No Volume whatsoever in car

No Volume whatsoever in car

A couple of weeks ago, my car started having no volume on the audio…turn signals, or anything. No type of reset fixes the issue except physically removing the battery terminal and putting it back, which is quite annoying to do. 9/10 times I get into the car there is no audio. Had a service appointment and they claimed Sentry mode had a bug where it caused a fuse to blow and they said keep sentry mode off. Next day same thing even with sentry mode off. They sent me 16.2 from 16.2 (which is when this all started at 16.2), did nothing.

I hear 20.1 is out but they wont send it to me. They dont know how to fix it and claim its a firmware issue and I have to wait for 20.1 to see if that fixes it.

Anyone else have this problem? Extremely annoying not being able to listen to music and not hear my turn signals or any audible safety alerts.

lilbean | 14 juin 2019

This happened to me before sentry mode and a reset fixed it.

apodbdrs | 14 juin 2019

@Brunoranger, you didn't by chance push down of the left scroll wheel; it turns off or on the radio?

apodbdrs | 14 juin 2019

@Brunoranger, you didn't by chance press down on the left scroll wheel? Because it turns the radio or volume off or turns it on!

lilbean | 14 juin 2019

The left scroll wheel does not turn off the audio for the turn signals.

vijaydsaradhi | 14 juin 2019

Quick fix: just open & close the chargeport. The audio should start working

No42 | 15 juin 2019

Do you have dashcam hardwired?

Ross1 | 15 juin 2019

:) you have to turn it up to 11.

Brunoranger | 15 juin 2019

Charge port doesn’t work either I’ve tried it

No use of dashcam/sentry mode

sheldon.mike1010 | 15 juin 2019

If not already tried, do a Factory Reset located in Service menu. That fixed a radio issue for me. Note you will lose all custom settings like seat, radio, and mirror memory.

Mr.Tesla | 15 juin 2019

Also, if your car was purchased in one of the markets that happens to exist in a 2 dimensional universe, your car won't have any volume whatsoever. Tesla sales have been flat in those territories, however.