"hack" has finally made the in dash browser useable

"hack" has finally made the in dash browser useable

After a recent update, I couldn't get the release notes to display. I contacted Tesla service and was told to clear out the destinations in my navigation, swiping right for each. I had them going back to when I got the car in 2016, never knew I had to clear them or that they took up memory.

My browser now finally returns actual webpages. It is almost as slow as a 14.4k modem (for you kids, look up dinosaurs in your search engine or ask a parent) on occasion but before this hack, I could never get a page to load.

I recently got 16.2 while at a service center for the airbag recall, and noticed that all old destinations were gone, not just the gazillion I manually deleted. | 21 juin 2019

For others, if your release notes are white (i.e. no notes). Just wait. It can take a minute or more to load. I expect they are sent via the WiFi/cellular each time you look at it - not stored locally. If you don't have the cellular or WiFi connection, you may not see them at all.

For me, the Chrome browser (2019.16 or later?) loads fairly quickly. No speed demon, but better than before. Likely depends on the site and how image heavy the site pages are.