What is this icon good for?

What is this icon good for?

Michael Emrich | 24 mai 2019

I just updated my X100D AP2.0 with firmware 2019.16.2. And I found a new icon on my touchscreen. It is a round symbol in the upper right corner, the forth from the right. When I touch it, a red dot appears. If I touch it again, the red dot disappears. It looks similar to the rear camera symbol which comes up if I hit the up-arrow for all apps.

I searched the manual for my X but there is nothing.

Any idea? Thank you.

lilbean | 24 mai 2019


Saxman | 24 mai 2019

I agree with Lilbean...dashcam.

Maybe the red dot means recording and touching it again means, stop recording; similar to video camera on cell phone. | 24 mai 2019

I'm 98% sure it's for Security Mode (icon is different for dashcam). Note that it only appears when you are in Park. It allows single touch to activate Security mode when in Park. It will also appear in HW2.0 cars that can't have a Tesla dashcam.

ratchet | 24 mai 2019

The icon is in release notes for 2019.16.2. They put the Sentry Mode icon on the top bar to make it easier to activate rather than going through the control screens.

srinivas.rachamallu | 24 mai 2019

Sentry mode icon.

Michael Emrich | 25 mai 2019

Unfortunately, my AP 2.0 does not support Sentry mode. Therefore I don't see the purpose. I also have a 2016 Model S with AP1 which does not show this icon. But thanks for the input.

jjgunn | 25 mai 2019

Round icon would be for Sentry Mode -- rectangle icon (looks like a camera) with red dot is for DashCam.

Since you have AP2 -- I have NFI why they are there unless AP 2.0 is now supporting Sentry Mode?? You should plug in a USB & check it out.

Michael Emrich | 25 mai 2019

You are correct. AP 2.0 now supports Sentry Mode and you can activate it by touching this icon if it is not already enabled in "Security". I excluded my home location. Now I have to plug in a USB stick and watch the videos.

Thank you for your input.

jjgunn | 25 mai 2019

I want to know what car company on the planet would update your 3 year old car for free?

Any other company would have told you...."buy a new car"

I just love it. 2016 car has the same features as a 2-3 year newer vehicle.

We have to continue getting the word out & potentially help people figure out a way to afford these cars.

Yes I'm jjgunn -- and I'm a Tesla Influencer. | 25 mai 2019

@Michael Emrich - As @jjgunn states it does have sentry mode. Your (and my) HW2.0 car does not have the dashcam feature, and does not record video related to sentry mode. Still sentry mode is hopefully useful as a breakin deterrent.

Michael Emrich | 25 mai 2019

@TeslaTap: I put a USB stick in the front outlet, turned Sentry Mode on, and I see file snippets with date and time in the TeslaCam folder of the USB. I downloaded Tesla_Dashcam and Sentry_Keeper, but none of those apps show me the content of the files. I get 3 black windows but no content. My Tesla seems to record those files but I don't see the content. Any idea? Thank you. | 25 mai 2019

@Michael - Sounds like you have HW2.0. Yes it writes some file snippets, but it will not write the video files. Video recording requires HW2.5 or later.

avesraggiana | 25 mai 2019

My understanding is that for those of us with AP2 and not AP2.5, the video files saved by Sentry Mode are sent to a “Tesla cloud,” and are not recordable on a USB stick.

No one has yet told me who to contact at Tesla, in the event I want to retrieve those Sentry Mode videos.

Michael Emrich | 26 mai 2019

It is time that for those of us who already paid for FSD (like me), the free exchange of HW2.0 or HW2.5 into HW3 begins "soon"! | 26 mai 2019

@avesraggiana - Sentry mode cloud videos are not accessible (yet). Hopefully some way will be made in the future, but right now, consider them gone. No one at Tesla will currently get them for you.

@Michael - Be aware that Tesla has already stated HW2.0 to HW3.0 upgrade (free with FSD) does not enable dashcam. We all hope Tesla is wrong, but obviously there is something more than just the AP processor that is different between HW2.0 and HW2.5. One difference is the cameras are monochrome in HW2.0 and Color in HW2.5. The FSD upgrade will not replace the cameras.

SteveMost | 27 mai 2019

Any guesses, not in ‘Elon time’, about WHEN we might start getting the FSD unit retro fitted into our HW2.0 or HW2.5 MXs? Original Elon time prediction passed months ago :)
Be well...

Vawlkus | 27 mai 2019

Elon said 6 months on autonomy day, so we’re not past that yet.

Personally, I’m not expecting it until the end of the year.