might be parked in there for 20 minutes instead of 5. If I am parked next to another Tesla I park in the B spot just in case a newbie Tesla owner would come in an slow the charge rate by not knowing to park in an A spot.
And I tell the Tesla Im parked next to that I will be out in 5 minutes if I see a lot of cars on the lot, but it never has been more than half full.
On a side note every time I have gone to a supercharger space I noticed that the cord is really short and I have to back into the spot instead of pulling straight in. This usually causes a mess in the parking lot since people are trying to drive around and are waiting for me to back in. Even when I'm back in sometimes I'm still not close enough for the cord to reach. Anyone else having the same problem or do they know why they make the cords so short? | 16 mai 2019

@Tesla2018 - Yep the cords are short. Reasons I can guess for having short cable:

- cost is less
- long cables are easily damaged
- power loss from a longer cable (small but real)
- long cable may require larger conductors, making it thicker and heavier
- Ensures cars are parked tight - not sticking way out of the parking slot

andy.connor.e | 17 mai 2019

If you tweet elon, its hard for it to not get attention. If you try to report it up the chain, theres a very high chance it will be trashed before it ever reaches someone who cares.