Sentry Mode recordings

Sentry Mode recordings

I currently have 2019.12.1.1 software and somewhere in the last couple updates I noticed the option for Sentry Mode. I have tested it numerous times but when I open the TeslaCam ->RecentClips folder on my computer I get lots of .mp4 files that seem to correspond to the time I saw the display inside say it was recoding. The issue is that all the files are ~595 that means there is no data (video) in the file. Doesn't matter how long I wait to pull the drive, it never has any actual video associated with the file. Anyone else have that issue? Maybe I am doing something wrong? Any thoughts? | 28 mai 2019

@ElectricPilot - You didn't state your car year/model, but I bet it is in the 2016/2017 era? These cars (like mine) have HW2.0, and originally wasn't expected to have Sentry mode, and doesn't have the hardware for dashcam. It was a nice surprise that Tesla could add Sentry mode to our older cars, but alas, it doesn't do any video recording.

I wrote this article last month to explain all the different versions, what they can do and the exact timelines for different hardware if you need more details:

Mike83 | 28 mai 2019

TT off topic. I wonder if any knows which internet, map service and such is used in China? | 28 mai 2019

@Mike83 - Sorry, I have no idea. I've been to the Hong Kong Tesla store (for fun) a while back, but didn't pay enough attention to the internet, map, etc. to see what they use.

dwamian | 28 mai 2019

Yes. I have had that problem in some previous versions. I had to reformat the drive in order to fix it. Been stable ever since.

ElectricPilot | 28 mai 2019

Thanks TelsaTap, and yes my car is early 2017 Model S. I didn't expect anything so was also glad to get Sentry Mode...but guess I got too excited if it doesn't actually record anything. :-/ And thanks for the link to the article, I am constantly getting MCU, CPU, HW1 HW2 etc etc mixed up.

sberman | 28 mai 2019

@ElectricPilot and,

Like you, I have AP2.0, was delighted to see Sentry Mode, and wondered about recording the clips. I called Tesla Support, and learned that in Alert and Alarm states, the recordings are not saved on our USB devices, but are in fact sent to Tesla where they will be available for a short time if you permit this in Safety & Security > Data Sharing.

EVRider | 29 mai 2019

@sberman: Tesla initially said that they would upload video to their servers, but later they stopped saying that. I would not count on having access to any video you don’t record locally.

@ElectricPilot: Just be glad for all the time you’ll save by not having to review video Sentry Mode events caused by people and other vehicles just passing by your car. :-)

BlueD | 29 mai 2019

I have 2019.16.1 on2018 ModelS. Have formatted USB in car working well to 5/10 but after 5/10 I can’t get videos on Mac under Saved or Recent clips. | 29 mai 2019

@BlueD - Sounds like the drive got corrupted. Easy to do if you just pull out the USB drive while it's still writing. You need to be sure to turn off recording - wait 10 seconds or so and then pull the drive. If you're lucky, you may be able to reformat the drive and start using it again. Guessing about 1/3 of the time the drive is destroyed by removing it while writing is going on. More about this here:

BlueD | 29 mai 2019

@TeslaTap. Thanks. I have new Mac Air and I bet I pulled it out of car too soon! I’ve located it in Finder but can’t locate Erase, Partition etc — should I just start with a new Scan Disk? | 29 mai 2019

@BlueD - Not a mac person, but if you can't erase/partition/format, that's a sign the drive may be toast. A common drive failure mode is it becomes read-only, and no way to make it writable again. Sounds like a new drive may be needed.

RatherBeBoarding | 29 mai 2019

@BlueD - If you have not figured it out yet, you can use Disk Utility app to do that. Just open Applications/Utilities/Disk from Finder, you can try First Aid option to see if you can recover the files. If not, just do Erase and choose FAT to format the drive (that is FAT32).

BlueD | 29 mai 2019

@TeslaTap and @RatherBeBoarding. I’m 74 so I’m happy I figured out how to plug disc in correctly!! I’ve reformatted and created a new folder TeslaCam on a new disc and will try it soon. Does it matter which USB slot I use in the car? Also when I want to remove the disc—how do I safely eject it or turn off camera? Just turn off Sentry Mode. In spite of this the S is best car I’ve owned in 60 years!!

Go Blue!!

EVRider | 29 mai 2019

@BlueD: You can use either front USB port. To pause recording, press on the dashcam icon for a couple of seconds — the red dot should be gray — then wait 10-20 seconds before removing the USB.

BlueD | 29 mai 2019

Great help friends. Terrific owners and car more fun than my Flip Phone and my Commodore 64 (kidding, but still more fun than my iPhone and Mac Air)!!

BlueD | 29 mai 2019

Great help friends. Terrific owners and car more fun than my Flip Phone and my Commodore 64 (kidding, but still more fun than my iPhone and Mac Air)!!

avesraggiana | 2 juin 2019

Has anybody actually tried retrieving sentry video clips from Tesla?