Pulling the Trigger on the MX Refresh

Pulling the Trigger on the MX Refresh

I have a 2017 MX90D with 257 miles range, most of the goodies except the self presenting front door, Enhanced Autopilot (which doesn't exist any more), and installed a HEPA filter after purchase, under 20k miles.

If the rumors prove true about the refresh to be announced this fall, I'm strongly considering trading my X in for a new one. What's appealing: better suspension, Full Autopilot, but most of all increased range to close to 300 miles (hinted at and rumored).

There is one potential drawback, the spartan interior M3 style. In particular I dearly love the two screen setup. When driving, I use the screen in front of me 95% of the time. In doing a little research, Elecktrek claimed several months ago they were hearing that the 2 screen setup would remain. However, I've heard different from others.

Do any of you guys know anything? Losing that driver's display is a big downer for me. Don't like it.

Madatgascar | 19 juin 2019

Order now! With the new Raven powertrain upgrade, you already get all that stuff - range is now 325 miles. If you wait for the refresh, you might not like the outcome (though I doubt we will be disappointed).

deemo | 20 juin 2019

Expected range I believe is closer to 400 on the reported refresh, the current ones are 295 (before May 100D/LR) and 325 (LR can order now)

Madatgascar | 21 juin 2019

We just picked up a new X yesterday. Range is 325 miles, suspension is much improved, computer is faster, and Autopilot is smoother.

Sentry mode is great! When I pulled into the gym this morning at 6AM, three SUVs had their windows smashed. Boy was I glad I had formatted and installed the flash drive.

One word of advice - save your old charge cable. The new ones are not as good, and they don’t even give you the NEMA 14-50 adaptor any more.

lilbean | 21 juin 2019

Congrats, @Madatgascar.
Yikes. Was that at the local gym?

Madatgascar | 21 juin 2019

Lilbean, it was at the 24 Hour Fitness in Arcadia. Apparently it happened within the hour before I got there.

lilbean | 21 juin 2019

@Madatgascar Thanks! I’m glad your Model X was fine.

risquared | 22 juin 2019

How would sentry help you if your windows got smashed ??? Texting you a picture of a man in black with a ski mask and metal rod in his hand. While technologies get smarter so do the robbers.

Redmiata98 | 22 juin 2019

Ahha, wondered who was behind that ski mask, now we know ;-)

dmm1240 | 22 juin 2019

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

Madatgascar | 24 juin 2019

@Lilbean, I meant Altadena, not Arcadia. Lincoln and Woodbury. Police said this gym gets hit a lot.

lilbean | 24 juin 2019

@Madatgascar Now that makes more sense. That place is a nightmare.