What's the one thing in the 3 that connects with who you are.

What's the one thing in the 3 that connects with who you are.

Pick only one thing. Yes, I know it's difficult.

vmulla | 5 juin 2019

I drink a lot of coffee, and I appreciate the perfectly placed cupholder.

lilbean | 5 juin 2019

No gas

neylus | 5 juin 2019

No compromises practicality.

Kary993 | 5 juin 2019

The technology in the car.

hokiegir1 | 5 juin 2019

The ability to pick a song on demand depending on my mood -- or the earworm I'm stuck with.

Magic 8 Ball | 5 juin 2019

The go pedal

joe | 5 juin 2019

Definitely the tech!

foodking | 5 juin 2019

Going to do something dangerous and agree with Magic 8 Ball, the go pedal

CharleyBC | 5 juin 2019

Putting no carbon in the air. (It’s hard not also listing things 2, 3, ... ∞.)

howard | 5 juin 2019

Charge at the office!

Smalm | 5 juin 2019

Don’t know yet, picking it up this afternoon.

walnotr | 5 juin 2019

A full “tank” every morning.

Zztops | 5 juin 2019

bay area carpool and express lanes... though that isnt specific to the Model 3

Specific: feeling of my butt dyno

cmh95628 | 5 juin 2019

I'll play. The way the go pedal makes my butt dyno feel! Happy to know the correct technical term now. ;-)

vmulla | 5 juin 2019

Hmm...I think I didn't do a good job articulating myself.

I wasn't asking for your favorite feature in the car, I hoped to hear about the feature that reflects your personality the most.

If you(only as an example) like instant gratification, and appreciate instant torqe.

I'm really hoping to find the more subtle winning aspects of the car that are easily missed, but are still powerful - just because they connect with the people.

FISHEV | 5 juin 2019

That it has ZERO EMISSIONS. The point in building the car. Tesla's Mission Statement. There's really nothing that Tesla does that is better tech than other cars other than being all-electric.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 5 juin 2019

Continuous OTA improvements/upgrades.

landoncube | 5 juin 2019

Kids that “get it.”

Some completely freak out just seeing it.

I had a close friend’s high schooler weep.

She WEPT with joy. WEPT.

Mr.Tesla | 5 juin 2019


rachang5021 | 5 juin 2019

The minimalism of it's design

cmh95628 | 5 juin 2019

@landoncube Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

@vmulla Even with this clarification, my answer stands. I love that the car drives like a rocket ship on rails. That makes me feel like a kid again and touches the most precious part of my soul. This car "gets" me.

jjgunn | 5 juin 2019

1 thing -- 2 words.....


Syed.Hosain | 5 juin 2019

Over the air updates to add features and fix bugs.

Kary993 | 5 juin 2019

@vmulla - technology still stands as I posted. I am in technology and use technology all around my house, at work, and now in my M3P

teslu3 | 5 juin 2019

It looks to the future. put another way: continuous improvement

billlake2000 | 5 juin 2019

See through roof.

jimglas | 5 juin 2019

its everything I wish I was

jimglas | 5 juin 2019

well done llbean: "no gas"

slingshot18 | 5 juin 2019


thedrisin | 5 juin 2019

Low maintenance

sheldon.mike1010 | 5 juin 2019

The sensory experience when it's floored. Nothing like it. P3-

BuffaloBillsFan | 5 juin 2019

Yeah, Zero emissions is number one. We are totally screwing the planet with greenhouse gasses. I’d like to leave a little, just a little of the beauty of nature to my kids and their descendants. Not likely, I know but still . . .

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 5 juin 2019

You are buddy. You are.

billlake2000 | 5 juin 2019

Anybody mention emissions mode yet?

GotLithium | 5 juin 2019

The Minimalist Zen design.

OutOfTheStars | 5 juin 2019

Better Car

PECo CT | 5 juin 2019

The efficiency of it and I’m not just talking about energy efficiency. I especially appreciate the efficiency of “filling up the car” (aka charging) in my sleep.

kale | 5 juin 2019

EV + Solar panels + stick it to coal/oil lovers

M3phan | 5 juin 2019

Peaceful prep for work, drive my commute playing the streaming Spa channel. Calm start to the day.

Reflex | 5 juin 2019

The motor.

saronian | 5 juin 2019

The beautiful logic of the operational controls.

EAPme | 5 juin 2019

Different without being ostentatious. Practical.

Wilber | 5 juin 2019

Music sounds so great in this car that i have spiritual experiences often. I am listening to jazz written by, arranged by and performed by very high level artists. For example, "I Will Wait for You", written by Jean Michel LeGrand, arranged by Tamir Handelman, and sung by Angela Hagenbach. Perfection!

walnotr | 6 juin 2019

Ok, back to the original premise of this thread.

I have always been a “continuous process improvement” kind of guy. I get satisfaction with every nuance of improvement in the march toward full self driving. It’s something I notice with almost every drive of the car.

4fannings | 6 juin 2019


Madatgascar | 6 juin 2019


Bighorn | 6 juin 2019

The blue makes my eyes pop.

alisse | 6 juin 2019

For years, I've heard people refer to their car as their "new toy". Which I get but with normal cars, the novelty wears off (mostly) and you just have a car after a while. I'm a technologist and tinkerer by nature, so I love the fact that the car gets new features, interactions and continuous improvements.

As far as the tinkering is concerned, I've been including Tasker (android) automation to do certain things for me, like starting my AC in the morning before I leave for work. My latest project was to configure a Raspberry Pi Zero to auto-archive my dashcam vids to my NAS drive, sync it to the cloud and auto-remove any video older than 10 days. I no longer have to remove it from the port to clear it out or review the videos!!!

Oh, and it's CRAZY fun to drive. :)

billtphotoman | 6 juin 2019

Mine makes me optimistic about the future.

TickTock | 6 juin 2019

Cutting-edge Technology