Wall connector install in PA

Wall connector install in PA

Curious if anyone would share who they used to install their wall connector in the Harrisburg area of PA. Had my P3D for about a week and “slowly” charging off of 110v limits how much spirited driving I can really do. My wall connector is being delivered today so if anyone has any suggestions on who to use that would be appreciated!

ggendel | 17 juin 2019

Any competent electrician should be able to pull a 220 line to your garage. Hooking up the wall charger is pretty straightforward and can be done by any reasonably handy person. It isn't much more complex to install the charger than putting in an outlet. The hardest part is reading the manual to set the amperage switch properly.

Tom Lang | 23 septembre 2019

Did you ever get an electrician in the Harrisburg area to install your wall charger? If so, who did you use and do you recommend them?

lorensi | 24 septembre 2019

The wall connector needs to be installed with a 60-90 amp circuit breaker and requires a trained electrician. Electricians typically charge $65-$85 per hour, meaning the total cost of installing a Tesla wall connector can range between $630-$1,100.
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Yodrak. | 24 septembre 2019