Socialism for the Rich

Socialism for the Rich

The United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense spending, according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund. The IMF found that direct and indirect subsidies for coal, oil and gas in the U.S. reached $649 billion in 2015.

People voting?

Protecting our elections?

Preventing climate change?

Reforming immigration laws?

Socialism is any policy they don’t like.

Uncle Paul | 20 juin 2019

I do not oppress the poor. Exactly the opposite, I have hired many poor people and they have become wealthy.

My point is perhaps that USA is already pretty much socialist for the young and the old. Kids pay no taxes, they are totally supported by their parents, or by the government. They get free health care from their employed parents until they are 26. Many continue to get subsidized healthcare from their employeers, and then after they turn 65, again the government picks up the tab.

The military gets their healthcare paid during and often after serving. Government workere get subsidized healthcare, Union employees get healthcare, even students get free clinics for medical, birthcontrol and abortions are usually available by government paid services.

Poor people get Medicare, food stamps, free cellphones/cell subscriptions,Section 8 subsidized low income housing, Church, governmental and private food kitchens and clinics to help the suffering get back on their feet.

Many individual families will often come out of pocket to help out their own family members who have fallen on hard times as well as support their Church outreach programs for the needy.

It is really a relatively small group of people (still in the millions) that pay full price for their medical needs.

For some reason I have a relative hard time feeling sorry for the suffering of people that can afford to purchase a Tesla, but complain that the government should also pay for their health care, education and personal expenses.

I know that University studies are expensive, and getting more so every year. I also do not understand why so many volunteer to pay those outrageous prices for vanity name brand famous schools, when Community colleges are available and already heavily subsidized. People that borrow heavily to attend the prestige schools pay through the nose to attend. They feel some self induced stigma going to a Community College. They have a hard time facing the fact that many of the richest people in the world have not graduated with one of those over priced and under educating schools.

Many seek the comfortable, but unfulfilling promises of socialism. They may never feel the satisfaction of being a self made man/woman/whatever.

No matter. Our generation made their own way. Not perfect, but created one of the most productive societies the World has ever seen. Lots of problems, but also lots of good.

It will be up to the next generation to make their own way as well. It may be socialism, communism, or continued Democracy. They will make their bed and lay in it. Still their will be dreamers, hoping for a even more perfect form of government and so it will go.

As for sabbia. Don't confuse God with religion. One God...lots of religions.

SCCRENDO | 20 juin 2019

@uncle. It's called helping those less fortunate than ourselves. You are obviously comfortable in your position and are happy to take what you get from the government. Yet you decry other's getting what they need from the government. Most of us here believe that a civilized country can help address the basic needs of the less fortunate. You are a hypocrite if you take anything from the government.

Uncle Paul | 20 juin 2019

It is all pretty simple. The people in the USA have voted to have a Capitalist system.

We live in a Democratic Republic. It is up to the citizen voters (and more an more illegal immigrant voters) to determine which form of system they would like to live in as citizens.

If the majority of voters choose to live in a Socialist Republic, then that is what they will get.
Same with Capitalism, Communism, even Anarchy or Chaos systems. The voters get to choose the system that will determine their directives.

In the past, the Capitalist system provided great benefits and in many ways was the one most people aspirated to.
More people are trying to emigrate to the USA than any other Country. Very few are trying to sneak into China, Russia, Argentina, or Cuba. Some want to get into Scandinavian countries as they also provide lots of aid to those than can make their way in. Free stuff is a strong incentive to emigrate.

So think long and hard before entering your ballot. You will get to cast your vote for the type of Government you wish to live under.

Lots of politicians from all sides will be happy to run on platforms that will promise all sorts of free stuff. A long time ago some ran on the ticket of "A Chicken in ever pot". Now some run under promises of pot for everyone.

Just realize that no matter what regime runs the Country, it will be up to its people to pay the bills. People will tend to move to the Country that gives THEM the best deal. If you tax the rich too much, and they are not happy about it, they can always move to a more inviting country, and take their money with them. Singapore is a wonderful place for people with means.

