ESPN LA station not working?

ESPN LA station not working?

I noticed this a while ago but still not resolved.. initially it was ESPN LA that wouldn't play now it's all ESPN stations on the radio..

I realize that I'm one of a few that listen to am talk radio bit I do. Any word on who to ask about this?

chuckiecc | 3 juin 2019

Trying to play ESPN LA and not working/loading

txakoli | 3 juin 2019

I listen to ESPN Radio (national feed) and ESPN L.A. (AM 710) on the TuneIn app on my phone. When I try the TuneIn app in the car, I get a loading error for both. Same with ESPN Deportes. It's been happening the last few months.

I haven't tried signing out of the car's TuneIn, and signing back in, Perhaps that will work. All ESPN stations work
fine on the phone app.