WiFi doesn't switch over to LTE when I leave home

WiFi doesn't switch over to LTE when I leave home

Whenever I leave my house (where my car connects to my home WiFi) my Model 3 doesn't switch over to LTE. Even after I drive far from my house and wait for awhile I see a grayed out WiFi icon on the screen. I've tried switching WiFi on and off after tapping on the icon, but nothing seems to force it into LTE mode. What to do?

eztider | 28 mai 2019

Mine is doing that too, lately. Yes, I did reboot.

gmr6415 | 28 mai 2019

I believe that Tesla uses AT&T, at least I've read that here. Has it ever worked? Do you know if there is a decent AT&T signal in your area? My iPhone only shows 1 to 2 bars at our house and we have AT&T, but my car still connects.

We do have some places around us that the car will indicate it has switched to 3G, so there must not be any 4G signal in those areas. That said, the car is still connecting.

Is it possible you live near a quiet zone like the one near the Green Bank Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia?

AZCharge | 28 mai 2019

My Model 3 (software 2019.8.5) is parked and connected in my garage in Phoenix, AZ. I am in Bratislava, Slovakia. Until today, May 28, 2019 I was able to check-in with my I-Phone to make sure the charger was working properly, however, today I am unable to connect through the App. It will not "wake-up". I do not have the wifi connected at my home but that has never been a problem. I am connected on the I-Net in Bratislava. What happens if I shut the app down and log-in again, could I lose my connection completely? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

kb8991 | 28 mai 2019

I had the same problem after I bought my car in December. I took it in to service and they confirmed that the antenna module is the likely culprit. They replaced mine.

Kary993 | 28 mai 2019

When I go into my underground parking and come out later in the day sometimes the LTE connects and other times I can drive all the way home and it never connects. Quite frustrating as without LTE can't us voice commands, can't use navigation, etc......I have tried soft reboot while driving and also pulling over and doing it but that does not yield consistent results either.

hamiltonned | 28 mai 2019

@kb8991: Well did the new antenna module fix your problem?

terrachild | 28 mai 2019

AT&T does not work at my home, but even when I drive down to the freeway (where there is a strong AT&T signal) and drive around for awhile it still doesn't connect. Why isn't there some way to force it into LTE mode?

gmr6415 | 29 mai 2019

@terrachild, there have been posts here in the past with similar issues and owners getting their LTE module replaced. Set up an appointment.

dwakelee | 29 mai 2019

My LTE has been dead for 6 days now. Typically it is out for 2 days of the month - since original purchase in Sep 2018. They are doing a diagnostic to determine what to replace - antenna module or processor module. For those who had this problem and had the part replaced, did it resolve your problems?

mbreslaw | 31 mai 2019

I took delivery of my Model 3 AWD on May 23rd and I live in Vancouver Canada. I park on the 3rd level of my condos underground parking garage so obviously I don’t expect my mobile phone or my car to get service. However, everyday when I leave for work the LTE does not come back online on the car unless I do a reboot (which fixes it every time, after about 45-60 seconds). While I’ve learned you can reboot while driving, I don’t recommend it as you lose ability to activate turning signals. Having found no other cause or fix I have now made a service appoint for June 12th

hokiegir1 | 31 mai 2019

@mbreslaw - Just a small correction -- you can still activate turn signals and they will be seen outside of your car. You just don't have the sound in the car to show you they are on.

neil.weinstock | 31 mai 2019


Mine's been (mostly) dead for 3 days now... I've had occasional lack of connection in the past but this is the worst ever, and in comes after a fairly long period of having had no problem at all.

Are they doing your diagnostic remotely, or did you have to bring it in?

dwakelee | 31 mai 2019

@neil They did the diagnostic remotely - just asked that the vehicle be connected via WiFi. They pulled the logs and determined that I need a new connectivity module. Part ordered - waiting for arrival.

Of course, after scheduling that upcoming service appointment, LTE is now working again. Was dead for almost a week strait up until yesterday. I will still hold the service appointment and have the module replaced as something is clearly flaky. Though I'm not convinced this isn't just more related to a software issue (as you say - now worse then ever). It seems like a huge coincidence that it works for one drive, then not the next. If a hardware problem I'd expect it completely dead or intermittent during operation, which it is not. If it works at the start of the drive, it stays working.

charles.a.braun | 31 mai 2019

Adding to hokiegri1's correction, you can do anything that does not require the screen or the internet to do.

For instance, during a reboot, you can:
Use the turn signals
Turn Autopilot on and off
Turn TACC on and off
Initiate a wipe of the wipers by pressing the button on the stalk

You cannot:
Open the glove box
Use voice commands
Listen to the sound system

neil.weinstock | 19 juin 2019

Did you ever get your module replaced? Did it make a difference?

Mine has been persistently flaky for weeks now; I have about a 50/50 shot of having working LTE on any particular drive (as for you, it either works when you start the car or not, and stays in that state). I'll be calling Tesla today.

dwakelee | 19 juin 2019


My appointment for the connectivity module replacement is next Wednesday 6/26. It took awhile for part to come in, and scheduling is always backed up quite a bit.

That said, after calling service, my LTE has been flawless - zero issues for the past few weeks. On a whim I did take matters into my own hands and did a full 12V battery disconnect reset. There is a Tesla procedure online which describes the proper steps to do this - which is basically the same as the safety and security Power Off - but with the Frunk open first and then wait a bit for the car to go to sleep before removing the negative lead. I initially didn't think I was successful as LTE still wasn't working after, even after driving around for a few miles. However, the next morning everything was working - and it hasn't died since.

Anyway, I'm still getting the module replaced - could still be flaky.

neil.weinstock | 23 juillet 2019

Update: mobile tech replaced my LTE card. In the roughly two weeks since then, I've had no dropouts. Fingers crossed that it is now fixed.

Mobile service is awesome. :)

dwakelee | 24 juillet 2019

Same success story here. After connectivity module replacement, no issues so far. Going on about a month now with zero LTE drop outs. Previously there were at least a couple days out of the month where it was completely dead - regardless of location.

Service also fixed the ticking charge port door at the same time. Very happy.

kvskat | 13 Janvier 2020

My car does not switch to LTE after I leave my home and hence I am unable to play any music from the streaming services. It says "Please connect to WIFI". When I return home it connects to WIFI and I can use my Spotify etc.,

Any suggestions?