12 v accessory adaptor for 2017 s

12 v accessory adaptor for 2017 s

Well, now both my USB ports are filled (one with a USB for music; and the 2nd with a USB for Dashcam-Sentry recording). I am thinking of using the 12 v outlet for charging the phone when on trips, etc. Any suggestions for a good adapter? Thanks. | 1 juin 2019

There are a lot to choose from. I like this $9 one on Amazon which has two USB ports, lighted, and has about 4x charging speed (if the phone supports fast charging). There are many others too to pick from.

p.c.mcavoy | 2 juin 2019

Do the rear USB ports support charging? My mid-2016 was about a month before they added the rear USB ports and cup holders to the MS, so I don't have any experience.

If you're like me, you've got a variety of extra cables stashed in a drawer somewhere. 90% of the time I have no-one in the back seat. I'd likely just route a cable from the back port around the side of the console next to the driver seat and then use that.

mcmack15 | 2 juin 2019

p.c., you are 100% correct regarding a drawer full of cables for Ipods, phones, etc. Unfortunately, in the 2017 S I just have the 2 USB ports and 12 v outlet in the front............I just doubled checked the manual again (page 20), and it confirmed these are my only outlets.

TeslaTap, if that USB is good enough for you, it is certainly good enough for me. Just asked my daughter (Amazon Prime customer), to order it for me.

p.c.mcavoy | 2 juin 2019

@mcmack15 - Have you physically checked your car for the rear USB ports? I agree the current manual does not mention them, but look at the section that shows the cup holders. You'll see in the rear view of the console that the illustration shows two small rectangular objects below the rear vents and above the slide-out rear cupholders. That's where I thought the two rear USB ports are located. My understanding is that they cannot be used for media, but do provide power such as for charging a phone.

As I said, my mid-2016 does not have either rear cupholders or USB, but my memory is both were added in the late mid-late July/early August 2016 timeframe. Was one of my first "gee, just missed it" reactions with my MS being built mid-June 2016 and delivered June 30, 2016. | 2 juin 2019

Note that all the USB ports on the S/X are limited to about 500 mA (5W). I was able to get slightly more power out of my MS rear ports, about 600ma (7W). Most phones made in the last 3-4 years support fast charging, but require higher power 1.2 to 2.4 amps depending on the design (12-24W). So you'll get much faster charging if you use the Accessory connector with a higher power USB charging ability.

@mcmack15 - I'm about 99% sure you have the rear cupholders and USB ports. I have them on my Dec-2016 S, but still worth getting the adapter for faster charging. I just checked the latest (9.0 Dec-2018) manual I have, and it doesn't show or talk about the rear USBs, so the manual seems to have left it out.

mcmack15 | 2 juin 2019

Man, you guys know your stuff---smarter than the manual. I just checked, and right where you said----on the back side of the center console, under the vents, are two USB ports. I never knew that-----note, we are NEVER back there as we have two car seats for the grandchildren at both doors in the back. That was the 1st thing we did when we got the car---so neither of us ever sat in the back seats.

Before I post a question, I 'usually" (not all the time), try to search the manual or other posts for answers. And prior to starting this tread I did both, but found nothing about these two rear USB ports. In fact, the manual clearly led me to believe there weren't any others besides the two in the front part of the console.

Gotta love this Forum to learn.............and many thanks to folks like yourselves for helping the rest of us out---it is GREATLY appreciated (as is your patience).

Thank you!

S75RedRidingHood | 3 juin 2019

Another note for the rear USB port and cigarette lighter port: The rear USB and 12V cigarette port will be OFF when you all left the car, i.e. after door locked. So don't expect to see your phone charged up after leaving them in the car overnight in those ports. The two front USB port are ON always.

freeewilly | 3 juin 2019

-The two front USB port are ON always-

Is this new from a firmware update? I thought the front USB ports are OFF after you lock the car.

S75RedRidingHood | 4 juin 2019

@freewilly, this is what I see in my model S since a long time ago. | 4 juin 2019

Long, long ago I thought I did a test on the front ports and they turned off after 20 minutes or so. It was years ago, so I might be wrong - and who knows if the software today maintains that timing or does something different! Just retested the rear USB and 12v, both go off upon lock. Front USB stays on, but I'll have to leave it for hours to see if it stays on. It was on for at least a minute after lock :)

inconel | 5 juin 2019

Could there also be different behaviors depending on when a car is manufactured? | 5 juin 2019

@inconel - Possible, but presuming everyone using reasonably current software, they seem to act the same.

Update on test - after 16 hours, the front USB ports are still powered. Test done without charging connected and the car locked the entire time (I plugged in a USB light, and can see it from outside the car).

reed_lewis | 5 juin 2019

The front ports being always active makes sense when taking into account Sentry mode where you will want to write to the USB at any time. It is much faster to keep the drive mounted than to have to power the drive up, mount it in Linux, and then write to it. Plus powering down the ports while the USB drive is mounted it not always good for the drive's file system consistency.

Aerodyne | 5 juin 2019

TT +1, again.

I just spent some time in the back seat, waiting for passengers. Car unlocked but off.

Phone charged from from front USB Port for approx 15 min.

Opened the rear door, it started to charge again.

Anker products makes very good highly rated chargers and adapters. I especially like the 5 way, 2A per port, 12v adapter, avail on Amazon.

I have a mid year 2015 MS, I am USB port and cupholder challenged... | 5 juin 2019

@AERODYNE - In case you were not aware, Tesla used to offer a retrofit to add the rear ports and cup holders. Not sure of the cost or if it is still available. I doubt it's worth the cost though - just crank the music to drown out those rear passenger complainers :)

p.c.mcavoy | 5 juin 2019

If the powering of the front ports staying on is to support sentry mode/recording video, then it is possible the behavior could be variable based upon:
- whether your car supports sentry (my 2016 AP1 MS90D does not)
- whether your car supports recording video (say an AP2 vehicle that has sentry, but doesn’t record video yet)
- whether you have sentry turned on, versus its off and the car is allowed to go into a deep sleep.

Key logic being if there’s no need to keep the ports powered to support video recording, then why do so.