Wood or Carbon Fiber decor with black interior?

Wood or Carbon Fiber decor with black interior?

I ordered a P100DL at the end of April. I asked for carbon fiber decor as a special order, but I was told it was no longer available, even off the menu. I just learned that carbon fiber is back. Original car available for delivery next week. I have to place new order if I want carbon fiber. Which do you prefer? Anyone get a carbon fiber wrap on the inside over the wood and can comment on how good that looks?


TranzNDance | 29 mai 2019

I prefer the carbon fiber trim since it looks modern with the white seats. I had a loaner where the trim was so shiny it glared in the morning light. I don't know if it was wood trim.

ftny | 30 mai 2019

I would go with carbon fiber. I’ve never liked the cheap/fake wood grain finish with a black interior but there wasn’t an option not to get it. I’m fact, I still don’t see carbon fiber as an option. Are you saying this is back as an “off the menu” option?

p.c.mcavoy | 30 mai 2019

@ftny - Carbon fiber is back as an option on the P model. You won't see it on the standard or long range versions, just the performance version.

@rdalcanto - Key question is whether you prefer wood or carbon fiber. What I prefer is not relevant; it's your car, not mine. If you'll constantly think when you get in it "gee, I really wish I could have gotten carbon fiber" then you have your answer; cancel the order and reorder. I think anyone spending this amount to by a new P100DL should get what they really want. The one thing I would NOT do is mess around with a carbon fiber wrap on the interior. Just my two cents, and if it matters, I do not have carbon fiber in mine, but that was my preference.

Madatgascar | 30 mai 2019

Carbon fiber looked modern once but I’m starting to see it too many places, and it’s beginning to feel dated to me. Wood is timeless.

barrykmd | 30 mai 2019

I have carbon fiber and no regrets. I have gray leather seats (little did I know it would match the map one day), but I think it would look sharp with black.

pmcginnis2112 | 30 mai 2019

This is, of course, a personal choice. But to balance the responses a bit, I'll put a vote in for the ash wood/black interior combo. I think it looks sharp (and is what I ordered, taking advantage of the ludicrous upgrade offer).

Tropopause | 30 mai 2019

I like the dark brown wood with black interior. I wanted to get the dark brown wood with the cream interior in 2017 when it was an option but went with carbon fiber because I wasn't sure if I'd get the exact color and grain of wood to my liking.

Boonedocks | 30 mai 2019

Re-order with carbon fiber so I can take delivery of your wood grain (which I prefer- carbon fiber looks too plasticky). I ordered a similar config to you it sounds like and I would have special ordered wood if carbon fiber was the base choice.

Ohmster | 30 mai 2019

The dark wood with black Is beautiful. Your opinion will/may differ.

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BlueD | 30 mai 2019

Love my carbon fiber with black I also have Evannex carbon fiber cubby drawer. Subtle, understated and sporty

EVRider | 30 mai 2019

You apparently prefer carbon fiber since you tried to order it initially, so why ask us? Do you prefer it enough to cancel your order and pay whatever penalty you would pay? Only you can say.

ftny | 30 mai 2019

Interesting that the carbon fiber option is only available in the performance variant. So, if I want a carbon fiber inlay I have to pay an extra $11K-21K with the added bonus of a second off my 60 time and red brake calipers? Has anyone been able to get the carbon fiber inlays on a non-P car?

cornellio | 30 mai 2019

I have carbon fiber with black interior and it looks great. Looks really cool in direct sun light. I wouldn't have any problem with wood though. Just a matter of preference.

rdalcanto | 30 mai 2019

Thanks for the replies. I decided to get the carbon fiber. I placed a new order last night. What is weird is that when I check on the new reservation now, it is already asking for final payment. I don't know if that means they have already matched me with a vehicle? I will call my delivery guy tomorrow....

lagomorph | 30 mai 2019

I switched to Carbon Fiber on 5/24 and my car is already waiting for me at the delivery center.

sr.smr | 31 mai 2019

I have and like the carbon fiber. I don't like anything shiny as it could introduce glare. That is why I am also happy with the black roof and A pillars.