SCCRENDO | 20 juin 2019

Uncle Paul. Your social security and Medicare you collect are social programs. They seem pretty popular in the USA. See how many senior votes will be lost if someone tries to take them away. The country is also moving towards universal health care. Last I looked giving billionaires tax breaks by Trump increased our deficit to 22 trillion dollars.

vpoz | 21 juin 2019

UK policies seem to be the way to go, we’ve just hit 50% non carbon energy for the first time since the industrial revolution.
Road carbon based fuel has been heavily taxed for a long time.
EV purchase pays off most of the cost of the car in 10-15 years

SCCRENDO | 21 juin 2019

@vpoz. Is Boris Johnson a climate change denier??

andy.connor.e | 21 juin 2019

Theres nothing better than making someone who cant afford an EV have even less money because the only way for them to get to work is to drive the vehicle that unfortunately runs on Gas, because thats all that industry can build that is cheap enough for most people to purchase. Its not like people have a choice sometimes. You can believe that a carbon tax would help, but all it will do is make everyone have less money. Its not like we choose to use the appliances and vehicles that run on some form of fossil fuel because we have an opposing viewpoint or something. Its because most people literally cannot afford to do anything else. The infrastructure is there to support natural gas furnaces, and a furnace installation is around $3-5k, vs the alternative? I've read the specs on some of the heatpump heaters/AC combos and they dont work under a certain temperature which it absolutely reaches that point where i live. What else is there? Pure electric heat? That could possibly work but then theres the matter of my heating costs are 2-3x higher than with my furnace, which is not really any better because all that electricity was most likely produced from fossil fuels. That then begs the question of solar panels to produce the electricity. If you were to use resistive heating you would never produce enough electricity with roof solar panels throughout the day to run resistive heating plus all your other loads.

What about EVs? They're too expensive. For what you can buy, i can get a used 1 year old full sized sedan for around $15k, and i can be guaranteed that i can get at least 400 miles of range on it with an existing infrastructure to support any fueling. The only practical EV is really a Tesla because of the supercharger network unless you absolutely are never going to travel long distances. There are alot of people who buy cars even less expensive than that. The EV market doesnt exist for them yet, so what do we do about it do we tax them even more? No i would say that is every more reason to pressure industry to produce the products that the world needs. Its irrational to assign blame to the consumer for using what is available. Its only logical that a consumer would use the less expensive option. Yes the maintenance cost of a Tesla over a 10 year period is actually less than say a Honda Accord, we get that. But the purchase price is 3-4x higher, so its not like you're actually saving money. Because you could have bought 2 Honda Accords and drive both of them for 5 years and you've still spent less than the Tesla. So what do you do about this, carbon tax? No. Federal incentive? Perhaps, it would at least make it easier for people who are on the borderline of affordability to move forward with it. With the solar roof, theres a 30% federal rebate that rolls over to future tax years until you've collected it all. IMO, that is such an excellent incentive because if the roof costs $40k, you will get $12k back over however many years it takes to get it all. So the federal rebate itself could pay for the finance of the roof for MANY years. Essentially costing you the reservation down payment and thats it for upwards of 3-4 years.

Taxing the people who cannot afford the alternatives does NOT HELP.

SCCRENDO | 21 juin 2019

@andy. We need to cut fossil fuel subsidies and switch those subsidies to EVs. We could also use the money we save from the military not fighting Middle Eastern wars for oil, money saved from addressing climate change disasters and shunt that into EVs. Change costs money but that is not a reason to not do it. We need to look at AOCs Green new deal seriously and make appropriate tweaks as needed.

andy.connor.e | 21 juin 2019

Agreed with all of the above.

BuffaloBillsFan | 21 juin 2019

Why are people still arguing with uncle idiot? He may he]ave been as successful in life as he claims, but he has no soul and he never addresses the questions asked of him. Good for him that he is successful. I’d rather live in a cesspool and eat shit than be him. To quote the late Barbara Bush again, “I am done with him.” The rest of this board should be done with him as well.

+100 to @Andy, but I strongly disagree on a carbon tax. We need a significant carbon tax to make it to a tipping point on sustainable energy. The only way to do that is to FORCE companies to adopt affordable clean-energy alternatives to the shit they sell today. I truly believe that cheap electric cars are entirely possible within the next year if we only we would force the giants of car production to change their ways. And we need to significantly punish oil companies to force them to move to sustainable sources of energy of die in bankruptcy. Short term pain for long term gain.

