San Francisco Presidio SuperCharger Station - Price to entry

San Francisco Presidio SuperCharger Station - Price to entry


First time posting here. There is a new supercharger station in SF. It has 6 stations. My concern is around the initial cost of entry - it's $6 just to enter the garage. That does not include the electricity.

I'm wondering if other Tesla owners need to pay to enter other superchargers.

I'm also curious if Tesla plans to eliminate or subsidize that cost and if there has been a precedence set elsewhere. I am not sure where to start so I am here. I've called Tesla in SF. The person who answered said they were pretty sure Tesla does not have any plans but will call me back (I have not received any calls since).

If anyone has advice or feedback, it's very much welcome.

Thanks in advanced.

GHammer | 18 juin 2019

Many superchargers in urban area parking garages across the country and in Canada require a parking fee. Just the cost of being in a space constrained urban area.

reed_lewis | 19 juin 2019

You think that is bad? Try going to the Prudential Center garage in Boston. 0 to 1 hour of parking is $12.

And do not even consider it when there is an event going on locally... It is $18!

jimglas | 19 juin 2019

The garage in Colorado Springs is $1 to enter. I guess we are lucky.

reed_lewis | 19 juin 2019

The Super charger in Riverside, CA is actually quite nice in that if you tell them you are using the super charger, they let you in for free.

GHammer | 19 juin 2019

@Reed Unfortunately most of the pay lots are unmanned and automated so there is no way to bypass paying. Some of the lots have a short grace period where it's free but that's usually 15 min or less, not long enough for the average user to get in and out. Riverside is also free after hours when the booth is unmanned.

reed_lewis | 19 juin 2019

Yes, I know, but this lot is manned so they let me in for free because I was driving a Tesla and once I found it (it is hard to find because the main street was closed for an event), I told them I was charging.

In Boston all the pay lots are unmanned so you have to pay. That sucks.

farberjd | 20 juin 2019

Interesting to know that not all are free and even as high as $12/$18. I've sent an email to feedback@ but haven't heard back yet.

GHammer | 20 juin 2019

"I've sent an email to feedback@ but haven't heard back yet."

What are you expecting them to say? Tesla knows they built the superchargers in pay lots and even warn you on the nav screen.

reed_lewis | 21 juin 2019

In Boston parking is a premium price product because demand is higher than supply. There is nothing Tesla can do about it because there are no free parking spots in Boston and many other cities.

vpoz | 21 juin 2019

On the Great North Road at Scotch Corner in the UK, the hotel at the supercharger location is actually considering offering a discount for Tesla drivers supercharging there on production of your tesla fob.
They just want to have some way to flag up the facilities there on the Tesla screen when plugged in.

jpcollins9 | 21 juin 2019

This discussion is interesting. At Atlanta Midtown, parking is free for everyone for the first 2 hours, which gives me plenty of time to charge fully while I'm eating lunch. In Savannah, charging at the airport requires a ticket but the people at the courtesy desk inside will stamp it to allow you to charge for free. In Birmingham at UpTown it seems hit or miss. sometimes you have to pay but the restaurants will usually provide a stamp that gets you out for free. If all else fails and the restaurants can't/won't, the coffee shop will. Maybe southerners are just nicer?

Tesla-David | 22 juin 2019

My wife and I used the SC at the Savannah, GA Airport multiple times on our cross country trip from Edmonds, WA. No charge for entering the parking lot, but we had to get it approved at the courtesy desk before exiting to bypass the parking fee as @jpcollins9 summarized.

kartflyr | 22 juin 2019

The Buellton SC on hwy 101 in California on central coast between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara is at Marriot Hotel parking lot and about I believe 5 charging stations have certain hours of the day where non-charging non-electric cars are allowed to park, even though they are TESLA SC parking slots.

kartflyr | 22 juin 2019

I have used the SC in Riverside and the manned booth was very nice and explained how I could use TESLA SC's by just turning in a free ticket with my licn plate no. There are also 3 SC available on the 1st floor just to the left of the booth in the far corner.