We have already passed the threshold for global warming. A global climate catastrophe is coming whatever we do. That is SCIENCE, not some bozo POTUS telling us it is a lie. The best we can do now is minimize the damage. That is why we need to force companies to not look at their bottom line but to look at what their bottom line is doing to this earth.



BuffaloBillsFan | 21 juin 2019

So, so many typos, and no way to correct them! Sorry.

Uncle Paul | 21 juin 2019


Punishing people and FORCING them to do what every you want is something that is best done in a Totalitarian system under an all powerful TYRANT!. Not sure that is the type of society you would want to live in.

FORCE and punishment is not so enjoyable when those people beging to do it to your, your company and your family.

Choose to live in faith...not in fear.

SCCRENDO | 21 juin 2019

Force and punishment are being against those who commit crimes against humanity. Such as polluting our environment and increasing greenhouse gases.

Tesla-David | 21 juin 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan nice rant +1000

@SCC yes take them to the hague and incinerate their asses for crimes against humanity. | 22 juin 2019

So choices are: Capitalism, Socialist, Communism, Anarchy or Chaos systems. Sadly our leader has changed the country to Chaos system.

neilhamrin | 23 juin 2019

uncle paul, why do you and those you support not believe in democracy?I'm meaning the many ways the vote is restricted by many means. sorry you are so angry. that is hard on you and rest of us.

BBF thanks for the well thought out statement. I feel much the same but my first
vote was for JFK,so we differ in age.

BuffaloBillsFan | 23 juin 2019

@Tesla-David, thanks for your support. This world is dying a slow death, and most of us don’t get that at all. The process has already started, and we as a country are taking a lah-di-dah approach. We should treat global warming more urgency than anything we have every faced before. We got a man to the moon in ten years, and if we concentrate our resources on mitigating the damage of global warming, we might still be able to save Miami and NYC from being inundated with water. I am not at all optimistic that we will do what is necessary though.

@NeilHamrin, thanks for your comment as well. I’m not sure it was a well-thought-out statement or a complete batshit rant. I favor the latter, since I can’t understand why people would want to leave a dying world to their children. We still can mitigate the damage that will be done by climate change if we act NOW. Unfortunately, the two biggest polluters in the world (USA and China) don’t seem to want to change their behaviors. It truly baffles me.

BuffaloBillsFan | 23 juin 2019

@neilhamrin, my mom’s vote would have been for JFK as well had she been a citizen of the USA. You and my mom would get along like a shot and a beer, I think.

BuffaloBillsFan | 23 juin 2019

Oh so many typos and mis-spellings and no way to correct them! Sorry again. I was in rant mode . . .

Tesla2018 | 23 juin 2019

Too bad we cant have a President like Kennedy that the country loved. Now all both parties want to do is fight each other. The Democrats are having debates in a few days and thousands of protesters are taking the Trump Train down to Miami. At Trumps speech announcing his plans to run for reelection, thete were protestors. At least in 1968 all the protestors wete united against the war in Vietnam instead of against each other.

Now the debates are more of a reality tv seriss game show where we watch each week to see who will be voted out of the next debate. Nutty Nancy vs Crazy Kamila on the next episode of Who Wants to be a President. Or Bernie vs. Biden in an octogenarian battle for king of the swamp monsters. Get your popcorn or Cheetos ready!

BuffaloBillsFan | 24 juin 2019



That is the reason we as a nation can’t face our faults or indeed even compromise. Our populace is so split by politics that we can’t even compromise on the most basic issues. We are a divided nation with no grounds for compromise.

I suppose (or rather hope). that will change when Galveston, Savannah, the Outer Banks, NYC, Providence RI, and most of Hawaii are underwater.

I really hope that we will all come to a conclusion soon that we are faced with a mortal threat. And that the time to act is now.

Tesla2018 | 24 juin 2019

I voted for Obama the first time he ran and had a lot of hope for the country sonce it seemed like most people wanted him. Then racial tensions got worse, people started loosing their homes and , the government kept interest rates artificially low to keep from having to do more Harp loan bailouts. After that people lost hope and the country became more divided.
Too bad that JFK Jr. died in that plane crash.
If he lived he might have gotten the support of most Americans.

Demixl | 25 juin 2019

It's amazing to read socialism and rich in one proposition

SamO | 25 juin 2019

Not amazing at all if you ... oh I don’t know ... know how to read.

You haven’t figured out that the rich get what they want?